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    …as an additional option to the small muffin pans:

    http://www.amazon.com/Ateco-Tartlet-Mol … B0009GVVXU

    http://www.Ateco.com ‘s 72-pc set of tartlet molds, about $20. USD from Amazon or probably Ebay

    Might have to fasten ’em down to a board to hold ’em still, but that’s OK

    Keep pouring, stay well .



    Linda this good, very nice shape for pendant, if you want to make the nano kind, just go to any potter supply store, where they sell clay, and there you will find the iron oxide, copper oxide, cobalt etc etc, dont forget to coat them well and put them in the freezer after they are set, also dont fill them all the way to the top, it makes it easier to bang on them to get them out



    Thanks for the great tips Josh,

    The possible need for banging to get ’em out of the molds worries me; I know my first endeavor is going to be water-clear Orgonite pendants.
    I have to somehow keep them from getting stuck in the molds. They will be complicated multiple micro-pours with expensive ingredients.
    I haven’t located any method yet that is a surefire easy-out, and that doesn’t take a chance of wrecking the finish.
    I do have nano ferrous oxide (dark) and nano electrolytic copper. I will see if I can find a pottery supply around here somewhere, thanks!
    Wish me luck. I’m only a couple of days away now, I think…



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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