Testimonial Life Pillow by Sensei

I have used several variations on this unique device by Josh over the past 8 years. He used one model to make my old farmhouse’s aluminum roof transparent to life energy. The effects were noticed by several people immediately , who did not know that he was doing anything. We have charged water and improved the taste, altered food and wine flavors, criminally flattened the carbonation is a glass of… Read more “Testimonial Life Pillow by Sensei”

Sensei - Warrior Matrix

Testimonial Pillow by Nepi Pemi

Reporting on Life Pillow… My dad was over tonight and we were drinking tea. He put liquid stevia in his cup and my husband waved the pillow it while my dad was holding it in his hand. My dad immediately goes “Oh, I felt it, like a tingle in my hand, definitely something”, and so after some prompting, he waved it over his hand again and right away felt it… Read more “Testimonial Pillow by Nepi Pemi”

Nepi Pemi

Steve – energy healer and dowser testimonial on the Polarizer

I have two Life Pillows and wanted to share some of my experiences with them . Energy wise output is about 100,000 Bovis, feels smoother than orgone energy (as Sean stated). Energy field seems to radiate out about 4ft. I had some neck pain, putting the life pillow on it for a few min really seemed to diminish the pain and loosen up my muscles. Has some left knee pain,… Read more “Steve – energy healer and dowser testimonial on the Polarizer”


Plasterite Energy & Children

Jenny Mortell   Shared with Your friends I just had a little chat with one of my 5 year old selenite heart pourers from last week. I asked her had she given one to her friend who was sitting beside her on the path. No, she said, I’m going to give one to my friend who’s hurted her foot. That’s a great idea I said. Yes, says she, I think… Read more “Plasterite Energy & Children”

Testimony Vicki on Plasterite effects

Re-posting from another group: I have to admit, I wasn’t sure, how strong the selenite is, but all my doubts have been brushed away. 10 mins ago we had a military helicopter circling around our house 3 times very low. They looked into our garden, possibly took pics too, I don’t know, for me that’s the proof, I was looking for. It was pretty intimidating I have to say ,… Read more “Testimony Vicki on Plasterite effects”


Life Pillow by Stephen Geddes – Australia ( monsoon orgonite)

OUSTANDING ! Josh , thankyou for the opportunity to trial the Life Pillow here in Australia. I’ve had Pillow for 2 days and already experienced some amazing results. As the lady handed me the parcel at the post office, I noticed her warm smile and glow and knew it had arrived. Been like a kid waiting for Christmas! First thing noticed was the herby fragrance.Not unpleasant,…Pillowed quite a few items… Read more “Life Pillow by Stephen Geddes – Australia ( monsoon orgonite)”

Stephen Geddes - Monsoon Orgonite

Ruth on the Life Pillow

Hi Josh, I’ve got another good one- or two, actually. 1…I’ve been working with the life pillow, trying different positions, wearing compared to carrying. I put it in my left rear pocket, and suddenly realized there was a blank space there. The ache that had defined the area, that was my “normal”, was gone. It felt like nothing- no pain. I’m wearing it there now. Thank you. 2…No hay fever.… Read more “Ruth on the Life Pillow”


Life force energy & children

Re: IRELAND Good things happen when surrounded by selenite energy: A couple of days ago three cute little girls aged 5, 4, and 3 knocked at my door just around the time I was pouring selenite at the back – we had a little chat (as you do) the youngest one talking about seeing dragons in the clouds.Then a discussion on bloodsuckers ‘they get into your body and suck ALL… Read more “Life force energy & children”


Selenite Healing Events by Jenny

Four events stick very clearly in my mind. The first two to do with behaviour in teenagers. One mother was astonished when she got a piece of Plasterite in the house and her teenage son offered to do the washing up – it was a first for him And Heather (remember Heather wonder where she went) took 30 pieces into her college and left them on the chairs, she got… Read more “Selenite Healing Events by Jenny”

lady J

Orgonaut on the Life Pillow

I feel very fortunate to have a life pillow. At first I focused on what it does which is push the spin resonance of anything in a positive direction- certain strange affects that were immediately noticable were the smel and taste cahnges. Right when I got it, took a walk with it, and when I walked by a neighbor mowing his lawn I surprised to realize that there wasn’t the trademark gasoline… Read more “Orgonaut on the Life Pillow”


Jenny on plasterite effects – ‘top of the river flow of tools of light’

Jenny about a workshop & experiences of the hostess in regard to the selenite. Talking about the ‘top of the river flow of tools of light’ reminds me that our hostess of the workshop on Saturday was feeling on top of the world.  She said several times that all the energy was making her feel as if she was floating, and about to levitate. ‘Can’t you feel it Jenny?’  Sadly… Read more “Jenny on plasterite effects – ‘top of the river flow of tools of light’”




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