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    No I dont mind, I believe in freedom you see…. , works in all ways, this share ideas and comments to make a better world thing we are so hot about :)
    yes, sure, say how you see it all, it is appreciated Jennifer, dont worry. ;) :)
    Well, it s not just that, the bright eyes bushy tailed, it s more than that , I know you just get the natural method rather fast and as good as it can be
    you dont hesitate and all that, what we usually see, these endless discussion of people with an ancient mindset trying to cramp the selenite into their rigid believe system, that usually fails, as selenite is beyond that mumbo jumbo.
    Love to put things across in a more black and white fashion, you see, to “steer you up” and see what happens as I know real truth is always somewhere in between
    and this way you can get your point of view into the light by touching on topics , bouncing of ideas etc
    Your more subtle point of view , throwing attention on differences , putting things into another perspective , all that is welcome.
    This thing that s going on can only be beaten on a multiple level approach
    from a more or less individual standpoint as that cannot be controlled
    Nevertheless I think you do yourself and your county a great favor of integrated free life force energy into your arsenal to deploy.
    I am a great supporter of all sorts of action, regardless what , whether it is marches, leaflets, does not matter, all work counts at one leve or another
    keep that in mind
    Also, I prefer to be realistic, very realistic, that s why those who speak truth get kicked out most forums rather fast
    if I would enter them which I dont…never have…
    The outcome is not high enough for me, that s my opinion
    it is still a good effort to wake folk up, do the marches, all that
    I love to call a dog a dog as that s what obviously nobody seem to be doing these days
    just say it as it IS
    it wont happen, all hoopla, with a few exception like your club over there
    that is an exception not a rule
    Also as they poison us , big time now, for over a decade it is not too farfetched to say they will not stop it
    not at this point, GM food, chemtrailing , etc, that s how I see it
    and unless serious proof shows otherwise I think that s how it is
    Agenda 21 is the agenda for the future
    that s how they see it and they work on it big time
    I always advice folk to look at the carincom movie , it s about chemtrails
    very accurate, no hoopla and fantasy BS there
    just facts
    it is an older movie now, and right from the start those who protested where facing this brick wall of propaganda
    by the system
    as far as I see it , they just laugh at us, all the time
    well not all the time, the moment blue sky appears the helicopters and god knows what is put in gear to tackle that
    disinfo machinery
    that s what I see and what I ve experienced
    first row I might say
    the core of the issue is you must do all you can in whatever way, also the marches and that, to keep pushing
    even if it seems not be doing too much at first , there is more to it
    so yes , you must continue
    well I dont know where you lot get the energy from to do all this but it is good work and must be maintained.

    At least you do that, in a lot of other countries they cant get people of their butt to do anything
    I do hope so J, I do hope so
    that more will be start thinking about all of it you march for
    I do hope so
    Also we are not in that luxury position to endlessly debate this or that as we are pumped through the roof
    In that sense I think bringing life force energy shields or canopies or if you have to call it that Orgonite energy grids is worthwhile
    as it does achieve immediate results, but it is not the only way, as it is like healing wounds and that s where you mob come in
    to make it stop
    so we dont have to plug holes all the time
    you see
    that s how it is
    that s why your work is so important
    and all others involved naturally

    so all in all we have to work in tandem so to speak
    one punch is not gonna do it
    it has to come from different levels and in that respect it is worthwhile work , the protesting etc.
    It needs to be done
    and I know immediate results cannot be expected
    but it is working for the future
    and I love that work

    by the way , today I took some big sea shells to work, gifted them in the area, full of this plasterite
    and it was fabulous, big cleaning, huge sylphs haha
    amazing, just a few sea shells with that mix
    So I still do my field work you see
    you are an exceptional “group” as you are still in a large way individuals
    I hope it stays that way