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Hi Stephen.

Thanks for posting this direct comparison.

The energy is distinctly amplified in the second shot (with the PW battery connected).
It seems to greatly improve the efficiency of the CB.

I experience a similar plethora of wildlife in my garden with all the various devices standing around and buried in various places.
There are lots of birds and frogs and butterflies and bats and even snakes and large monitor lizards from time to time.

It makes sense that animals are attracted to the areas most suffused with positive etheric energy. It was due to the presence of this energy that Life became viable in the first place and continued to thrive in pristine health for millennia.

It’s only in recent times that the fallout from electrical installations and electronic devices has split the ambient water molecules into H+ and 0H- ions; in which ionized form, the water can no longer conduct the positive etheric energy into the area so highly charged with EMR.

Only when Orgonite absorbs and neutralizes the EMR, can the water molecules re-form and conduct the positive energy back into the area again.

Your Power CB is doing performing this task very impressively.

A good job done, Stephen.