Selenite Healing Events by Jenny

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Four events stick very clearly in my mind. The first two to do with behaviour in teenagers. One mother was astonished when she got a piece of Plasterite in the house and her teenage son offered to do the washing up – it was a first for him

And Heather (remember Heather wonder where she went) took 30 pieces into her college and left them on the chairs, she got into a bit of trouble for doing it but she persisted. A few days later an African woman in her class approached her and said she didn’t know what the ‘crystal’ she had got was, but since it came into the house her teenage daughter had been behaving like an angel which was a complete turnaround from the way she had been behaving before.

A friend of ours, Patricia, who does Reiki was treating a client who started to get heart flutters/palpitations. Patricia was inspired to get a little Plasterite heart and place it on his chest and his palpitations stopped straight away. I sent a psychic friend of mine, Carmel, some cones after we were doing a Skype chat and she could see the energy coming from a cone behind me. A few days later I asked her how she was getting on. She said she didn’t know what to do with the cones. I suggested she go and ask them. She came back and said the cones said to use them in her work. So now she has them in her treatment room and she finds the cone act like an antenna to help the spirits enter the room.



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