Steve – energy healer and dowser testimonial on the Polarizer

I have two Life Pillows and wanted to share some of my experiences with them .

Energy wise output is about 100,000 Bovis, feels smoother than orgone energy (as Sean stated). Energy field seems to radiate out about 4ft. I had some neck pain, putting the life pillow on it for a few min really seemed to diminish the pain and loosen up my muscles. Has some left knee pain, felt like it was out alignment, took two Life Pillows and held over my knee for about 1min, knee pain gone! Josh recommended putting one Life Pillow at my head and the other at my feet, that felt similar to a Reiki session and created a nice field of healing energy I had some ankle pain and the Life Pillow relieved that pain as well.

Passed the Life Pillow over my cheapo carbon water filter and the water had a smoother more energized taste to it afterwards.


I like it! Nice work Josh!

Blessings -Steve

Las Vegas – USA

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