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Today on the program James celebrates the life and work of Dr. Tim Ball, a man who devoted his retirement years to fighting the good fight against the agents of the climate scam and the green enslavement agenda. His fearless truth-telling in the face of so much adversity serves as an example to us all.


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Documentation – Interview 006 Dr. Tim Ball
Time Reference:00:00
Description:Interview #006 from the archives was my first conversation with Dr. Tim Ball
Link To:The Corbett Report
Documentation – Timothy Francis Ball Obituary
Time Reference:04:18
Description:RIP Dr. Tim Ball (1938-2022)
Link To:Generalist Journal
Documentation – Flashback: Climategate (2009)
Time Reference:12:40
Description:A visualization of Episode 110a of The Corbett Report podcast from November 2009.
Link To:The Corbett Report
Documentation – Climategate Exposes the Alarmist Machine
Time Reference:12:48
Description:A dissection of the “alarmist machine” myth by recourse to my experience meeting Dr. Ball.
Link To:The Corbett Report
Documentation – Episode 282 – The IPCC Exposed
Time Reference:17:53
Description:A podcast on how the IPCC sausage is made (featuring an interview with Dr. Ball discussing how commissions of inquiry can become cover-ups.
Link To:The Corbett Report
Documentation – Climategate: The Backstory
Time Reference:27:33
Description:Prescient video on the CRU released by The Corbett Report just weeks before the Climategate story broke.
Link To:Odysee
Documentation – Droughts, Cloud Seeding and The Coming Water Wars
Time Reference:39:05
Description:A recent James Corbett editorial on the question of weather modification, geoengineering, and the increasing importance of water in the realm of geopolitics.
Link To:The Corbett Report
Documentation – Corbett Report Radio 078 – Peak Water and Agenda 21 with Dr. Tim Ball
Time Reference:31:25
Description:In 2012, Dr. Ball appeared on Corbett Report Radio to debunk the next environmental alarmist scare: water scarcity.
Link To:The Corbett Report
Documentation – Generalist Journal
Time Reference:44:08
Description:Dr. Ball’s home page (still being maintained and updated by the Ball family).
Documentation – Ball’s Bearing by Mark Steyn
Time Reference:46:20
Description:Mark Steyn’s summary of Dr. Ball’s legal saga with Michael Mann.
Link To:Steyn Online
Documentation – Please Donate Towards Dr. Tim Ball’s Funeral Expenses
Time Reference:52:06
Description:A fundraiser HAS been set up to help Dr. Ball’s widow, Marty, cover the funeral expenses. Please donate if you are able.
Link To:Watts Up With That?
Documentation – Tim Ball – The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science
Time Reference:39:41
Description:Dr. Tim Ball delivers a lecture, answers questions, and calls out the Malthusian, anti-human, globalist ideology of the alarmists as he discusses The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science in 2014.
Link To:YouTube

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