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    Hi Josh and all,

    I would like to say hi to everybody here on these great forums and thank you for being here and for posting so that I and others can learn. I thought I should introduce myself and not just lurk forever.

    I´ve never made orgonite nor plasterite yet, but am accumulating the materials, for both, and it won´t be long now, Orgonitewise , I´ve got about a quart of clear lite although I have now realized that epoxy is what I want to work with. I only have about 8oz of clear epoxy, so I´ll be starting small with the orgonite.

    Plasteritewise, I have just acquired 25 lbs of Plaster of Paris from Home Depot for about $ 15.98. Just couldn´t bring myself to spend $7 for a measly 4 lbs.

    I´m looking forward to this and am working out the concept of my first pieces. I work pretty slow, though, until I get going so it might a a little while before I have pics to post…

    Right now, I´m learning more toward personal jewelry and gifting my garden beds ith a smaller powered cone shaped unit for the home place grid initially. If that goes welll, I´ll probably wind up wiht monoliths in the back yard and than branch out from here.

    Speaking of monoliths, I am thinking of the stonehenge type structures etc around the world, I have a strong sense that those structures fit into an energy field which is being fortified by the structures being described here. Wouldn´t it be a kick if activating the Earth´s ancient positive energy structures provided the flip for mankind´consciousness switch ?

    I also have / am receiving the concept of a mated pair set of orgonite and plasterite. I think that would be a very good thing. In my perception these are tools to bring together the different levels of an old existing grid of very positive energy, maybe the grid is the grail.



    Linda, welcome to Orgonite Plus, already you are bringing some very bright concepts that are certainly worth to be given deep thoughts.
    Activating the earth´s ancient positive energy structures, now that is something to ponder deeply upon, as if the ancients knew of future problems, and would have provided a way for healing…I love this
    Thank you


    I agree with your thought of the ancient energy lines waking up..I feel the same…
    I´ve also seen a time when crystal would be our source of energy…didn´t see it as being via orgonite until I came across orgonite
    I haven´t started making any yet, but am gathering materials and bugging Stephen with some questions…
    I think I´ve become addicted…

    have a beautiful day , everyone
    another LInda


    Addicted…you bet…you wont believe the ” rush” when you start making and gifting…wow ..empowerment..howeeee
    Blessings allround…it just gets better and better

    Thank you for starting this forum, Josh..gratitude. Yo

    Time and again, I´ve read that 6 decent TB´s, buried in a hexagon pattern, about a foot apart will open even the most stubborn vortex. A lady at school reported of constant lightning strikes near and on her house in our wet season. ( I taught her boys and daughter) It´s full on up here in the Darwin wet. ! some even went through window, despite a household Hhg and Tb in the boy´s room. I gave her 6 larger Tb´s and a cardboard template…done…no more lightning strikes…She´s amazed!

    Ancient structures and vortexes…could it be that simple ?


    thank you stephen, with the hexagon re establishing balance, have you tried it on a very large map ? not really in vivo but it should work


    Bluegum from recently completed a huge hexagon with large devices. Titled Flower of Brisbane completed…worth a look…inspiring……He sent me a copy of the Treasure map..IT IS A TREASURE!
    Especially for the population of Brisbane !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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