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    I’ve bought some edible gold leaf and silver leaf sheets for orgonite, but Stephen said he’s heard it’s not ideal … any info/input on this would be greatly appreciated


    Hi Linda , I haven’t actually made anything yet, but am carefully accumulating the materials to start. I’ve just ordered some 24K Gold Leaf to go in my pieces. I don’t know why he said that (Hey, Steve- Why?), but here are my thoughts. Gold Leaf is very lightweight. From what I have read, the proportion of resin to metal in Orgonite should be about 50/50 by weight. So I am looking for other metals to fulfill the weight/metal requirement, but I want the Gold vibe in there too.

    I do not want the Gold Leaf to form any kind of a barrier, so I will have to break it up and, since Gold Leaf sticks to the skin, it will have to be handled with an instrument other than my hands.

    I am taking the approach of putting in the materials for what I want the piece to do, then adding whatever is necessary to make the Orgonite ‘work’. I hope to be building soon. I am impatient to begin, but I have a few more things to work out, then I have to find them and get them in here. Namaste, Linda


    Hello Linda When I have used gold leaf in the Orgonite to break it in small piece I mixed my resin and put a leaf or two or three in it and stir real good, you will find the gold mix it self very nicely it will break up in small pieces. If you need the gold vibes to be there you wont need a large volume of gold


    Linda, I’m also gathering materials to make my first batch of orgonite … hence the gold leaf and silver leaf! I won a couple of auctions on eBay to give it a go before I buy 100 sheets .. I thought with silver having healing properties, that it would be great for orgonite … I want to make my first batches as simple, yet effective, as possible … I haven’t found anything on the internet re it not being the ‘best’ thing to use …. so yeh, Stephen, what goes?


    In the mixing of metals, it may be best mix copper, gold, silver, brass, but iron do not seem to be a good match with the gold, if you look at the character of both, one is basically made for war, and gold for beauty /healing, so to to mix them may not be the best idea. It run in the same way that if you do medicine with crows, you will never do medicine with an howl, just dont fit together, or a sheep and a wolf, couple of my friends were talking and feeling this iron gold mix and did not much care for it Then again if you like it please do it j :P :P


    thanks, Josh … makes a lot of sense … Garry (who I’ll be making the orgonite with) feels that certain crystals would not want to go together … for similar reasons … hadn’t thought of the metals, though, so thanks! we’re going out to the crystal shop today … I’ll be in heaven

    Hi ladies…been trying to find that post where people were talking about silver in orgonite, but can’t find it anywhere. Can’t see it really being negative..probably just another opinion,,,,just like reading about others refusing to use aluminum.. I use it often but not in pendants…why? Don’t know….probably just disinfo…,,,there’s been a bit of that around.

    Silver..I use and make colloidal siver regularly, especially when have cold or flew coming on, Great for killing off infections, cold sores, tropical ear, etc Special silver impregnated bandages are used for burn victims…it promotes rapid healing. So to be honest, can’t see why it wouldn,t work well in orgonite…considering it’s excellent healing qualities . So next time I come across silver..I’ll try it.. On WM , people were stating they FELT negative from using Moldavite in orgonite, some would not even touch it..bad…ha ha

    I made several pieces with moldavite…felt ok to me ..just as energetic…kids at school picked up on energy from little moldavite stones……a lot is said and people tend to make decisions from hearsay…without own research. I guess I,m guilty of that, concerning silver…although as I;ve stated, use it often in colloidal form, So go ahead and have fun…let us know how it turns out.




    Thank you Josh, MonsoonGecko, Sacred, I feel such a kinship with you 3 … :D

    I think you have the perfect handling solution for the gold leaf Josh, I’ll do that. I have a few ideas where the gold will need to be placed precisely. For that stuff I can just “pick” a speck out of the mixed stuff and tap it into place. I guess I could let the rest cure and incorporate it later into something else. I don’t resonate with Iron either- I have too much longtime association between it and the Roman Empire’s warlike ways. I thought Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) is iron, though. Isn’t it? Does that mean you wouldn’t use Pyrite in making Orgonite?

    I ordered a string of chips of Pyrite, thinking to crush it and incorporate it, but the stuff I received feels very heavy and dark and…sluggish. I think it’s a different material.

    Thank you for your input, Monsoon. I make my own CS too, and have for years.

    It’s great stuff. I *have* succeeded in wiping out my flora with it a few times though, and that is the only reservation I’d have about being around it 24/7. I guess I don’t know enough about it yet.

    You guys are great .

    I have so much to learn…

    Mitakuye Oyasin, Linda


    monsoon gecko wrote:Can’t see it really being negative..probably just another opinion,,,,just like reading about others refusing to use aluminum..
    there he goes again … raising more questions …. what’s the go with aluminium? I just got some … the silver leaf feels positive to me, even though I haven’t received it yet!
    Lightning wrote:I don’t resonate with Iron either- I have too much longtime association between it and the Roman Empire’s warlike ways.
    I would think that one could make orgonite with Iron, with the intention of clearing that old energy … which leads me to another question … if a piece of orgonite was gifted to the ocean and it had metal come in contact with the water and rust, that would stay on the outer layer of the orgonite (I’m guessing) and wouldn’t permeate in …. and I wondered if the rust would be a ‘negative’ … after all, iron is a strengthening to the blood …and another question … re giving the orgonite a second skin (like double-dipping) …. could fibreglass resin be used as a final coat instead of polyester resin? or would that change the vibration? you might be sorry I joined this forum ….


    Wow the answer could go for a long time,

    First you approach the Orgonite and Plasterite in a 3D manner and at this point we will see the Orgonite as a self actuated capacitor, and the Plasterite as yet somewhat of a mistery

    Second if you approach the devices on an energetic level we will have to consider the crystals and their characters then allow for that to “modulate” our devices very specifically, at that point the base energy of the Orgonite is only the carrier of the various crystal energies, and the Plasterite a carrier/broadcaster of all the crystal energies that we put in. Now, as tested, the Plasterite vibrating on all levels of creation will penetrate deeply distant wise, it probably use the higher levels to broadcast the lower one much further.

    The Orgonite however is limited to vibrating on the three first levels and may be limited to its range of affect. If in the Orgonite you are using Alu. is it perfectly fine on the capacitor level, on the energy level some folks may think of Alu as not being too cool. If you are going to gift the ocean it will be best to double dip couple of times since the salt water will eat your resin after awhile, even in the wild I have found TBs that I had done 7 or 8 years ago, and being exposed to the elements for that much time, they did not look so good, I am certain that a double dipping would have made them much better.

    And no the double dipping would not change the vibrations And we are glad you join this forum Josh

    :P :P

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