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    Welcome to Orgonize Australia!! 

    You are probably reading this because you already have an active interest in “Orgonite” and its many beneficial effects on living beings and the environment. But if you have no idea what on Earth I am talking about then please visit which is a fantastic up-to-date resource on all things orgonite including instructions on how to make your own. Also please visit which documents international tactial orgonite gifting.


    This website is a Headquarters for orgonite gifting in Australia. It serves as a base for gifters all over this beautiful continent to come together and share their gifting reports and experiences. So get yourself into the gifting forum by clicking the link above and lets get some orgonization going on down under!

     You can click on “Operation Raindance” to read my gifting reports from 2009


    (Links at top of page)

     You can contact me at xxxx if you prefer, and I will publish your reports annonymously.

    Lets Orgonize Australia… together!!


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    Forum Home > Welcomes and Introductions……. > Hello this Josh

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    Got introduced to Orgonized Australia by Monsoon Gecko, glad to be here and help in everyway I can, I am in the USA,
    June 15, 2010 at 3:07 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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    Hey Josh, good to see you here. It’s usually pretty quiet apart from the usual loud mouths like me.

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

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    Hi Josh :-)!


    Really glad to see you here…Well come and well done :-)





    August 19, 2010 at 4:55 PM Flag Quote & Reply


    Gifting Report 1 – Melbourne to Adelaide – August 1st 2009

     Posted by orgonizeaustralia on August 1, 2009 at 5:18 AM

    Well, Operation Raindance is off to a fantastic start!!

    The towbar finally got fitted, it cost a bit more than expected but the trailer turned out to be cheaper than I thought so that made up for the loss…  The trailer kind of found me actually – and it was the perfect trailer for the job with taller sides than most and a canvas cover that none of the others came with so Im very happy about that!

    Here is the trailer with all the orgonite inside it (about 1000 TBs and 4 HHGs) Also you can see some drums of resin ready and waiting for me to make many more!!  There are copper pipes there too, waiting for me to turn them into earthpipes for PineGap. Most are only 1′ in diametre so may not be so powerful but they will have to do……….

    The first stop after leaving Melbourne was my good friend, and great gifting partner, Johns, Mums house in a small countryside town in Victoria to celebrate his brothers birthday.

    During the few days we spent in this lovely, quiet place, we managed to fill a bag with some nice cloudy quartz crystals we found near a lovey look out, overlooking the bushland. This place has a lovely energy and I feel the quartz we gathered from here will be great in the orgonite I still have to pour. Makes sense to heal the land with crystals from the same land.

    We then headed to Geelong to pick up the Great Ocean Road. Along the way through the countryside we passed lots of towers and hill top arrays that we had already gifted on a previous trip to Johns Mums. This gave us a sense of accomplishment before we had even started “Operation Raindance” 

    Actually we had already busted one tower that day – the first tower of the mission, in a small town on the way to Geelong we spotted this horrific thing on the hill side……..

    Busted!!  Check out those horrible big drums!!

    Weaving our way west along the Great Ocean Road was an experience to cherish – even though the weather was abit dull, the scenery was amazing. Great to be near the ocean after so long stuck in the rat race in the city.

    We busted many “Cell-phone” towers on the side of the road and in the towns that we passed.

    We eventually came accross this monstrosity just off the highway….

    Check out that evil tech!!

    Busted!! (2 TBs)

    We then continued along the Great Ocean Road busting all the smaller towers we could see and made detours up hills whenever we caught site of the menacing looking things……

    The locals seem to have good intentions judging by that “no more bombs” sign the the pic above 

    Busted!  (With 2 TBs)

    We enjoyed some leftover veggie curry in a sandwich after busting this hill-top array:

    Usually, throwing a few TBs around in thick bushes seemed the best port of call but in this instance it was time to dig out the trusty trowel  

    We continued to trundel down the highway towing half a ton of orgonite, busting the odd tower on the roadside and in the towns until we crossed the border into South Australia, the dryest state in Australia by far apparently.

    It had rained most of the way though, and the paddocks either side of the road were flooded – I suppose things would look very different in summertime though.

    Next it was onto Mt Gambier, where we first came accross a nasty looking transmitter next door to a graveyard.

    Busted!  I chucked a TB in the bushes and burried one in the graveyard

    I said to John, perhaps this is an energy spot or a portal and perhaps thats why there is a graveyard and a tower in the same spot – to pollute the energy there  – and then we drove up and over the hill to find this…

    Its only the crater of a volcano!  Afew transmitters surrounded it so we busted them and threw a TB into the craters lake for good measure.

    On the edge of the volcano we found a fenced off area with lots of vents sticking up from underground. An underground base perhaps??  The sign indicated an underground water tank but you just never know do you. Wish we had some EPs made up for this place…..  A blatent portal being a volcano I thought.

    Leaving Mt Gambier we located the first weather station on the list. Here we found the expected weatherball….


    And also loads of little stick like things sticking our the ground – it looked like a mini version of the HAARP setup in Alaska. So we gave that a few TBs…..

    Also at the weather station was this red and white painted tower thing….

    Also Busted!!  

    As we headed to Adelaide we were still being hit with heavy rain showers – a huge rainy front all the way so no real confirmations yet.

    We did however spot this chemtrail through a brief clearing in the thick cloud over a town south of Adelaide – Were they spraying the cloud to lessen the amount of rain it would drop??

    Then, finally we made it to Adelaide. Busting a few towers on the way in from the south including this huge array at a radio station broadcasting place in the middle of some field…..

    Notice the same “mini Alaska HAARP” as was at the weather station…..

    Busted!!  Along with this: Another “radio transmitter” further into the city

    Check out that ugly thing at the top….


    There are many towers in Adelaide and on the hills behind, that we have had to leave as it would have used up alot of our time and orgonite stash – there are a couple of gifters I know of in Adelaide so hopefully these towers are already done or will be soon!

    And thats it for now – I am very happy with our progress so far and excited about all the gifting we have yet to do.

    Until next time!



    SC11:56 PM on August 01, 2009
    Hi Dave,
    Last year I went across the Hay plains enroute to South Australia and dropped a couple of hundred TBs along the way…. You’ve sure saved me some time doing the coast down from Melbourne to S.A……. if you have any spare after your mission I’d suggest on you way back through South Australia start to work inland…. As you’re finding out Australia is a BIG place… glad to have some help…. I live in NSW btw…….
    P.S – I also noticed in the haze on the Hay plains a nasty looking array but wasn’t able to get to it that time around……. something for future attending for sure, the aridness of the interior needs to be sorted……please contact me via email. I’ll be in QLD later this year doing more of what you’re up too… have a safe trip….!!
    Cheers from Shane :-)

    James Hall10:44 AM on August 17, 2009
    I mate
    I would like to gift some towers around the le fevre peninsula but do not know if your mates have done it. I also wish to build a tower buster. I believe that people meet not by chance and would welcome any connections or advice that you could give

    Cheers for now mate and enjoy your journey


    Gifting Report 2 – Adeliade to Perth – September 14th 2009
    Posted by orgonizeaustralia on September 4, 2009 at 8:41 AM
    First of all, my apologies for keeping you all in suspense – Ive had this report typed up on my laptop for weeks but I’ve had a real hard time getting it online – many different technical problems one after the other so i’m sorry for those who may have been concerned!!


    But thank God I’ve finally managed it so on with the second gifting report!!


    We arrived in Perth after a fantastic gifting run from Adelaide with no problems at all. Shortly before arriving in Adelaide, we had tried in vain to locate the Sellicks Hill weatherstation, south of the city. We had driven towards its approximate location from every possible angle with no luck and in the end we gave up and had to leave it ungifted which was hugely disappointing for me as I feel the weatherballs have a large roll to play in the manipulation of the weather.




    I had written down the precise coordinates of all the weather stations along the coast but this was no good with no coordinate finding equipment, so whilst we were in Adelaide I invested in a Sat Nav so we could more easily locate all the other stations.




    So,after busting Adelaide’s second weatherball, just north of the city… (4TBs)









    …we drove, (gifting all the roadside towers on the way) to Port Augusta. A town which I felt had a horrible energy about it. I’m not especially energy sensitive or psychic but you know when you just pick up the vibe of a place? Well, I thought Port Augusta had a rather horrible vibe of despair and some kind of “none hope”. We gifted all the towers in the area and threw a TB into the river to hopefully lighten the place up wink


    We then picked up the famous Nullarbor crossing. (Nullarbor is bad latin for no trees) The Nullarbor plain is an almighty plain – with not many trees – that stretches from Port Augusta in South Australia all the way to Norseman in Western Australia. It wasn’t as bad a drive as urban legend had suggested. I guess the tales of the oldschool are still in the air but its now 2009 and there are plenty of petrol stations, cafes, water facilities and people all the way across now. It was actually quite pleasant driving the 2000ish kms accoss. Even doing the longest straight stretch of road in Australia, (149kms) we didn’t get bored! Although we had well and truly rinsed all of our CDs by the end of it!



    This is what the road looked like for 3 days!




    There wasn’t a massive amount to gift across the Nullarbor plain, other than the odd tower here and there and a couple of weatherballs…



    There was however a tall, nasty looking red and white tower and a pair of red and white masts going on just before reaching the Ceduna weatherstation. We gifted them but were unable to get photos as we flew right past them on the highway and launched our TBs from the window. Here is a picture of the weatherball we busted though… (3TBs)




    Next was the weatherball at Eucla… (3TBs)




    We had a few days of fine weather as we crossed the Nullarbor and somewhere along the line this beauty popped up…




    Upon arriving in Norseman, WA – which I felt had a lovely, uplifting vibe – we found another pair of red and white towers up a hill. There was a sign suggesting they are used for aircraft navigation. We gifted it and continued on our journey… (3TBs)




    Shortly before arriving in Esperance, we gifted yet another pair of red and white towers at the airport (un-photographed) and another tall red and white mast… (3TBs each)




    And then in Esperance, which is a lovely seaside town, we were shocked to find this beaming down on the population… (Gifted with 3 TBs – I do love the number 3!) big grin




    Here we also busted the next weatherball on the list… (3 again!)




    Further along the coast we got to Albany, where we gifted yet another weatherball (Much easier to find thanks to the sat nav!… (3 TBs!)




    We found another tall red and white mast near the weather station… (3 TBs I think) (Unphotographed)



    …and these things beaming down on the town from the hill top… (Giftedwith 3 TBs)




    After leaving Albany we drove through the south west forests. There wasn’t much to gift here other than the odd normal looking “cell-phone” tower.

    We stopped for a walk through the old karri tree forests and I couldn’t help but pick up this really sad feeling. Looking around me as we walked, I could see that so many of the trees had faces in them and I couldn’t stop feeling their wise, sad, emotion. The face on this tree turned out great in the photo…




    On our way across the corner to the western coast of Australia, we busted a few more tall red and white masts – no photos of these I’m afraid as the camera battery was charging as we did our drive-by busting.



    Upon meeting the western coast, and the Indian Ocean we stopped in Bunbury; Straight away we found some huge dishes to gift at the radio station… (1 TB per dish)




    Bunbury had a really mysterious, secret cult kinda vibe and we spotted pyramid symbols everywhere – there was a big pyramid symbol going on at Apex park. The biggest building in town had a strange pyramidal roof and even the scenic lookout had a pyramid shaped roof over it.

    We busted all the towns towers and the local freemasons lodge recieved some love too.




    They sure are creepy places aren’t they? They never seem to have any windows anywhere and one of the outside walls was just covered in loads of little air vents.

    We also busted the TV stations’ big dishes which were just next door to the freemasons lodge…




    Next stop was Perth where we gifted the city centre weatherball… (3 TBs)




    Upon visiting the prison in Fremantle, and feeling the harsh energy of despair and entrapment there, I decided to deploy some TBs around it to hopefully transmute some of the energy. This was the prison shortly before gifting… (3 TBs)




    Near the prison, on top of a hill were these three towers. The fact that they were so close together and all on a hill top suggested perhaps they were sitting on a portal?? This is them shortly after gifting (3TBs)…


    (Infact I cannot find the photo for these towers…….. more difficulties!! big grin)


    We busted some towers in Perth city but most of that lot remains ungifted (as far as I know) as there are just so many of them.

    On our way to find a shower we spotted this juicy target 10 kms north of the city centre… another paired set of red and white towers with the cable joining them along with a tall mast similar to the one in Adelaide. There were also 4 or 5 smaller masts here but they didn’t show up well on the camera and so are not shown here… (We gave this lot 8 TBs in total)







    Fuel prices have been much more than we anticipated and my money is quite short so if you have anything you’d like to contribute please paypal me using this email address –





    Conformation-wise – Its been raining pretty much all the way from Adelaide and we’ve seen a lot of flooded paddocks and full rivers along our way.



    Everytime we have asked a local about the weather they’ve said that its raining much more than usual for the time of year – One person even advised us that the south has had the most rain in 8 years so I reckon this could be some pretty sweet confirmation. And we haven’t even hit the 3 most major targets yet – Geraldton satellite communications station, the HAARP stuff at Exmouth and of course, Pine Gap – This drought has no chance!! Very exciting stuff!! Woo Hoo!!



    Again, I apologise for this report being so overdue – Its been very frustrating but I’m glad its finally up! big grin



    Until next time, gift on my fellow beings of the Earth and have a wonderful day!


    Gifting Report 3 – Perth to Darwin – 17 October 2009

     Posted by orgonizeaustralia on October 17, 2009 at 1:20 PM

    Sorry it took a while to finally get it up here – but here it is!!  big grin

    Upon leaving Perth, we soon found ourselves merrily chucking towerbusters out of the van window, busting the various different towers and masts along the side of the highway.



    We soon reached Geraldton and busted the weather station there…





    After gifting all the town centre towers in Geraldton we headed slightly inland to the Geraldton satellite communications station, where we found 5 huge radomes (only 3 in photo) – we placed 2 HHGs and 10 TBs as close to the base as possible.

    Whilst gifting the radome base, a beautiful big butterfly flew in front of us within very close proximity…… it was so unusual that I commented that it might be a sign of a job well done………  roll





    Next we found this huge dish which we gifted with 3 TBs….





    Arriving in Carnarvon we busted the weather ball along with the town centre transmitters…





    Next we drove up to Exmouth and located the HUGE transmitter there……. officially, its supposed to be used by the US and Australian military as a communications station for submarines but suspicions abound as to it being used secretly for manipulating the weather…….. This thing is HUGE – 2.5 KM in diameter……..



    This was the view from the nearby lighthouse………





    This was the information sign about the station……..





    Nice geometric shape as you can see – and there are 13 towers in total – a lovely sacred number there……



    We placed about 150 TBs along the perimeter with 4 HHGs in total in a square around the 13 towers……..



    On the way down the beach to place our first HHG as close as possible another lovely big butterfly fluttered past us……. I must say, that was the first time I’ve ever seen a butterfly on the beach and it seemed obvious to me with the timing that it was some kind of confirmation for us………



    We trekked off the beach through the bush to get as close as possible to one of the 13 towers but we wanted to be within the law so we had to stop short of the perimeter fence to place our first HHG………





    Only a minute or two after gifting, I was gazing at the tower, contemplating, when 2 teardrop shaped orbs appeared in my vision – floating around the tower…… I don’t see this kind of thing often but it seemed to me to perhaps be the positive orgone energy at work.



    This was another sign we saw when gifting from another angle……





    4HHGs and 150 TBs later and we felt we had gifted the array as much as possible…….. The HHGs were pretty huge with big chunky crystals and copper spirals but I can only hope that they do do a thorough job and transmute all the way to the centre tower which is 1.25 KM away from the furthest outer tower….We deployed our HHGs probably within 1 KM of the outer towers so that’s 2.25kms distance from the centre of the array that the orgonite has to work across but they are big pyramids and we are talking about spiritual energy here so hopefully this thing is fully busted now!    unsure


    Here is a close up of the main, centre tower with all the cables joining onto it………..



    On the way back from the 13 tower transmitter, we saw in the distance, another array, almost exactly the same only smaller…… however, it was very far away off the road and the only access points were blocked by huge gates with warning signs so we threw a load of towerbusters out along the road on our way past – this is the best we could do without  “trespassing” and the risk of being arrested…….. Need the Etheric Airforce for this one!  tongue



    This is a close up shot of the not-so-busted array…….     (Behind that first tower)



    Within the same perimeter fenced area, there were many other towers and masts – we placed TBs as close as possible to these too……. Not-so-busted masts…….



    These ones look like cranes but they are (not-so-busted) transmitters of some kind……..



    The whole lot including the HUGE 13 tower transmitter is all owned and maintained by boeing, aparently……



    There were a few towers in the town of Exmouth and along the roadside which all got busted..



    Learmonth weather station up in the hills received some gifts too……



    On our way north, along the coast, we decided to take a break and go visit the dolphins at Monkey Mia……It truly is a magical, almost untouched beach at Monkey Mia where wild dolphins have been coming in for a feed by the humans since the 60’s……….. they are such amazing beings…… just looking into their eyes feels like a spiritual experience in itself!! This was the closest encounter I’ve ever had with dolphins and I’m so grateful for it!! Thanks little dolphin dudes!!   wink



    I thought I would share a couple of photos I took of the little guys……..



    Close up………



    Further north along the coast we arrived in Dampier and located the next weather ball on our list only to find it was on an inaccessible island so we had to leave that one un-busted…..   sad



    We busted most of the towers in Dampier and Karratha including some big radio masts on a hill and then hit the road, where there we’re lots of these towers, every 10 KMs or so…………



    ……….all busted!!



    We found and gifted this nasty looking transmitter in Roebourne……



    Next was Port Hedland and South Hedland where we busted all the towers we could find and also the weather station…… We didn’t get a photograph of the weather ball as there was a meteorologist hanging around outside and we didn’t want to attract too much attention……. she didn’t see us throwing out TBs into the surrounding bushes anyway which we were glad about!!



    Arriving in Broome, we busted all the “normal” towers we could find, and also the local weatherball………….



    After chilling out on the beach in Broome to recuperate, we began the long drive inland to Darwin……….. As we cornered the highway into Halls Creek, this thing appeared in front of us……… I didn’t have this one on the list so I’m glad it wasn’t hidden away as we would have missed it!




    Then we arrived in Katherine……We drove past lots more towerbuster-worthy tech on the way from Katherine to Darwin but decided to gift it all on the way back down south so that lot will be included in the next report……. Darwin to Brisbane……



    We haven’t watched the news or weather for ages but last night, while eating some dinner at an outback pub we spoke to a lady from somewhere near Adelaide and she said there had been a huge amount of rain in South Australia and Victoria recently….. she mentioned there had been some flooding including places quite far inland that haven’t seen rain for 3 or 4 years…….. My friends mother who lives in inland Victoria said that she has seen more rain recently than she has in 7 or 8 years so something is happening!! One thing I am pretty certain about……… people are manipulating the weather for their own selfish reasons not just in Australia but globally and they are doing a pretty good job of keeping it covered up……….. One other thing I am certain about……… the power of orgonite is absolutely amazing!! So keep on gifting on!!



    Cheers!  Dave –       

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    06:24 AM on October 19, 2009
    WOW!! You have been busy! Excellent work Dave.
    On the South Coast of NSW we have been getting white fluffy clouds as opposed to the flat chemtrail ones. I’m wondering whether another CB has gone up recently in the area.
    Rain is more than we have had for a while now so maybe your efforts are improving more area than you know.
    As an idea, what if an EP (maybe 300 mm long) was buried horizontally to reach the centre of hard to get at places like you found?
    The size would have to be worked out on a distance measurement.e.g 20,000 ft with 6 ft pipes, so by my reckoning a 1 ft section would travel 3,333 ft. (amazing that it comes to 3333.333 recurring!) 1.25 klm is approx 4100 feet. So maybe just over a foot long?
    What do you think?
    Good Luck and God Bless!

    02:25 PM on October 19, 2009
    I’ve been following the reports of the intrepid etheric warriors from Australia on EW. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help your country and the world. I am in awe. It is the gifting reports and pictures that are sure to inspire new gifters, as it was for me when I started. Many thanks and blessings to you. Keep on chuckin’!

    Gifting Report 4 – Darwin to Brisbane – 11th November 2009

     Posted by orgonizeaustralia on November 11, 2009 at 10:25 AM

    This will be the final gifting report for Operation Raindance!!  


    After leaving Katherine, we headed north, gifting all the towers we could see along the highway all the way to Darwin. There were two weather balls in Darwin which we gifted but my camera had broken by this point so no photos of these!  


    Next, heading south, back toward Katherine, we hit the Humpy Doo transmitting station where we found lots and lots of tall towers and masts, some with cables joining to each other. Unfortunately we failed to locate the actual naval communications station at Humpty Doo but at least we came across this juicy target which received 2 HHGs and about 60 Tbs around he perimeter….

    Camera still broken by this point so no photos!  


    Arriving back in Katherine, we busted the next weather ball on the list……. (Camera situation sorted by this point!)  



    Then we followed the highway, gifting all roadside towers along the way, until we arrived in Tennant Creek where we found and gifted another weather ball……..



    On our way to Uluru (ayrers rock) we stopped to make some Earthpipes for gifting Pine Gap. This was the first time I had made any Eps but I think they went quite well!


    Also on our way to Uluru, driving at night, we spotted a bright light travelling across the sky, funnily enough, towards Pine Gap!

    Normally I would have just put this down to a passing satellite but this thing was pulsing its light, brighter, dimmer, brighter dimmer in a very consistent manor….. We stopped to watch it pass…….. It was pretty high up so the video I took didn’t turn out very well at all I’m afraid!  


    We arrived at Uluru for sunrise and deployed 30 Tbs equally distant from one another around the base of the massive rock……..



    Driving back the way we came, we drove down the private access road toward Pine Gap, Eps and HHGs at the ready…… Unfortunately, however we could not even get close to the base as there was a huge fort knox style checkpoint with signs warning us of 7 years in prison if we even took a photo!  


    We tried to knock afew Eps in anyway but the ground was just too solid  so we had to leave Pine Gap ungifted which was hugely disappointing.    Need somebody with balls of steel in a camo suit and a dark night to gift this one I think!! 


    Just around the corner from Pine Gap, we found some huge AM transmitters and some big cobweb like masts apparently used for the airport. These received some Hhgs and lots of Tbs……….

    AM transmitters……… busted!



    Strange “cobweb” like masts………….Busted!


    Next we gifted the weather ball at Alice Springs…….


    Sorry its sideways- seems no matter what I do I cannot get it to rotate…….. strange  


    Then we started to race back to Brisbane for my flight!! (gifting HWY towers along the way!)


    The last targets on the list got busted, including a weather ball at Longreach…..


     – Strangely, this image will not load…………

    And another AM transmitter……



    Sideways again, I know – sorry!!  

    Got back to Brisbane just in time to catch my flight home to the UK…… which is where I am now – arrived safely……. In fact we had no obvious interference whatsoever for the whole trip which was rather nice!


    Many thanks go to those who kindly donated money to this gifting trip…… without your amazing generosity I can honestly say it would not have happened!

    Actually I’d probably be stuck somewhere in the outback right now, scrounging for petrol money to get home!! So Thankyou, thank you and thank you again!!!  


    Also, big thanks go to those who did energy work for the trip in the EW chat room or on there own…… With your good skills, we were assuredly protected!!  


    And of course, many thanks to all other gifters in Australia! Keep up the good work and may it rain lots in the drought regions!!  









    02:00 AM on November 19, 2009
    What are you doing to us…. no sooner have you left our country and we’re feeling the heat baking in 40 – 45 plus degrees weather…. hehe!!!
    Can anyone suggest further action to be taken……??

    05:04 AM on November 19, 2009
    – yeah it does seem a bit hot down your way dosnt it…….. I was hoping it would be raining – at least a little bit more than usual but obviously much more gifting still needs to be done.

    I would say Pine Gap is a very important target as it lies smack bang in the middle of 4 of the 12 most major Earth vortices and hosts a huge underground base, a big weather weapon array and apparently a distant mind control facility also…….. this place needs lots of lovely big HHGs and loads of Earthpipes………. after that I’m sure many thousands of TBs would happily be of service to all the other nasty tech dotted around the place……

    There are many more juicy targets – lots of them dotted around north victoria, NSW and south eastern queensland.. Edostar made a map of these targets here……



    08:22 PM on January 28, 2010
    This is great. I thought i was the only one into this until recently. I just hope Clean Up Australia Day doesn’t ruin our efforts lol.

    I bury mine were possible so they should be good for a long time.


    04:39 AM on March 06, 2010

    orgonizeaustralia says…
    I would say Pine Gap is a very important target as it lies smack bang in the middle of 4 of the 12 most major Earth vortices and hosts a huge underground base, a big weather weapon array and apparently a distant mind control facility also…….. this place needs lots of lovely big HHGs and loads of Earthpipes………. after that I’m sure many thousands of TBs would happily be of service to all the other nasty tech dotted around the place……

    Pine Gap is also a massive underground military installation where I suspect much of this NWO is planning to move to as a control base as not only is it a powerful grid point, it is supposedly one of only a few anti-gravity vortexes on earth; and it’s also one of the most geologically sound although nothing will protect them from Mother Earth’s wrath, I don’t care what anyone says.

    This is indeed an important target. I’m not sure I can manage such a huge trip right now as I need to grid Brisbane which is really huge. More towers build everyday.

    We don’t have much time to get this done. 2010 will be a key year where I feel some massive atrocities will be commited by these elitists.


    Topic: Return of the Monsoon trough..

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    monsoon gecko

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    The monsoon trough disappeared south with ex-tropical cyclone Olga taking rain to water vast tracks of drought stricken land. Good one !! Up here in the Top End it’s been stinking hot…90% humidity dropping to 60% during the day together with 36 degrees plus has made it uncomfortable to say the least. Many people complaining,,too hot , no rain.  I just agree and smile pointing out the 10 year drought breaking relief over a huge area of Oz then point at the sylphs in the sky commenting how healthy it is,  The sylphs have been prolific daily. ! Even got to pour a couple hundred Tb’s etc in the sunny breaks though I,ve noticed the gassing off time takes longer…..probably high humidity, Finally the monsoon trough returned 3 or 4 days ago with heaps of rain again. Iv’e noticed in that time , how the low pressure system in spinning up water from the ocean and getting larger every day. Its covering half Oz already and sending rain south again. Its an exciting year with Orgonite !!       Watch the radar loop to see  if they push our weather around again . Townsville or near there seems to constantly have radial lines on the national loop Along with others. Well another storm rolling in …have to go…Enjoy !
    February 27, 2010 at 7:30 AM Flag Quote & Reply


    Posts: 107

    Yep, I do believe we’ve been getting mroe rain here since my local gifting in Brisbane. For at least 10 years, the storms would regularly miss us. You could see them divide just before reaching us amazingly. Not any more, and I haven’t even put in my UCB.

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

    February 28, 2010 at 12:34 AM Flag Quote & Reply


    Posts: 10

    bluegum at 12:34AM on Feb 28, 2010


    Yep, I do believe we’ve been getting mroe rain here since my local gifting in Brisbane. For at least 10 years, the storms would regularly miss us. You could see them divide just before reaching us amazingly. Not any more, and I haven’t even put in my UCB.

    Great to see brissy is getting a good soaking.This season has been the best for storms in over 10 years.We are finally getting convection.As in,the heat is rising and clouds and storms are forming on the mountains where i live…Just a question to anyone in QLD.Have the dopplars been down up there?. thx

    March 1, 2010 at 12:00 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko

    Posts: 177

    Itt’ss  Ba-aaack !   …return of the monsoon trough…

    A lot of water has gone under the bridge since the last monsoon.

    A lot of water,,,,if fact , seems like some places have had more

    rain than expected . Looks to continue….much manipulation obvious.


    So………….on a dark and stormy evening, the new doppler turned POR.

    Reckon was playing with the chemtrail planes, which have increased over

    the last month…..STUFF ‘EM..,,none of that sh#t here !  6  x  Hhg’s


    Completed weatherball..military base...has 4 PM's in area before it was completed


    I’m out of here ….road trip south …might see you on the track

    Happy summer solstice….oh, xmas too !

    Treat yourself…..Get a Life Pillow and orgone zapper,,,protect

    yourself and family….reckon they’re ramping up.


    Still a good time to enjoy……..yo

    December 21, 2010 at 6:04 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko

    Posts: 177

    G,day all, over 4000klms in 31/2 days. Many towers busted on the way..missed a few due to night travelling…had to beat the floods…Very surprised at how many hilltop multiple tower arrays I found ..Bloody things EVERYWHERE !. Many could be driven to and a few required mountaingoat hike of kilometer or so..others just had to leave…too hard with time restrictions..Only just made it through taking the inland Qld and NSW route…..some now impassable….flooded….Quick couple of days in Canberra, other family visit…..set two UCB.s, one at Blackmountain telstra tourist tower…what a monster, also with extra  Tb’s and Hhg,s, the other UCB at Red Hill , south of the capital and  a six hexagon formation on Mount Ainslie (impossible to dig/hammer in pipes, all rock) and a couple extra Hhg….reckon this openned good pos. vortex….However, all three set up a triangle over the capital…would like more time here but a good start..   Commitments call… adventure with plenty ammo left……till next instalment……Enjoy
    December 29, 2010 at 5:37 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko

    Posts: 177

    Just looking at radar loop map…Warrego was orgonised but missed Moree, drove through during the night,,,,will see what eventuates later.. Reckon we need a Map to show where is gifted or not….any ideas how to achieve this ?
    December 29, 2010 at 5:49 PM Flag Quote & Reply


    Posts: 10

    monsoon gecko at December 29, 2010 at 5:49 PM

    Just looking at radar loop map…Warrego was orgonised but missed Moree, drove through during the night,,,,will see what eventuates later.. Reckon we need a Map to show where is gifted or not….any ideas how to achieve this ?

    Great work as usual…hope you havnt left canberra yet as the dopplar at captains flat needs doing… soon..

    December 30, 2010 at 10:06 PM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko

    Posts: 177

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!  Bummer , Murray, missed your message…Captains Flat  missed.  In Sydney for a while with Mum and Dad….visited  sister today..good feed.. so many towers all over the place…no chance to gift any …such a huge job…would need years to systematically cover,,,,will be installing another UCB near parents home, school and Miranda Fair soon…also need to line up insurance job after skippy took out headlight…..bye…back across city now …time table
    January 1, 2011 at 12:06 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Topic: Back to the dark ol’ days

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    Man have they been hitting us up the last 3 days. They start sometime early in the morning (before sunrise) and stop spraying around 9 am. The Sylphs keep going until it’s gone! Right know the sky is clearing (2.30 pm) and the Sylphs look incredible. Right over our house.

    I’ve just completed a “bucket” chembuster which you can read about here

    It doesn’t seem to help much with the crud, but the energy certainly pumps away. Can’t say I’ve produced rain or clearing with it.

    The HHG is approximately 220mm across base, 5 DT cystals, large piece of amethyst + a loadstone. 523 mm  clockwise coil. Aluminium and bronze/brass shavings. Done in a glass mould using a large cocktail glass bought from a cheapy shop.

    Bottom of drum to top of copper tube 523 mm.

    When first completed after I took the photos, 2-3 mins later a strong breeze/gentle wind came up then abated. Strange…there was no breeze at that time. I think the elementals like it.

    Tried turning the tops, but no cloud formation or rain. I currently have

    it in the house and as you get to about 3 feet away you can feel a

    breeze. The air seems cleaner somehow, too.

    I’ve still got a lot of work to do!!!


    March 18, 2010 at 11:29 PM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 87
    Ray, remember to be patient with the CT mission. It took about 3-4 months for the small number of domes I had here (when I first started) to wipe out the chemtrails permanently. The thing I did was make it a daily intention to ask the sylphs to come and help clear them up with the orgone field. Remember that orgone fields are hampered by negative thoughts from the ‘caretaker’…stay positive and you’ll knock ’em out completely. Your orgone devices are much bigger than what I used to win my little battle.

    They have not come back for 8 months here.

    Keep up the good work mate.

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

    March 24, 2010 at 1:11 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 58
    Thanks BlueGum. Sometimes I need reminding of the little things.

    Sorry about the delay in the post, but I’ve been on hols interstate and there is no place like an orgoned home….believe me.

    While I was away, there were no sylphs present. I asked for their assistance and the next day they came. En masse.

    They then followed me home across half the continent. It was absolutely amazing.

    When I got home, it teemed down. Reports were mostly dry weather ’til I got closer to home.

    Coincidence? I’m starting to doubt that.

    But now back to the fun of mother earth restoration.


    March 30, 2010 at 5:18 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 87
    No coincidences. 

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

    April 2, 2010 at 9:04 PM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko
    Posts: 86
    Wow Rayce, that,s amazing ! Just goes to show these sylphs , elementals , are happy to be called up to cleanse the atmosphere. I,ve been getting the daily rush, greeting sylphs that seem to have taken up residence in the Top End these days.Makes an excellent start to the day ! Must be a large orgone canopy overhead.  About 2 weeks ago ,spotted chemtrail plane coming in from SW, then veering to follow highway into Darwin. Chemtrail to south broke into dotted lines before being engulfed by sylphs, gone in about half hour. To the North the chemtrail just dissipated within 5 minutes! Test run?  Posted this on Skywatch.  Two days later, we received 3 days of heavy chemtrails.. Must have been very busy in the dark hours and caught site of last trails being layed about 7.30-8 o’clock, The sky looked weird,crossed in some areas,and very flat……But by recess they were gone, clear blue sky with puffy cumulous clouds an huge sylphs riding above.. Same thing happened 3 days straight. Couple of areas received heavy downpour, but can be hit or miss up here.   Grattitude and orgone rule  !
    April 3, 2010 at 2:01 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 58
    That’s vertually exactly what happened here. They finished laying about 8 am in the morning, my pics are on skywatchers as well. On about the 3rd day, it took the Sylphs until 2 pm to clean it up. It was a real soup up there. But then they stopped.

    On the way back from Adelaide, I’d swear that one particular Sylph was with me…..same type of shape, etc.

    Man it was sooooo cool!!!

    Just like a guardian angel of my own.


    April 3, 2010 at 4:54 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko
    Posts: 86
    Ha , Rayce and Bluegum….you guys make me laugh…always entertaining and informative, especially for old far#% fellows like me !! Anyone else out there in computerland? Orgoneland?
    April 3, 2010 at 8:17 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 87
    I usually go for walks late at night, and a few nights back I saw a magnificent array of sylphs of all sizes. May be they were having a party ofver my UCB. 

    I haven’t seen a CT here for ages. Not even sure they bother to pump ’em out anymore, but I should be more vigilent. I just think the heavy orgoning I’ve done in this area has curtailed the program. I still need to finish the rest of Brissie, but am making some progress.

    Feeling better now a have a monster orgone wand for added protection. 

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

    April 6, 2010 at 5:53 AM
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    Due to the recent changes to the weather, I gifted some sites missed previously, and regifted others. Driving back past after the event, there were vehicles near the scene in pitch black areas you wouldn’t stop in unless absolutely necessary. And in the rain. From the first bust, the rain began to cease.

    Total towers busted so far:  27

    A few of the towers are situated together. Every gift brought a plane flying overhead.

    Why and how are they so quick? Some strange people were in the vicinity whenever I busted, but they seemed to leave real quick when I spoke to them or looked at them. These sites have lookouts with them, being high on the mountains overlooking the coast. If you can see through the haze………..

    Also picked up some waterways for the dolphins and some places where I just felt like it!

    I’ll try to post some photos later…


    March 6, 2010 at 2:54 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko
    Posts: 86
    Outstanding Rayce, Just think of all the locals now being blessed with happiness….people with smiles again!!  CHEERS !! My vortexed and orgonised home brew is delicious.   On another note I  was astounded by article titled  Vanishing Tsunami in the Psychic Intel section of Etheric Warriors Forum.  A must read if you live anywhere on east coast, especially in Sydney  Again ,EXCELLENT  Rayce
    March 6, 2010 at 3:30 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 87
    Yeah, good one Rayce.

    Never underestimate the ability of people you’re helping with your gifting to be malevolent and paranoid and rat on you to the filth. I’m more careful how I approach towers now. Usually it’s best to park at least 100m away in a side street; and don’t try to place ’em right next to the tower, they’re more likely to find them there. Think about getaway routes and wear conservative clothing so you look kinda official…bury the buggers and get the hell out of there, but walk away calmly!!!

    I believe the ‘authorities’ have high tech scanners which can detect changes in the frequency of their wave length weaponry. They send the goons out straight away (you can have between 5-40 minutes depending on remoteness), so don’t waste time hanging around. It’s also possible your car plates have been listed. The cops have high tech scanners which automically scan every plate while they drive along. I’m pretty sure they have followed me due to this.

    If you can use different cars and get friends to be your ‘wheel’ in their car, all the better. Also, for god’s sake turn your cell phone OFF. They can track you real time with that.

    If they get on your tail, ask spirit to get rid of them. Stay calm, AND NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MAKE ANY COMMENT TO THE POLICE. It is your right to shut up, so do it…just say “I have been advised to never to make any comment…no comment, no comment, no comment…” until you are released (even a week later) if it comes to that.

    TIP: keep small bits of rubbish metal like bottle tops to use as decoys to stuff up any metal detector sweeps. Burying metal on top of the buried TB that’s a fair bit deeper is another trick.

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

    March 6, 2010 at 5:06 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Site Owner
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    Rayce, do you have a succor punch? If not I would suggest perhaps you get one – it creates a scalar field and will amplify your positive intentions…. You can program it to protect you and hide you, make you energetically invisible etc……..

    Aparently they can also block any tracking devices……….


    Like the decoy metal trick, Bluegum

    March 6, 2010 at 6:39 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 58
    Thanks everyone for the tips and thoughts.

    Some really good ideas coming forth.

    I’ve been gifting little by little for about 2 years with no real problems. Family and myself have harmonic pendants so that helps. Had a strange thing though with my army shovel (one of those fold up camping ones). Looking at it today, there is a burn on the handle and the carbon can be rubbed off. It looks like it was burnt with a blow torch or a very big lighter. Neither I or anyone else knows how. It was stored in my bedroom before it was used.

    Most of the SOB’s around here already know of me as I’ve stirred up the local hospital with that prayer of Don’s. They look worried when I eyeball them. They just leave.

    I don’t have a succour punch yet Dave, but I’m thinking about it.

    In all, I think this way. Have I done something wrong? No. Do I have to worry about those that do? No. Should I give up and let fear rule my life? No.

    So I say to myself: “Self, get on with it!”

    Life is what you make it. If you have to hide – it’s not life, it’s prison.

    Let’s keep the home fires burning.

    Again, thankyou for the assistance. It has been taken on board.


    PS How do you post photos here. I get the URL link to insert a picture, but it won’t upload my file?

    Any help.

    Thank you.

    March 6, 2010 at 7:14 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Site Owner
    Posts: 10
    Good on ya, Rayce – keep that heart energy alive and keep boostin it at em!

    The site dosn’t support direct image uploading unfortunately but if you make a imageshack or photobucket account you do it that way…………

    March 6, 2010 at 7:24 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 58
    Just an update.

    Since my gifting, the air particulate matter has dropped considerably. The nights and days are relatively clear with patchy weather. The stars twinkle and shine like they are there for me. Beautiful.

    It has tried to rain, but patchy and unpredictable.

    A few planes (no visible chemtrails) flying higher than normal.

    Today, strangely, it has gotten quite cool of the morning. Makes me think maybe winter will come early.

    Coming home last night, it was raining quite heavily up north from the gifting sites about 30 to 50 klms, but only a gentle sprinkle around the area gifted.

    That’s it for now. The sun is trying to come out.

    Have good days all.


    March 10, 2010 at 6:25 PM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko
    Posts: 86
    Yo,  G’day gifters, Sylphs rule the sky last few days here in the Top End ,!   . Fine weather perfect for pouring.!!  Worth sharing…. concerning using an SP,…. I purchased one of Sensei’s Nano Shields a while back.A one off to trial latest technology and not much change out of $ 250 Au. But what a rush, this orgone radionics devise is outstanding !  I take it to school, shopping, etc and of course when gifting.!! You can actually see people change <smile etc > when in its presence. Even got extra large serve from food outlet in busy shopping centre. It can “clear the air” just by walking around in these large complexes.Don’t often recommend products but this one is worth a day and a bits wages. < Orgone Crystals >  Oh, almost forgot…All my orgonite is cured in the presence of the Nano Shield, a 114 and a mini induction CB. What a combination!!!
    March 11, 2010 at 6:41 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 87
    Good one Rayce. The free at heart actually look up instead of down, unlike the enslaved masses. Getting atlas profilax helps that as well. 

    The UCB I installed here a few weeks ago had a similar effect, whereby we got much nicer rain, but then some how much clearer more pristine sky and atmosphere in fine weather. It’s hard to explain to people how orgone works, but it does in so many ways; and it’s great that you can actually get to experience that positive feedback, because then you know you’re making a difference.

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

    March 11, 2010 at 6:49 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 87
    MonssonGecko, you’re even madder than I am…

    …which is to say, you fit right in around here.

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

    March 11, 2010 at 6:55 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 58

    Well, the boys are back in town….with a vengeance. 14th and 15th March, and probably all night too, they’ve been going.

    But the Sylphs, ahhhh the Sylphs! Talk about working overtime. They attacked the chemtrails as they were laid, within 20 minutes they were clear, but by then they had laid another trail.

    More work to do and less time to do it.

    One step at a time!


    March 14, 2010 at 8:42 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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    Here’s a link to photobucket (dangerous word if you say it wrong) with some shots of exploits and the poo trails of planes. Unorganized…but a start.

    Have fun all!


    March 15, 2010 at 12:06 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 58
    Another exploit again last night. 1 large water tank with tower on it plus a large array next to it. A young couple turned up as I was leaving. At 3 in the morning and they weren’t drunk. They knew I was watching and became suddenly quiet. I left them and went back later and threw some more around. Did another 4 towers as well. All prominent and ugly looking monsters. Will try to get photos and post on photobucket during daytime.

    It was a good night!


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    monsoon gecko
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    Yo ….Aussie gifters, especially you silent mob,,,,ha ha.

    Sign up ! Post ! We all share and benefit ! Orgonize Australia.It’s for YOU. !


    So here’s a forum for dedicated gifters…no holds barred…innovation

    and research.


    More info on Josh’s Life Pillows and Broadcasting the Electricity Grid.


    Plasterite….. WTF. ! ! !   I’m gunna get PLASTERED this Weekend  ! ! !


    Enjoy….I know I will…… research

    June 2, 2010 at 7:53 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 107
    So, how’d you go with that plasterite gear?

    The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

    June 6, 2010 at 2:34 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    monsoon gecko
    Posts: 125
    Bluegum, it’s GREAT..! You can read my post on orgoniteplus,

    Deserves it’s own thread here….soon.

    June 6, 2010 at 5:05 AM Flag Quote & Reply

    Posts: 65
    Just wondering what sort of “plastering” darwinians get up to. Hmmmmmmmmm.

    We’re all gonna build new houses?

    June 6, 2010 at 6:34 AM



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