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    Hello my friends

    I have decided to give the Pillow formula to all, having difficulty in sending overseas without the authorities opening the Pillow pouch and creating havoc for everyone .

    So here we go

    After experimenting with many herbs and many powdered crystals, I found that the formula was every
    bit as strong by simplifying the ingredients, as it stand now this is how it is:

    – One gallon of powdered seaweed
    – One quart of beach sand

    Thats it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can put the mixture in a leather pouch, that makes it very “comfortable” to use
    You can put it inside of a metal box, about twice the size of a pack of cigarettes, or as big as you want,
    You can mix the mixture in epoxy and put it in a small metal box, as above

    You also can make a TB configuration in resin, and cast it in what ever mold you like ( double dip if to be put outside as capillary action will make moisture penetrate through and swell the sea weed)

    We also have cast it in bees wax with as much success.

    You can, when using a metal box, or the TB idea, include a whole bunch of acorn hats or bunch of small sea shells , those are natural amplifiers and will greatly augment, the power of the device You cannot make it too thin, the Pillow needs a certain thickness and mass to work

    I have found that by putting the Pillow in the Sunlight, Once it is done, will make it more energetic, 2 or three hours is enough, you can repeat the procedure every 6 month or so.

    As time goes there will be more to share, this will come as you experiment

    Good luck

    Happy Pillowing


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