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      Interview Jenny & EK

      Jenny ” Yes…There are two beginnings here

      There is the beginning of your finding out about plasterite
      Or the beginning on how it was started to be created in the first place
      Which of those would you prefer to talk about for now ?

      EK. “Well I looked it up today, in my old documentation from the german guy ehmm
      And he went into how he found out, became aware, it has to do with nature, with geology, observing studying nature as he studied geology in a university in Halle Germany and he was already into this orgonite stuff, the resin stuff, he wanted to make it better, more natural, cheaper and moreover stronger. As , like other higher Energy folk he sort of felt it.he looked into nature, he already lived in an area where his grandpartets worked in quarries , gypsum , started connecting things, working things out, make a long story short, finally decided after observations there is something to this method, mixing natural materials and creating these larger and more harmonic energyfields, and than tried to replicate the method using the materials he found at certain places in the Harz mountian region in germany , mixing it up in the right quantities, gypsum ( plaster of Paris / Selenite ) , gemstones, salt, sand etc
      It is a bit of a more complicated story than that as he also did observe certain regions along nuclear facilities etc and why certain regions thrived and others did not, bascially the same thing to some extent what Reich and Schauberger did, observing nature , in their time, he said he assumed that Reich would have gone into that further if he had been allowed more time, looking into more natural solutions.”

      Jenny “Great explanation, but how does that tie in with the guys in the States ?”

      EK. “Yes, I can hardly hear you….”

      J. “Oh sorry, how does that tie in with Josh and Tony ? As they came out with it , where they influenced by Timo ?

      EK. “Well, maybe they were , maybe they were not, that is not easy to say, as things often take their own path so to speak , we often notice that , how things are picked up , this “ synchronisity” coming into play …People on the other side of the planet suddenly spring up with the same sort of ideas, etc, but I don’t think that is really an important question …because..information is always out there …If you become aware of it… Yeah… So it s not like if this person has said that or that person have done that…The important thing is , what are you going to do with that information you received ? Regardless through which channel it has come to you by whatever means.Ehm..I think yes, maybe he knew a bit about it , about what Timo was playing with at that time, he, the German , was working on his latest models at that time when Josh made the click.Maybe vaguely or maybe , who knows, and he started, maybe subconsciously, growing towards more natural solutions , maybe he connected dots, I don’t know exactly but , he was interested and just felt , like good shaman do, it has a promise, something to be discovered, does not really matter, what matters is he, Josh, tested it for a long time, he did give a notice about that somewhere, but I know I have read it, it was sort of hidden in another post, it was about eight months he was already experimenting with it to see if it works, what it does, how it works, and , typically Josh, how it can be improved and moreover simplified in construction as , at that time, the early stages , it was still a rather complicated process of fabrication the energy models, expensive too, or at least more expensive and troublesome than what we are used to now.
      As it was something never seen before in the healing arena he wanted to be sure it worked before he would come out with it. He did not jump on any bandwagon as we see so often nowadays, he tested it for a longer time before he brought it out to the healing mob, those around him, aware folk. So In that respect he did his homework.”
      Jenny “And this is not going on very very long ? It goes back a few years , to 2009 2010 ?”

      EK.”Ehm….well, that is one side of the story , t his method working with natural solution , call it what you will, energy stone, whatever , does not matter how you call it , is actually thousands of years old as a matter a fact, people have always looked into it in the past, even though not so much information is given to us or available to us as real knowledge that can benefit us , the peasants, is usually kept away from us or distorted , manipulated so we often end up in bollocks or false assumptions. Fake history.So there was not too much about it so it appeared new to us but it was not new, once you go into the topic and read some books , archeology and so forth , you will find clues there they were into that sort of thing big time, long ago. They knew a lot back than and we know not so much now.It is ancient It is re- discovered, I call it , you know. It is re search , it has already been sought after and found , now we have to re build it So it is a book with paragraphs missing and some folk , like those above, understood that somehow and started to fill in the blanks there, solving the puzzle, intuitively, that is what humans can do and that is what the system is so afraid of , of that particular part of us that creates, they fear that a lot.And people say “ oh it works !” while thousands of years ago folk would have said “ of course it works !”

      Jenny “Like lots of information ?”

      EK “Yeah , like lots of information….It s all hidden from us , all tugged away ,… out of our hands”

      Jenny “And what about yourself ? When did you start to pay attention to it all ?”

      EK. ” Well it was around 2010 I think , 2011 , I was already, slowly “ waking up” if we have to use that dreadful term, I was never truly asleep, partial sheep yes but never completely , like I tried desperately subconsciously to push the reality away , of “ seeing”How things really are so I always felt like the outcast, the weirdo, looking through things, seeing things others would not grasp or make connections as I always look, sometimes look at things from different perspectives, like a wild animal in a sense, natural animal
      it me who is dorky, the dull guy , that want to point to the train coming down the tracks while the others dance and call me a party pooper, that sort of situation I was in as a child, mostly subconscious.Like the geo engineering , I catched
      on a few years before, again subconsciously or maybe that is Orwellian double think creeping in who knows how to put it As in the years leading up to my …acceptance…I think that is the right word, not knowing, because I already subconsciously KNEW. I knew. But to allow that knowledge to creep into my conscious mind to ACCEPT what is going on that was the hurdle you see to consciously ACCEPT , yes it is fxxxxg happening.It is real.The implosion that follow as the house of cards , carefully staced for decades comes crashing down in a second and the whole world goes upside down and you …cant fool yourself any longer that it is not happening.”

      “That was , my primal scream J in 2012 , late 2012 , as I already noticed how bad the summers were getting over the previous years, gradually getting more and more fucked up , eh…global dimming they call it now, or fancy terms like SRM solar radiation management, I hate those given terms as they hide what is really happening, make it sound scientific while it is pure evil and poison.”

      “After I got back on my feet , that was in the winter of 2012 spring 2013 I thought well there must be some sort of solution, something we can do, I sort of felt it would not be easy to find that , even if it would exist, as it would probably be kept under the rug or somehow be out of range , out of our league…Probably financially , as they love to do, make it unaffordable for us , for most of us… How to mitigate, first looked into the old stuff, the metal resin things but that did not r eally resonate with me, did not feel good or right to do, just an inner feeling, did not feel right, still at that point I was ready , if I could not find something better to give that a try , out of necessity….But I knew right away , this is not for me, this is not it, not for me, it just is not for me such a artificial clumsy , expensive toxic, nasty way of making some plastic thing that will do something to regain blue sky hmmm seemed to me like a happenstance thing, to be honest with you, almost like a sort of marketing ploy. I did know it would do something ,it had an effect but I just smelled it was a way of making money on those who wake up also, so it has more sides to it, I don’t mind folk making money, but I like truth , well truth and money usually don’t go hand in hand.No no somehow someone mus thave figured something out somewhere, I mean come on , there must be something more realistic we can do , which to me, at that stage , sounded like a normal question for some unexplainable reason, it just sounded very logic to me, even though at that time nothing else was around, at least not to the public. But I just “ knew” there was something , I don’t know why I knew , I just knew…..Not all things can be explained in a logical fashion, call it a hunch , a feeling , intuition….So, for some strange reason, I kept searching the web for solutions in the energy field….As some folk have come up with all sorts of strange things and devices , usually very inefficient or very expensive andtroublesome, like the big CB things etc, radionics, etc etc…..Meanwhile I also started to look for all sorts of information on geo engineering, etc so ended up on all sorts of forums and I think , yes, it was on Curezone, where a friend of Josh , Steve, the dowser from Vegas, actually he is much more than that of course, muc h more, but, he did the dowsing as he is experienced even in those years, on the old forum, Orgonite Plus. So Steven did a harmless post about that, about that some folk have had success with it , with the plasterite as we call it now, Plaser of Paris, beach sand , crystals, salt, that s it. Must have the post somehwere here , maybe he did not even say crystals and salt, just Plaster and beach sand, technically that would work as we know now. So I found there are actually peole doing that as I searched further , just a few voices in the dark, also I immediately catched on to the massive propaganda hate machine that was , even in the early stage, already propped up to counter any advancement in the LF energy world. Total control there, Soviet Style……

      The post of Steve also had a link to the old forum ( yes that was a biggie ) Without that link ….ah…better not think of it , so I found the forum orgonite plus, totally different than all other forums I visited before, completely different, some amazing developments, progress, you name it , the bells and whistles wow holy pinguin, what was that, that was the real Mc coy there, big eye opener , I had hit gold…..Ah , finally some fresh air as the whole orgonite or truth movement just felt very controlled and whacky to me, like a show, a circus, very high entertainment level, acrobats, lion tamers, dancers, gold and glitter but not much truth or whatever to be found there, more like Hollywood movies, fast food bling bling….A lot of people talking a lot of nonsense in those places so Orgonite Plus was a real eye opener , finally I found some real people , some real shamans too and some real energy players, like a little dreamteam there, hidden on the outskirts of the web….so I thought well , maybe , we can do this, see how it works etc etc..That was, in short, how I came about it.”

      Jenny ” I was a little bit different….The first time I heard about it I could not believe it !….I said to myself how could something so simple really work ??
      You would not be able to see the crystals in it so ehm…it  took a good few months before I …Before it clicked with me “ yes that could be the way to go “

      EK. ” Yes, well for me it was the other way around”

      “When I heard about the natural solution it made more sense to me…As simple as that , it made more sense…I was not surprised by it…I was only somewhat doubtful, due to the propaganda and attacks on it , which I suspected to be fake and false , that was so obvious, because Josh had experienced orgonite people around him , besides he himself was maybe one of the most experienced life force energy inventors we have ever had or one of those who was not controlled by the system so the knowledge dripped through the wall so to speak
      Became available as even the control grid cannot always control everything but they are doing a good job in general yes. But I felt this was an exception and the affirmations made by other big names contributed to my conviction it would work , despite the deliberate created confusion and natsyness that you saw yourself on the DI forum. What they do with folk who cannot keep their mouths shut just to help other people deal with what is going on in the skies, to give them some hot tools so they at least can have a fair fight, to put it that way.
      Everybody else , outside the forum, the companies said no it wont work , bla bla bla…But I did not have any knowledge at that point so the thought might it all be a hoax did cross my mind and that is not something to be ashamed of to happen it is good it happens , it is good you question everything, everything must be questioned and not taken for granted or truth right away just because someone you trust said so., but no …it made sense to me….I thought…I don’t know if it s gonna work but…there is a certain deeper logic in the whole thing some folk immediatley understand, they feel it, and Josh was a very honest trustworhy person and very knowlegable , he was one of Crofts pupils in the earlier years, and the people in his club were very different people , not the usual brainwashed zombies you find in most orgonite clubs, etcNo this was a different animal altogether, honest people they did not have some sort of agenda which is so common nowadays in ANY movement, any authorized movement as Orgonite Plus was surely not authorized , believe you me, but you know the agenda
      Jenny “And there s a lot of aganda s around ?”

      EK. “Oh pffff….yeah…we are drowning in agendas nowadays, drowning in it…..”

      Jenny “I know you are very strong on the “ truth”….. Trying to get to the bottom of the truth of things…”

      ” Well we don’t have much truth anymore if we ever had….Its all infected – or infiltrated”….”You hardly can get any real truth on ANY topic nowadays
      There s always some sort of spin , some sort of slant or politized twist or gimmick to it , some nudging”

      Jenny ” Maybe you like to ask me something now ? “

      EK. ” hmmmm well I …. I was just amazed by the speed…Of which developments Occur in ireland…That s a major thing , I think, not just because something is happening there but it’s the speed or intensity of that happening, as it s always been like a hidden small slow flowing stream in a dark forrest hardly detected by the “ world” and now we have a Niagara falls blasting through the green isle….what you have done with your whole club in such a short timespace would have taken years otherwise…Years
      Jenny ” Yes I just tried to figure out how many people have started working with it in that time, it was not just me , several others are also showing people how to do it , but at least 40… At least 40….And all of those would have a lot of plasterite by themsevles and the potential to pour more….

      EK. “Hehehe, most people I know of , don’t like to tell so much or talk so much about it , they are more discrete in a sort of way, they don’t go on FB and such things or do not really feel the need to make websites or such , maybe they feel the pressure nowadays once you raise your head above the grass the lawnmower always seems to come your way very fast…they don’t like to go public or be in the limelight…” “They just like to do their thing…Without too much hassle from the outside world” “So it s therefor also very special that we at least take the opportunity to talk about it”

      Jenny “Ha, well I remember you were very discouraging at first when I said I am going to go for it, gonna make plasterite etc that I would runinto trouble of all sorts etc…Shouting about this and that , putting stuff on Facebook …I would get lots of folk in, newcomers and you said ah quite you will get into trouble etc….You will “ go down in flames “ do you remember that ?

      EK. ” Well ..uh..yeah….Blush …but I well…you know…eh…

      Jenny ” But I ignored you.”

      EK. “hmm well there is some truth in it as usually one does come under fire…I know yeah..But it can be done, ,it can be done…The individual can do it…I just say don’t expect too much people suddenly go oh and ah about it or about any truth for that matter if it is not promoted from the top down….Motivated..;don’t expect too much motivation on any topic in these times, you must have noticed it….Whatever it is or however they do it , make most so apathetic….You know what I mean
      Jenny ” Armchair warriors..”

      EK. “Yeah I don’t know maybe they are a bit too calm sometimes, when they should not be…I wonder what s going on in that field…Almost lethargic , really strange once you start thinking about it…I don’t know what it is , maybe it s t he fluoride in the water in Ireland…
      Jenny “I think the fluoride must have a lot to do with it as all people I have….Even people from the States coming over to here say it , we are dumbed down with fluoride…Must have a much worse effect than we think….

      EK. “Maybe it works with with other things in combination…Like the geo engineering it s all connected…When you add things up it is often even worse…Two and two equals nine
      Jenny “Yes and there is more than two and two”

      EK “Yes but you know what I mean”

      Jenny “Have you any projects coming up, remember you had some experiences during gifting, were affected ? “

      S. “Oh yes but those are personal experiences and w hen you work with this material, this way willi have all sorts of those encounters as that is what selenite does it expands awareness it is a deep thing it is not easy to talk about it would not mean much to anyone else , so but it works and …it is a real eye opener besides sfrom being strong and protective ther eis much to it than just the blue sky…For healing, spiritual healing, where there is a lot negative energies… Yes there are a lot of functions, not just this or that, it is very broad, it is a tool ….A tool of Light and like any tool you can use it in many ways, not just one”
      Jenny “Tell use a little bit about gifting around comm towers l, places like that, churches, wold war cemeteries, hospitals, ?”

      EK. “Well I don’t know …difficult to explain , but I do gift all those things , but mainly I go into nature as there is where I feel best”

      Jenny “Saw a photo recently of three big cones you left in nature…That was amazing…Somebody coming into the woods seeing some cones like this they would be surprised and wondering”

      EK “Maybe I burried it or hid it, cant tell”

      Jenny ” Did you see me and my friends on the hill of Tara a few weeks ago ?

      EK. “Yes yes…”

      Jenny ” Putting little bits in trees and all over…Am sure people would spot those…And than sensitive people would become aware of it…Oh this is nice”

      EK. “Smile , yes”

      Jenny ” And another thing that we did…Recently , we went to a river , the river Boine, there is a bridge there…Where a lot of young people have committed suicide and we spread quite a bit around there too…..And my friend Marc who is more susceptable to energies he chould feel the energy wave move through there after we gifted the place….The negativity dissapearing , transformed….Calming down , quite significantly….You do that too of course but…When somebody can actually say they feel it”

      EK. ” Yes, after a while you become more sensitive to it , as you open up further, your awareness, it is an overused word in todays language but there is always a hidden truth to it..
      You will become more aware of the bigger picture how things interact and are connected”

      J “I wish I did , I make it ,”

      EK ” It takes time it takes time and people are different , cant expect miracles in a day but if you do it for a longer period you will hear more , feel more like the selenite is reaching out to you , helping you , giving you advice or make you more vulnerable to good advice from the source”

      Jenny “Must say love handling the pieces….Sometimes I pick up a piece…And I be feeling it , touching it and saying aren´t you lovely aren´t you lovely”

      EK. “Ha to me it is all logic , in a sense, not easy to explain it all in words, putting the beauty of the energy experience in words is almost like an insult, like putting the sun in a box, it does not work that way”

      Jenny “…..Oh I disagree, I don’t think it is logical at all…The opposite of logic”

      EK ” Yes , at first, yes, but once you go into it, you will start to understand…How it works, what it does, etc, etc, you will start piecing the pieces together…It is like a puzzle , a mental puzzle that also works in the physical realm.It is there…..Something you will get used to naturally, instinctively…This Selenite thing is a very deep topic….That is what is so strange about it , it is so simple to make and once this thing start to come into being as it dries and start creating / ´diverting / transforming energy you think to yourself once you feel it “ pump” as MG always loves to say oh my god I just opened Pandora s box here, this is some heavy shit….I am tapping in to the invisible world and can actually see it, parts of it at least, a glimpse of what s beyond, what s inside, than possibilities come in, so yes than you realise you can actually use this stuff for good purposes, with respect and what they call humbleness…I know , another misinterpreted word, overused, etc, but Shaman Jacques did not call it that , he called it concsciousness and honesty , he called it …honesty…The essence of the energy and he did give clues to it , it s in the documentation, he sometimes did that on occasion , giv
      e us a deeper lecture of what s really going on, hoping , maybe, a few would understand and take it all a step further or at least keep it alive, the doorway , keep the doorway open for others to come for the future….You know, but..

      Jenny ” Maybe I am lucky as it never keeps me awake…Or never really rattles me like sometimes when other healing people come into the house and get overwhelmed by this sensation of oh my it feels good here, wow…Really really nice and when there is a workshop going on and we are working away for an hour or so..
      ..And than they start feeling oh I am so relaxed, so calmed down, so whoozy , I could just lay down and sleep for days”

      EK. “Yes yes…All those things ….and many more”

      Jenny “….and many more”

      Jenny ” One experience I had is when I made for a feast a thousand little hearts….There was this event going to be on down in Cork where this guy Gerald arranged an event called messages in water and he wanted people to hold hands around this little lake….Very ancient lake…..A man made lake…Over 5000 years old….It never gets empty and nobody knows where the water supply comes from…Many sacred perimiters around it and Anyway I volunteered to make some hearts for the event and asked Gerald how many people where there at the last gathering ? And he said a thousand, so that was a bit of a shock …to make a thousand hearts and than I was driving down….And eh…suddenly ..I started to get really …really….sort of pressure headache….having so much energy devices in my car so I turned my heard around and said to the selenite, calm down selenite , please settle down down…
      So immediately the pressure was gone and they settled down , so that was one of the things that was closest to what I ever noted from the energies in such a way, an interaction.”
      Jenny ” So now you tell me some story on maybe how you avoided being challenged by police men , those sort of things ?”

      EK. “Ah no…. ( grumpy sounds…)”

      EK. “Another perspective maybe, yes the selenite can offer protecting, if you want it to but you must ask…You must ask ” nature ” ( god, spirit, the eternal source )…If you don’t ask..Forget it…You must ask ( consciously be aware of what you are doing basically in using Force ) , selenite is like water in that way, if you don’t ask, don’t guide it it will just run the way it wants to run, and that is maybe not the way you would like to see it go…..So you have to channel it in the way you want it to be…..What you want it to do , and you can “ talk “ to it , not necessarily with words or such, just with your mind….You are more than you think you are…..And once you understand and practice that things will become more clear and self evident and you always wonder why did I not notice before, a sort of second waking up, when people wake up and they see it all around them , the system, control grid, the manipulation of humanity basically, developed over so many years, once you see it it is so blatant, it is everywhere, as they say, hidden in plain view….It will be in plain view…Not just the evil but also the side of light will come into the visual reach….It can be astonishing and , again, this is really , if you are at that stage , on the edge of pure shamanism….It is not really hard to do , but than again, look around you nowadays how many people can do it…..There are always more sides to a statement….The main issue here is , it is a personal journey for the searcher who wants to go there….We can use all sorts of fancy words and hip and trendy slogans for it but the fact that it is a personal journey means someone else can only show you the door, the route to go to reach that door….That s what Josh did, he showed you the way….Nothing more nothing less….It is up to the individual to decide where to go from there…Nobody can help you and nobody will need to help you once you open the door…..It is your journey and it will be there for you the way you want it to be there and that is different for all persons, so they all do their own journey, like cooking or painting, they all do their own thing there even when it is on a energetic level it will manifest in the physical world…..So take a step at a time

      Jenny ” You talked about the gifting experience I had on the WW1 battlefield cemetery”

      EK. “Yes it was like that I did almost “ overshoot” there….As I had already gifted on my way to there so I had only a small cotton bag with me with some silly dorky little hearts, just plain plasterite , not even crystals in it, just sand, plaster, crystal water some crystal powders, herbs, nothing more , very plain pieces, and I thought I am such a fool why did I come here with only so few silly pieces , it will probably do nothing, so you see my self assured behavior melted like snow there, but it was a special place and I started focussing on the energy there, tapping into it, started to “ grab “ that and started to connect it to the heart I had in my hand, than you can open a door….Once that door opens you say to yourself oh fxxxing halleluja….holy cow , you really opened the energy floodgates , or can, if you want to or “ ready for it “ as they say…But to be honest with you I wanted it to happen, I had to cross the barrier there…The mind lock we all have…Was a bit scary at first of course , to take a step into the unknown…But , on the other hand , Selenite , or call it what you want, Life force energy as I like to say…Will help you it will not fool you or harm you , it was like the plasterite at that point was pushing me over the edge, saying you are ready for it…Make the jump now..Open the door and come to me, we can dance…Took me some minutes and having only this plain heart with me I thought ah what the hell…Let s jump , let s do it, let s rock…Let s see what happens…But you have to want it and you are given a choice there ah well the selenite , or whatever you want to call it , a spirit, something out there, tought me some lessons and showed me a lot and that made me also amazed and again this word humble , not in the toxic religious way , this turning the other cheeck crap, it s not like that, got nothing to to with that…There is so much one does not know..And nobody has all the marbles…But some got more than others…Anyway, the energy “ bluetooth” connection opened and it was a wild ride as I stood there on that sort of hill and did my focus and thing there…Could feel the energy blasting out of me with that heart in my hand like waves, ocean waves…Could see them go over the landscape down below…Like waves of healing , waves of love, if we have to use that word…The whole place sort of started to tremble…Like earthquake , but not too wild…Like being connected to a huge generator….Of a source much more powerful than the silly Trick of the Elect…Elect Trick…So once I sort of calmed down and grabbed the steering wheel , to put it that way, and started playing with the energy, like a little kid in a amusement arcade hahaah…..big smile and bit nervous

      And I thought to myself , so it is through , all this energy, healing , shaman , conscious shite, it is true, hidden deep in layers of deception and perception, hidden very deep is the truth and it is for most people not possible to grasp as we have grown so far off from the source …like so far off….Like misguides ships in an endless ocean and the elite control the winds so we can never reach our destiny, or most of us anyway……But there will be a beacon as I call it that shows you your destination, a lighthouse…But as I said they control the wind so you don’t stand a chance…There is again this choice….You can chose to go there anyway…To the beacon…On the shore , few miles away…You must cut down the mast of your ship and take a peddle and just peddle the ship to the shore…The coastline, manually, by yourself , this is just a description of a mental process a journey in consciousness, they cannot stop you from than on , but you mu
      st be creative as I may have said before….It s about leaving the comfort zone, leaving that behind you have always known and also always have known is not the truth , and just go for it , take a step to the other side….It is not for everyone Jenn, we have talked about this before….And it is not you have to do something in the classic form…You can just make good use of the life force energy in a very basic manner like most do and that is good enough, really…. Damn I almost forgot about the huge helicopter when I did that on that hill there on that cemetary…Once I started playing and things got moving I thought to myself oh my somebody is gonna notice this…

      You know, the dark side, they are NOT stupidThey know…Once you break through…They just know…For every action there is a opposite reaction in that sense….And if you really start kicking ass oh they feel it….It hurts…And they throw out the lions to grab you….But they work with illusions as they are the master of illusions….They are not real in that way…..It seems real though….Real enough….But it is all perception management they play on us…All of it but to an amazing level…So you can manipulate them too, the dark side, but you do not use illusion or magic…You use reality as it really is and nothing can withstand the light of truth…They just crack up but it is not that easy in real life of course…But you will or can see it happening once you open the door of perception…And the huge navy helicopter, it was huge…Kept circling the area there as it could not come closer…I could feel it…It just could not come closer…But it wanted to do so..I know this may all sound a bit hocus pocus to the average Joe Sixpack and Jane Soapopera but….that s how the story goes…So it kept doing its intimidation runs in the distance showing its massive teeth…But I did not give in…I normally would have done so…If I had not opened the door…I would have crumbled under their deception…Completely..Into dust…But that trick did not work that day and that was a lesson learned…Because I was in the light you see…On top of the hill…In plain view hahaha…And I forced them to attack..You have to be bold in this once you open the door….As you have no choice , you manifested this in this reality…And now you must go all the way…And why shouldn’t you…Why shouldn’t you…So it became a battle of wills…And you know it was like a huge energyfield, that s how it felt around me for many miles protecting me…Yes I asked for it…Because that is really all I got…I have nothing…No weapons, no nothing, no money, nothing…So I challenged them into an energy battle…Just like that…What choice do I have…So yes , the head of the snake in many forms this time in the form of this multi million dollar…Machine , it also has to do with control of fear…That s another path…Like the wolf smells fear on you once it smells that you are a goner…If you control fear and don’t give in they will not attack…So the mouse drove the elephant back that is what it comes down to and the mouse had to recover from that experience a few days LMAO…Sure these may seem strange story or strange events but that s how it is.”

      Jenny ” You are under constant surveillance by helicopters”

      EK. “Well not so more as I did the trick Eric said, asking the selenite for protecting as energy itself , chi prana, again, give it a name, so it has sort of calmed down somewhat yes..So much so that I almost started to miss them ” “So I removed part of the protecting and I do see them now again, not too many of them…Once you start to break through , through the haze or perception…And go beyond the fear level, the intimidation level, the jadija levels, all of that, you just do what needs to be done and this is nothing new in history, those who do what needs to be done…Who do not ask for permission…Who do not look back or look over their shoulder if it is right to do so…Remember a Warrior does not need permission..A warrior does not ask is it right, he does not follow orders, he does , or she does, what needs to be done…That is all there is to it, what needs to be done and you feel it inside…what needs to be done
      A soldier , that is something else, that is crap, as a soldier is just a slave to a ruling elite, a banking cartel….Orders are forced upon him by forces and he has not idea what he or she is getting into”

      Jenny ” We have virtually no helicopters here, only a few who do checking on us”

      EK. “Once you do such things , make the change, by whatever means you could even use the old style Cb if you really want to although I see no reason why anyone would do that but that s another story…If you can make something much stronger for peanuts why go there in the first place?…It is silly but most folk cannot think for themselves and are in some sort of mind control or on a leash…They do not dare to speak out and that is how it is….Anyway they seem to be very annoyed, the system, about the plasterite, much more than with the resin as they do not seem to care much about that stuff, for whatever reason..As you can just buy it all over the place so they do not really interfere with that…Like they don’t care about it maybe it does not do too much or it is limited in effect on a grander scale to put it that way and it is expensive so they are comfortable about that…They wont kick your but if you use it , go gifting plasterite and all hell breaks lose and I have reports from several folk doing that and they did orgonite before and not much happened there, but once they switched to selenite / plasterite , the natural method, they almost all had suddenly , just by coincidence all sorts of surveillance and police harrassment….Silly things, just to tease, also much more helicopters , for most in compare to the orgonite…Although some of those get a reasonable amount of them too but only if you use larger quantities or use special devices …But I even have reports of people going into a forrest and make a medicine wheel , with quartz bolders, a nice big circle , some say it must be orientated to the north, but I am no expert in medicine wheels and we don’t hear too much about them but I know people who made those and had helicopters coming over just by doing that…So there is something to that method too and probably other methods we also hear almost nothing about , again, the money angle, no money can be made so you wont hear about it…Also , because plasterite has not metals , or at least it should not have metals, it cannot be located or pinpointed , so the user is safe , they cannot lock in to it…Unlike the metal resin which beeps like a red dot on a map…The plasterite spreads out a stronger field , in a natural way, grasping all the frequencies…As some are so hot about that part of it , the frequencies, hmm it sort of covers the whole scope…The whole nine yards…So it is more like a caleidoscope of frequencies if we have to use that term, like an endless rainbow.Wherereas the metal resin comes across to me like a device that shoots out lighting bolts..So it is easy to spot that…..The german also said they can lock into that signal a metal device makes, like a radio, they can level with it and take it over he said, w hatever that means but he had seen it happen how a CB or any other artificial device can be “ hacked” and turned against us or rendered harmless, they can jam the whole thing , he had noticed that happen several times as he made a lot of super duty CB structures in the past so.., so it would not do much…Don’t have more details on that but would for sure not surprise me…Not at all as what we know is often just the tip of the iceberg….Of all knowledge, like eh almost nothing…But we have the plasterite now and that is a major step forward

      Jenny “Well my friend Vicky over in the west of Ireland after she made plasterite had a helicopter over her garden soon after and she wasn’t too sure it if
      would do something up till that point so”

      EK.”The whole point of this thing is to reclaim your sky…If you want to work with this the best time to start is in spring…As than you can surely see the effect as the skies are better than in winter…So , visually, you can do your estimates there, your homework etc

      Jenny ” maybe this is a time where you can say something about sylphs ?”

      EK. ” Well hahah what do you want to hear ?…well it is not easy to explain from people who are in the dark..Who know design…This sylph activity”
      Jenny ” As you know I do pop up on the anti geo pages once in a while and do say and post things there…Showing beautiful sylphs…And they say “ oh nasty nasty “…Poisonous sky…
      No guys, those are lovely sylphs…Coming to save….Well I don’t get much of a response…

      EK. “Again I have to emphasize the only way to knowledge is if you do it yourself after information has come to you , that s the hard part as folk nowadays are so dozed so almost sleep walkers they cant handle that , hard work is not in the framework…Again it is the “ here is the money gimme the solution” attitude we see too much of…If they even reach that stage which most wont even get to so yes…If you want to learn something you can learn it…It s not voodoo…It s real but you have to work for it..Logically

      Jenny ” seen some photos of you holding hearts , have you deleted chemtrails by doing so or is it just a photosetting ?”

      EK. ” hahah you ask so many strange questions Jenn, amazing, although there are similarities there are differences in dealing with it all and yes my sky is really that blue often yes..
      There is a connection to the spiritual yes..You know..It is more like showing gratitude..The sylphs are more like proof so to speak ,..More than proof”

      Jenny ” do you also have noticed how if affects people , changes people ?”

      EK. ” I have and have seen that happen a lot of times but I am not on some sort of crusade to change people , I do help people whenever the occasion arises, that s usually how it goes, a visitor, someone close somewhere, I let it move by itself…I don’t force things…I do have regular visitors here…Maybe they all say they feel so good here..Jee…LOL …howcome ?? So , ah , I remember Stephen Geddes did send me a bunch of those beautiful phone buttons he called them , small square classic orgonite items, like a coin, with adhesive tape on it so you can easily pu tthat on any device that emits the nasty electrosmog and so forth, we have a lot of those things around nowadays and looking into any scientific study on the topic one soon realises it is not to our benefit but to someone else´s like it usually is in the end, a given reason and a real reason..But anyway, those phone buttons found customers faster than expected , I have two at home here, but the rest , think there were four or five of them are all on their protection tour of duty…An none of the folk who have been given one will separate from it..Interesting to notice…They do work, and therefor we can conclude that old school orgonite has its own realm , its own place too, there is nothing wrong with that, in itself, but …unfortunately…as we often see on a higher level in the orgonite business they don’t like free solutions so they keep bashing freedom up and that will I suppose never change, as some things never change…Even Josh said that , he would still use the metal resin for special tasks and demands, pendants and that sort of thing, but his main focus was the plasterite that was the step forward….All has to be learned and a lot of stuff has to be deprogrammed also with yours truly here…Had to deprogram a lot and that surprised me as I thought I was reasonably aware in compare to others but nonetheless I still had to deprogram heavily, big detox there and that also was an eye opener how deep the rabbit hole goes….But I tried it anyway, this natural method, not too sure about it at the start of it , but thought ah well it wont hurt and some seem to have had successes so why not…Intention is something that is important, use it , use intention, If you make somehting give it a purpose give it a goal…Give it reason…And that s all there is to..You cannot figure it all out , sitting there jadija, wont work , just by thinking , cant be done, must be worked with and than the train starts to move…It all comes down to the individual and I cannot stress this enough , like the intention part…Listening to others might help but don’t go overboard with it , with other people s opinions and so forth…Keep it at a distance, learn yes but don’t mimick..Do your own experience , find your own path Anyhow , so I had my blue sky back and thought it was the end of it, case closed but that was or turned out to be just the start of it all…Was not into anything else..Like the gifting and such..That all came later when I changed..The puzzle came together..At a certain point you have to go out and share it with the world I think…But without change it cannot be done, you have to change how else can you become a gifter if you stay the way you were before etc…”
      Jenny “Yes but at least whenever we tell people about it…Also give them the very simple instructions…So it is open to anybody to do so”

      EK. “yes it is like a stairway , as you grow, some can or want to , that is a personal choice..Again a warrior does not follow orders…He makes his own planning of where he or she wants to go..But you can start it as a method to get your sky back , think that is a good starting point…”

      Jenny ” Do you want to mention a bit about Stephen in Australia and the way he had amazing success in school witih the children showing kids on how to do it ?”

      EK. ” Well it is not just about the kids in school you know, I think the most or more important part of his activity is located in the sharing and caring as I call it over the years I think that s the big diamond here…..Also , on orgonite plus, during the experimental years, the getting our heads around a new tiger in town, he talked about it in his typical down to earth , no nonsense style , that is , maybe for some , very addictive , although I am sure some might not be amused by it , but I was taken by it as some folk , even in those days were almost leaning maybe too much to the new age which has not so much to do with the real thing, it s like Hinduism rebooted that is what it basically is, you know, karma, chakra, bla bla…Sure there are some truths in itbut there is also an agenda behind it but that s another story…How to mix it how to make how does it feel and I thought hmm that is interesting finally a normal professional report on the energy work in an understandable fashion….As some of the other folk where sometimes a bit hard to understand or to follow…As most of them were more interested in the effects of the whole method than in the down to earth device creation part of it and we all know how insecure newbees are…So if you don’t clear that up they wont even start…It is easier that way , that s what made me start in the first place otherwise I would have been much more reluctant. I call it a certain catchy “ hillbilly style” that s how I see it J hope he has a sense of humor and wont do voodoo on me now…oh he understands and you know what , Jenn, I think that is needed, maybe more nowadays as it was in the recent past, as you see the people in those groups now and there is not much knowledge or reality focus there and in my opinion Stephen brought in a decent level of reality into the whole thing…The typical hands on approach , finally , do this do that , mix this and that and how the results came in and in what way so it becomes comprehensible.. It is easier for people to have that instead of the “ fluffy talk” again this is not an attack on anything but esp today there is too much of that going on and one does get fed up with the memes after a while”

      Jenny ” Isnt it brilliant on , let s say o
      n how the recipe has been simplified over time ?”

      EK. ” That did not happen by itself of course, took some real work to reach that point…To understand..To test..Etc..My first creations were a sort of mixture between several methods known at the time..Say Shaman Jacques method and the Germanic method..So I mixed them both up and it was very profound , using real gemstones in the four first pieces..And tons of it..Did not go cheap on those babies can tell ya…A whole hand of crystals and other things in each of them..But to make things simple = very complicated…Again , it s like cooking so for newcomers yes, throw in as much as you like, it is a very rewarding and pleasant process I think, to do so, herbs, gemstones, crystals, rose quartz, all the “ ite “ stones etc…Powders , why not, anything beneficial….Maybe there is more to it , don’t know it all, anyway, that keeps them busy and I like doing that I remember. Doing your own alchemy there , making the invisible visible….And , like the chef cook with much experience , he or she does not need that per se…Throwing in the whole kitchen in the meal…He just needs say five ingredients..To succeed…That s the difference…So bare essentials is actually maybe more suited for more experienced energy players…But it works both ways..Tony said he is a meddler and a peddler maybe that is American English don’t know but we get the point…Tons of herbs in his soup but it somehow always turns out fine…But we need those people…Those people were needed otherwise we would not even be here discussing this…We would be in the realm of the profane…Feeding on poisonous propaganda and going nowhere…He loves to do this energy things also and we owe him a lot too…We owe a lot to all orgonite plus members one way or another some more than others…Especially on the understanding part of the energy created as that is the level where Shaman Tony holds his ground and gets on the wild horse and rides it to a new plain…A new level…Shaman Jacques and Tony are real shaman, the real thing, Steve too, they all play their part in a bigger story and it is not often we are endowed with such high quality sources , it is very rare, that s the thing that caught me right away going into that forum , you smell the wind and I smelled the wind and it smelled very good, there are a lof of what the native Americans call “ plastic shaman” around nowadays are more folk get brainwashed into the New Age which is another take over by the control grid to keep folk chasing their tails….always learning but never knowing…..

      Maybe there is something out there or maybe it is inside us, who knows , something there helping us as sometimes it boggles the mind how things come together even if the odds are a zillioin to one it holds and you know there is a bigger thing going on , anyway”

      Jenny ” Do you have a special intention when you make a tool of light ?”

      EK. “Oh I am very straightforward and although it does occasionally happen I ask for other issues I generally focus on the blue sky as that is getting more rare by the day now as darkness pushes further and further…That s how it is , so I always keep that close to me. You have to ask , not dominate, just ask and sort of get your message across there , don’t worry it will be picked up one way or another , it just does….”

      Jenny ” Your turn.”

      EK. “Oh there is so much to ask , but have you noticed the positive effects on the sky ?

      Jenny “yes yes, for sure yes”

      EK.”I was very surprised by your workshops because I never thought that is possible but for some strange reason all these things seem to flourish in Ireland very well while in other countries it is not easy to get something like that of the ground…Don’t think anybody has EVER done it, this grand scale workshop rollout”
      Jenny ” Eight, eight I think until now, eight workshops….The last one, …couple of weeks ago ….in a not very large room with lot of people…But we all succeeded fine…But also , if we do it in the future , I keep it till about six people, unless we do it in the open….As it turned out to be really hard to give everybody attention at the same time…Even though they don’t need much attention…Just showed them how to do it and off they go….And learning by their mistakes too as the fast hardening plaster can be very scary

      EK. ” When did you decide to make a blue sky broadcaster ?”

      Jenny ” Oh almost immediately…Watching some of your videos etc…While I was in Japan, turned out to be the strongest thing so why not go for it ? Love them and have three of them blasting away at the moment”

      EK. “Me too”

      Jenny ” and the big tower thing you saw…Based on Stephen s experiments under Josh guidance…Which weights about 50 kilos have it around in the garden now…Cable wrapped around it , christmas lights….Think I was lucky built it with these little spacers between it…Maybe two inches, three centimeters in between each one, each layer…So the wind does not actually get to blow it over…So it stays upright which is good…Even in the windy weather….Oh explain a bit about the bernoullie rings, maybe interesting for people”

      EK. “I don’t know if interesting for people it is strong but I do not use it more…It is very strong but I do not use it more…I prefer broadcasters but the output of a bernoillie is very profound absolutely…Would really advice that one if you want a focused energy output…I call it the rocket engine…The energy will shoot up..Like a beam of light..Very strong..There is a lot we do not know..Remember I once placed my big cones, have about ten of them in the garden, hidden, but once put them in a sort of circle setup, just like that and wow..Punchy..Very blue sky But not feasible for me to do with all those helicopters around..I must not overdo it ,at least try to keep a low profile from a visual point of view”

      Jenny ” Thought it was very interesting seeing Stephen in Australia charging his canisters of resin in a configuration of plasterite pieces , inside a bernoullie ring, we saw photos of that”
      EK. ” Hehehe, that was a little give away

      Jenny “It is quite addictive , really, isnt it ?”

      EK “Yes it is very addictive I agree…It is also a good excuse for giting as we built so much stuff , easy to do and cheap too, so we end up having too much of it and that s a good argument to bring it into the world..Is it not hard to do it all by yoursel ? The gifting…Would be easier if one would drive and the other would do that”

      EK” No it is not that hard as I don’t gift that way..Also have a mixer now, a drill, so easy and helpful esp in summer when I make larger quantities if you mix it all up by hand you can just as well buy yourself a new shoulder..So that is a real enhancement there, wonder why I waited so long to go there…But anyway, it is a real step up, so easy , no hastle, mix as much as you like , those tools are used by plaster pros hahaha”

      Jenny ” do you want me to tell you about my unusual technique on gifting the motorways ?”

      EK. ” hmm you can do that”

      Jenny ” doing a longer distance journey have plasterite pieces on the left side in this country, we drive on the left side of the road and I usually have the windows open than but sometimes forget to open the window, it s a bit shocking when I try to throw them out when the window is closed… laughter..So I am driving along , with not too much traffic on the road better stil if it s raining…Keep close to the side of the road…And whenever I see a good spot…”

      EK. ” And out they go”

      Jenny ” out they go…I often wonder if the roadcleaners wonder about those strange shapes if they ever find one…Any other interesting experiences ? Hold on, ….back to my list..Just wanted to say , buying all that plaster of Paris going into the builders providers..Everybody I meet in there recognises me by now…That s probably the same with you..They
      have even lowered the price for me instead of sixteen euro a bag I get it for fourteen euro a bag…Since ..since..when have I started, last may…bought about seventeen bags of plaster…Which is quite a bit so, 14 euros isnt too bad and than there are the boys there with the forklift trucks..And they come along and it s Oh hi Jenny , how s the sky ?..And than I start chatting to some young guys about geo engineering…And some say oh yes yes we know all about it…And I give them some small bits to put in their car and they are delighted…Give them a leaflet or two..So it s all this, little by little the word goes around…And ehm…let me think what else happens…You are probably thinking of asking me about the handing out of plasterite on some of those geo awareness days ? Ok sometimes we do that, and Juliet from Wexford she is very good at that too…She attends these awareness days and has loads of these little gifts for people…Mainly for kids and they look very acceptable..And I suppose they do people remind about it later on…And I also remind myself I put them on the window ledge outside my office..Leave five or six of them every evening….And by the morning time they d be gone…And that was all very well until…Some nasty people broke up few of them…But I might start doing that again…It was funny as I met someone who said oh I saw those hearts outside your office…Just wondering where we meant to take them ? and I said oh please do…Please help yourself and I do meet people in the office too and I help them there…Anybody that comes in , if they are looking a bit stressed or anything…I say here I give you this and this and hey..One guy was what you call it , a courier, coming in , having a bad day so I said to him here take this…Gave him some hearts and he came back in later , few weeks later, oh yeah I have your little heart up on my dash board , it s very useful, very nice, like it….But you don’t s eem to be able to find many people to gift to

      EK  “No, and you know why.Irish people are different, most other people are even more closed to any sort of solution..They are totally sucked in by the control grid.

      Jenny “They maybe are a bit different..Was it you who came up with the term selenite ?”

      EK. “yes, thought it would be a better term…”

      Jenny “Plasterite is not bad too but a bit condenscending..whenever I go into the more mystical sides of it I tend to call it that too..Wonder where that comes from ?Would that be relevant

      EK. ” In the early days nobody knew what was happening and Steve did his homework and brought it to us on why it had those effects , as Plaster of Paris , gypsum, is selenite. It comes in many ways and flavors.He did a long post on that and than we started to understand the spiritual effects.”

      Jenny “. do you notice the way things connect now, this synchronisity ?”

      EK “Yes there is absolutely something to is amazing”

      Jenny ” synchronisity plays for sure a part in this and I must say my method of sliding in comments on the anti geo pages … know, guys, there is a method out there , easy and cheap and strong to make a change there you don’t have to keep suffering and get stressed..There is something you can do about this…You don’t have to just sit there…You can make this plasterite , selenite…It will cancel out the bad stuff…I write that one day and than I say nothing….Get no reaction , week later try the same thing again and one or two respond…Giving it a little tic, so it is defenitely causing little ripples to occur…Spreading out”

      EK” Agreed”
      EK ” but I do also agree it is not easy to motivate people into anything they don’t see on TV , that s outside their reality.. It is had to motivate people for anything and when I started out there was, at least in the public arena, no one really doing anything with it that was also something that put a huge drain on my first attempts..As I though if it works so well than why nobody goes for it , but it again explains how amazingly well we all have been programmed, brainwashed, how hard it is or has become for us to find true inner individuality..Very odd strange situation, so a new method is brought into this world and nobody touches it , wow that was something massive there….Like they are all on Prozac or something you know, very strange if not scary…What the hell is going on here…Why is nobody moving…Because they cant, they cant break their programming it is simply too strong..It is not by accident the system grabs the young ones , once they leave school say after..Eighteen years or so they have so intensly contaminated they can never figure anything out that is not authorized by the powers above…Wont go too deep into that now, the Unesco cabal, elite families, eugenics and so forth..But …Only than I sought contact with the german pioneer and we chatted away for a while..He is a positive fellow , but not so easy to hang out with as maybe that is a german trait..A bit how to put it ….official or formal…not so loose as we tend to be, but we got an interaction going and things went further and learned a lot there too…Even though at the time I did not understand the reach of some things..That came later of course..Anyway I made the jump and for the first time ever I made an account on orgonite plus and posted my experiments and …ho ho…guess what…response zero….at that time Jacques was ill and the whole forum calmed down , actually it had already calmed down for a year or two before that…So there was not much going on at that time..So I posted it , with some pictures and stories, and it just sat there..So after a week or two I decided to pull it as nothing was happening and I almost felt silly or sorry for myself even having to go through the effort posting it all..Registration did not work on the forum due to massive spamming in the recent past so I had to contact the webmaster, Kim, and mail her a few times to get an account, password etc etc before I could even post, can u image that ?…After I remove my post , finally and rather fast my mailbox exploded as folk saying hey you little warrior come back here, we need you , sort of thing..So they were alive after all how cool hahahah…Maybe it is because I am an outsider , a lone ranger, having no ties to anyone and that is very beneficial…So I am not too much contaminated by old knowledge that has become obsolete…I can think for myself…Can come up with my own reports and conclusion..Does not mean I am always right but at least it will be an honest report…Not infiltrated or guided as we see so much of…Lucky for me I have also no ties to any “ orgonite” business interest out there as most do have…And that cuts them off you see..As they cannot speak in freedom without harming their own interests.Personally I think in an ideal world it would be possible to coexist but as we live in a controlled world with the money con on top well…you know how well that works out…So I did repost it , than I posted more , mainly pictures and some stories…Around 2013 that was may to the end…Felt a bit weird as still hardly anyone posted…And a while later the forum , after Josh passed away was takenoffline…As it was a paid forum , say 150 bucks a year…Might have been the best choice.maybe not….But that is always looking back and besides I did not know that…Webmaster did a post on that topic if anyone was interested to take it over but I am not sure…Anyway all spilled milk…Well , the rest is history… Most folk refuse to think for themselves and just look around what others are doing and if they are not doing it well than I am not going to do it , it s like that..Sometimes it can even be really funny , looking back now, how desperately hard they tried to shoot down the plaster, esp in the early days as nobody knew shit so it is very easy to manipulate people and bring the wandering sheep back into the penn without too much hassle…The excuses given are very creative in a way , you really have to laugh reading that mumbo ju
      mbo…Like oh it will stop working after say six months or so…All that rubbish…Surely now we know it s been around for some years they cannot come up with any real excuse to attack the free method so they chose to completely ignore it, completely…No mention on it on any forum , except the usual hoax of the Kirlian photo hoopla…Remember those nasty backstabbing techniques used in those wonderful love and peace “ orgonite” communities say a lot of the sort of people who run the show there, it shows true colors , where so intense in the beginning as they had to crush it right from its inception, they know once the cat is out of the bag she wiil wisen up and be harder to knock down, and they were right J…Little pussy has become tiger and she can hold her ground…Awareness comes with a price the more you see or talk about the more brainwashed muppets will turn against you…That s again a choice…To “ play the game” or just do the right thing… “

      Jenny ” you are not a fan of facebook , are you ?”

      EK.” No, for obvious reasons… But you have to agree if one wants to get the word out you can hardly bypass facebook nowadays , right?…

      Jenny ” It has its place, whether you like it or not… I can say , here in Ireland, I would not have gotten anywhere without it.”

      EK. ” What do you mean ?”

      Jenny ” I wouldn’t have been able to attract peoples attention..Like the little radio interview we had and we are invited back to talk more..Maybe you can do a little chat there now you are getting used to chatting ?”

      EK ” Maybe …”

      EK. “But it s still a strange topic , one way or another, coming from this to an average TV person on the street..You can make life force energy out of natural materials that makes blue sky..I mean how on earth are you gonna explain that to the people, most people wont understand ..You cant , no way.. You can show them the way how it works and that s as far as the story goes..You can bring a horse to water but you cannot make it drink… But some will break through and on those we have to focus…Those are the ones we do it for.

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