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    Yo…gifters, here’s a British forum that may be good to keep tabs on…
    The more the merrier, right ? I,m happy to support them.
    Some interesting stuff….enjoy. you can go straight there 1

    I have been going and also subscribed to this forum, and it is very nice, wonderful info, the gentleman Paul look well versed in many subjects, a real pleasure to and read and post there.
    I also found many of my old friends from before I was banned from WM, nice to be there with them



    Bloody Poms eh ? ………………Nah,,, they’re OK ! ! !

    They’ve all moved over to a NEW FORUM ! ! Ha ha ha

    Quite Good Too !! Becoming an encyclopedia of orgone info

    Worth a look and sign up !…good to share !


    Stephen, you are correct, Paul has put in a wealth of good infozzzzzz
    I found in that site stuff that are so interesting and most pertinent
    Glad to belong there

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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