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by monsoon gecko » Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:46 am

Great techniques Josh. I,m going to ‘pick’ a few stones to charge up water. Should have done it ages ago. Water loves taking on energy….

Biggest crime using water towers as M/wave transmiters, gift them. !

Sacred… the coil or extension cord wrapped around the plasterite is
to broadcast pos energy to electricity grid, It’s plugged in to something that runs 24/7. That idea of Tony is brilliant…for implanting intention and grattitude for its use.
Very interesting using the coil.

I like the idea of stirring / vortexing the water while pillow the sides . Same with making beer..ha ha

Also, a good tip for plasterite…after its hardened, but still soft, take a nail file or similar and run around the edge of mould a few times.
This will give the base a slight brevelled edge which will stop pieces chipping off. Wish I;d done that with the first large cones I made…..even small pieces,
just neatens it up.

Thanks Josh…what productive play and fun we have ,…..
monsoon gecko