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Postby josh on Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:10 pm

The gentleman who coined the name Orgonite is Karl Hans Weltz, back in 1991 he found out about metal and resin, I think he has some kind of legal thing about anyone using that name, but now that the whole world uses it, the cat is out of the bag

He has a very large website selling his things for very high dollars, and from what we know about his Orgonite products, all he uses is resin and metal no crystals and he claims great results. He knows very well the capacitor affect of the device. (in 2005 I did not know of this person nor his inventions, all I knew was Orgonite, and when I gave, on one of the Orgonite boards I was in at the time, the explanation of how the Orgonite work it simply was after some reflections, it seems to me quite logical)

The addition of crystals in Orgonite is giving more focus and an endless way to modulate the energy of the device, but to say that it is the piezoelectric affect that is responsible for the working of the Orgonite is simply ridiculous, there may be piezoelectric happening because of the pressure of the hardening resin, but it is not why it work.

There are different ways to make Orgonite with many different material.
With resin, metal and crystals
With sugar metal and crystals
With hardened tree resin
With Amber
With Plaster
With bees wax
I can report from the resin Orgonite, from the plaster Orgonite and the bees wax Orgonite
The resin has more of an electrical feel to it
The bees wax have a smoother feel to it
The plaster generate a much higher frequency
I will do the sugar soon, and as soon as I can get my hand on enough Amber I shall try that as well
Of all the plaster pieces that I have made 8month to a year ago, none of them have taken any DOR, they are all strong and healthy, plus we have confirmation of the plaster pieces we have given to a few friends : they are clear with no one on board but high vibs and beauty…..some paradigms have to change :o
OK Nepi what else :lol: :lol: :lol: