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Regarding my sharing of the “big one”… LOL :) I will search but honestly tell you now, I’m not sure that I ever took a picture of it… *sob* Once we built it, I never imagined it would be destroyed the very next day, thought I would have lots of time to do such things… but I will look, promise! The crystal point I selected was from a local wholesale dealer in Cherokee North Carolina. Jacques had a business license, so we could buy at wholesale prices, tax free. :) I bought LOTS of crystals for about US 300 dollars that day. This particular quartz crystal point was from India, was very old, and had lots of surrounding substrata matter around the base, was perhaps 7 inches long, and approx. 1 inch in diameter. I bought a very large reel of wire, and we set some stakes outside to allow us to double it, and we used a drill to twist it. Still racking my brain to remember the actual coil design, and still think it might have been a Starship Coil design by Lyle Latham. May have been 144 feet for the coil length, but I need to find the original… somewhere to make sure that’s right. And I’m pretty sure I wrapped it and designed it with leads coming out to hook up with a zapper circuit provided by Don Croft, whom Jacques both knew and had played host to, in all of his wonderful fun! I think I rigged the setup with a 9 volt battery connected to zapper circuit (barebones, no casing, just circuit board, Jacques had about 20 of them!) I left it going all night…. LMAO! And even watched the parade of planes and copters, outside smoking, and didn’t “get” it…. :)

I won’t build that one again, just because it feels like there are easier ways to influence change, gently and with such Divine assistance, that we become the bridge of love consciousness, between the Heavens, and perhaps, this hellalujah! :) I believe ANYTHING is possible, until it’s not, so go forth, spread gifts and create them lovingly. Our lives are so Blessed, to play, these roles, and to see manifest, our wildest dreams!



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