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Many, many thanks to Jenny Martel and Sunshine for “finding” me, and bringing me back into the fold, so to speak…. :)

As I mentioned to Jenny earlier, the itch is becoming almost irresistible at this point, to get some things together and start pouring again!! And that, makes me infinitely HAPPY! I’ve lots of ideas that have been percolating around in my head for the last couple of years, but alas, my friend and mentor was no longer around to bounce them off, sadly. Perhaps with your permission and blessings, we can share together, here?

IF I was to start pouring today, I would really sit and think for just a few moments about what I’ve both read and learned these last few years.

Off the cuff, here is my list of what I might need or include in such an endeavor….

New molds (anything goes!)
Sand (white if possible)
Charged Water (using any of numerous ways)
Essential Oils (Rose, Eucalyptus, Orange and Camphor)
Charcoal (ground, like you can buy at aquarium store)
Sprouts / Seeds / Sea Shells / Pine Needles, Cones, & Resin / Acorns
Amber Resin / Frankincense Resin / Myrrh Resin
Big roll of Copper wire, either #18 or #24 gauge for coils
Small roll of .9999 Silver wire for wrapping of Crystals
Various small and large Crystals, Lemurian preferred but most anything will do…
Package of Bamboo Skewers (8 inches or longer)
Toy Plasma Ball with blue tooth or audio input
Healing frequency audio files
Bag of Kelp or Seaweed
Bag of Native American Organic Tobacco
Colloidal or Nano Silver

And last but certainly not least…..

Some Holy Water!

As you can see, I’ve got lots of ideas and possibilities with all of these different components. Not everything in this list might be used or incorporated into the Creation.

So you may ask, what the hell is ….. LOL

I’ll start with some of the non standard items, just to give you an idea of why I included them.

Bag of bamboo skewers. I discovered, quite by accident, with Josh, that wood can and does transmit frequencies, very well! So the story is this…. we had done some shopping together, and we found a local craftsman that created wood goblets. So, we had him to make 3. After they came, based on their size and shape, Josh decided to fill in the bottom portion with some orgonite, Josh style. After filling the cups for a toast, and at the time, I was drinking lots of soda, I noticed that after my initial sip, that the soda was still fizzing away. In fact, the soda did NOT stop fizzing, until ALL of the fizz went away. So I tried to recreate the effect, measuring the cup diamater, length, etc…. I tried using only the orgonite with the granite chunks in it, small reaction, but no. I tried various other cup sizes and arrangements of stones and crystals, nada. Then I got a brilliant idea, and decided to cut a handy dandy skewer to the exact length of the cup, and I put this single skewer into a glass, filled with soda. It fizzed like crazy and didn’t stop!! Aha and AHO! So, we can cut them to specific lengths so that they might act as an antenna of sorts…. :)

Toy Plasma Ball with Blue Tooth. I have one for Healing usage. Yep! Paired it to my laptop. Running a program called Apollo on it. Bought some healing frequencies from Sound of Stars website. Play them through the Plasma Ball, while touching it, so that the Plasma is the carrier for the frequencies. Silly strong and powerful! Frequencies from this site sound like three cats, a pit bull, and some yarn dipped in Scotch, all decided to have a party….. black boards and finger nails ain’t got nothing on these… but OH MY! Would use this to encode frequencies into something else on my list! Either the Essential Oils or Charged Water, perhaps! :)

For those familiar with Josh’s Life Pillows, then the Kelp / Seaweed / Tobacco will make some sense to you…. :)

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea, that I don’t think outside the box, there is no box! LOL

Having poured hundreds of Creations, I know when playing with Charged Water, you have to expect the unexpected. So in that vain, I might also borrow one of my girlfriends little dram size perfume samplers, empty it, and put something special, like the Charged Water, or Essential Oils, or any combo of, inside, so it doesn’t make the curing go nuts…. :)

More later, but at work now, so have to pretend I’m doing that…. too!

Blessings and HUGS!

Tony 7777