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    R= Recipe
    If you have this condition then AVOID BEETS AND SPINACH AND ANY FOODS THAT WILL INCREASE OXALATE ACID AND OR URIC ACID—WHICH ARE THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF THISAsparagus-Parsley- Carrot—Spinach-Rhubarb-Chard-Beets-and Beet Leaves—Never mix with calcium or they will bind and cause the issue.are high in Oxalates
    RØMagnesium supplementation (400 – 600 mg per day) may inhibit Calcium Oxalate crystal formation in the Urine (Magnesium increases the solubility of Calcium Oxalate) and may thereby help to prevent Kidney Stones: –The Urine of Kidney Stones patients often has a reduced Magnesium:Calcium ratio.
    -Magnesium (combined with 100 mg Vitamin B6 per day) may cause partial elimination of Kidney Stones in 89% of Kidney Stones patients and total elimination in 79% of patients.-Magnesium supplementation may be very effective for preventing the reappearance of Kidney Stones in persons who have previously had Kidney Stones.
    Manganese may help to prevent Kidney Stones.
    Potassium may help to prevent Kidney Stones (by inhibiting the urinary excretion of Calcium).
    Selenium (combined with Vitamin E) may help to prevent Kidney Stones (by lowering elevated urinary excretion of Calcium and Oxalic Acid).
    Organic Acids
    RØCitric Acid may prevent recurrent Kidney Stones. –By consuming a good amount of citrus fruits will as well increase magnesium which will both balance out the kidneys and prevent or disperse kidney stones—-Another means would be to take citric acid powder and dissolve in water and add magnesium to it this will alleviate this —and as well some will take lemon juice and olive oil and mix 1 tablespoon of each in 2-3 oz of water and drink to assist with this and is also good for gall stones
    Inositol Hexaphosphate (Phytic Acid) may help to prevent and treat Kidney Stones.
    Phosphatidylcholine (PC) may prevent and dissolve Kidney Stones by emulsifying their constituent Lipids. Lecithin—Egg Yolk or Sunflower is preferred—utilizing this daily will as well increase phosphorus which will regulate the calcium and not allow it to build up
    Vitamin B6 (10 – 100 mg per day) may prevent the formation of Kidney Stones caused by Hyperoxaluria (due to its role in the metabolism of Oxalic Acid).
    ØVitamin C may prevent the formation of Kidney Stones: -Kidney Stones do not normally develop as a result of consuming Vitamin C supplements. Human studies have shown that 10 grams per day of supplemental Vitamin C for long periods did not initiate or cause any Kidney Stones.
    Vitamin E (combined with Selenium) may help to prevent Kidney Stones (by lowering elevated urinary excretion of Calcium and Oxalic Acid).
    RØWater (when consumed in quantities sufficient to produce 2 – 3 quarts of Urine daily) may prevent the formation of Kidney Stones—if flushing with a distilled or RO water or Ionized water this will break up the calcium deposit and dilute the acid allowing the system to break and remove the excess
    These Foods/Herbs may Dissolve or Prevent Kidney Stones
    Spirulina may help to prevent Kidney Stones and may help to prevent the damage to the Kidneys caused by Kidney Stones.
    Fruit- AS you can see either consuming a good dose of the citrus fruits or even juicing at home will eliminate or prevent stone formation
    Cranberry (juice) may help to prevent Kidney Stones.
    Grapefruit (juice) may help to prevent Kidney Stones (due to the Citric Acid content of Grapefruit). references
    Lemon (juice) may reduce the Pain of Kidney Stones and may facilitate their elimination.
    Orange (juice) may help to prevent Kidney Stones (due to the Citric Acid content of Oranges).
    Barley Water may reduce the pain of Kidney Stones—making a barley milk or barley broth will increase the phosphorus which will regulate calcium in the kidney displacing the excess calcium—
    Blue Vervain may help to prevent and treat Kidney Stones. Buchu may help to treat Kidney Stones (according to folklore).
    RØBurdock may help to prevent and treat Kidney Stones.
    RØCollinsoni (Stoneroot) may accelerate the elimination of Kidney Stones. Cornsilk may break Kidney Stones up into fine grains which allows them to be eliminated (although it should be noted that Cornsilk has no effect on Oxalate Stones).
    Equisetum (Horsetail) is claimed to provide relief from the symptoms of Kidney Stones.
    Gravel Root is claimed to provide relief from the symptoms of Kidney Stones (according to anecdotal reports).
    Green Tea may help to prevent Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones.
    Juniper Berries are claimed to provide relief from the symptoms of Kidney Stones (due to its Volatile Oil, Terpinen-4) (according to anecdotal reports).
    Parsley (juice diluted in Water) may facilitate the elimination of Kidney Stones. Phyllanthus (Phyllanthus niruri species) may help to prevent and treat Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones.
    Pumpkin Seeds may reduce the incidence of Calcium Oxalate Stones.
    RØParsnip may facilitate the elimination of existing Kidney Stones.-Juice this with parsely root or parsley and dandelion and will increase nutrient uptake and cleans the kidneys as well
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    [U1]Other dietary Sources of DHA are Sea Algae and—
    (mg of DHA per 100 grams)
    Algae: Brown Algae Red Algae
    Eggs: Chicken Eggs 37 Omega Eggs 100
    Chicken Egg Yolk 114
    Fish Oils: Salmon Oil 18,200 Cod Liver Oil 11,000
    Sardine Oil 10,700 Menhaden Oil 8,560
    Herring Oil 4,210
    Meats: Brains – Lamb Ox 0.32
    Poultry: Chicken 40 Turkey 100
    Seafood: Cod 160 Haddock 126
    Halibut 250 Herring 1,080
    Eel * Salmon * 1,290
    Mackerel * 1,400 Trout *
    Sardines * Anchovy 911
    Caviar 3,800 Tuna 890
    Crab 361
    [U2]And this is just the tip of the iceberg here —this is what they know –this does not tell you what they do not know—this is a very elaborate way of wiping out and indigenious community without firing a bullet or wasting resources to eliminate a race or culture—and this is being done globally—MONSANTO = VATICAN—they Own Monsanto and started this company
    [U3]Seems Like Bio Warfare to me—
    [U4]I wonder who are the real terrorist here?religious zealots who you hear boo from or the silient but deadly chemical and agro megalith who bioterrorize indigenious people and take advantage of them who are not technologically at par—Makes you wonder eh!!
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    Show of the Week January 27 2012
    BASF pulls out of European GM market
    Liver and thyroid cancer rates rise
    Shocking and Disturbed White Coats over exaggerates and sensationalizes false alarm on vitamin industry
    Micronutrient combination may boost male fertility
    Fertility and what to do to increase it—If you want to!!
    BASF has announced it will pull the plug on its European operations in
    genetically modified plant development due to a lack of acceptance in the market.[U1]
    The German chemical and biotechnology company said it would relocate the headquarters of its BASF Plant Science group from Limburgerhof in Germany, to Raleigh in the USA.[U2] The company added that it will be concentrating its plant biotechnology activities on its main markets in North and South America in the future[U3]. The company added that its development and commercialisation of all GM products targeted solely at cultivation in the European market will be halted – these include four varieties of potato and one of wheat. We are convinced that plant biotechnology is a key technology for the 21st century. However, there is still a lack of acceptance for this technology in many parts of Europe – from the majority of consumers, farmers and politicians, said Dr. Stefan Marcinowski, a member of the BASF board of executive directors, responsible for plant biotechnology. It does not make business sense to continue investing in products exclusively for cultivation in this market ,he said. We will therefore concentrate on the attractive markets for plant biotechnology in North and South America and the growth markets in Asia. Acceptance for innovation? BASF cited a lack of consumer and industry acceptance as the main reason for its decision to halt European operations in GM products. [U4]It added that the decision to relocate to the USA was taken because there is less resistance to the technology. The announcement was celebrated by environmental campaign groups Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth: This is another nail in the coffin for genetically modified foods in Europe, said Adrian Bebb of Friends of the Earth. Whilst Greenpeace EU agriculture policy director Marco Contiero said the announcement shows that BASF admits Europeans don’t want GM crops. Europeans are not alone in rejecting GM food,” he added. “BASF’s retreat to the Americas follows a string of defeats for the industry over the last two years in China, India, the Philippines, Thailand and elsewhere. Over 90% of GM food crops are grown in just four countries in the Americas–However, the move by BASF has also been also been seen a major blow for science and innovation in the European market.[U5] Professor Denis Murphy of the University of Glamorgan, UK, warned that Europe is now in danger of becoming a scientific backwater and will be unable to assist developing countries the address food insecurity [U6]There is now a danger that we will lose, not only companies like BASF, but also academic researchers and students – as well as any influence that we have had previously in developing countries where we used to be major providers of assistance and expertise argued Murphy – an expert in biotechnology. BASF said it will adjust the portfolio and site footprint of its plant science to reflect the move. The chemical giant said the move to new headquarters for activities in the area of plant biotechnology at Raleigh in North Carolina will see the current HQ site in Limburgerhof, Germany retain 11 positions in some functions, such as regulatory experts for Europe. The division employees 157 people in Limburgerhof, plus another 63 at facilities elsewhere in Europe. BASF said it would relocate 123 of those jobs[U7] to the North Carolina facility. The company plans to close its sites in Gatersleben, Germany, and in Svalöv, Sweden. The announcement will mean a reduction of 140 jobs in BASF’s European operations. The company said it aims to offer the affected employees other positions within the BASF wherever possible. Our employees have done excellent work over the past years. We regret that we are losing these high-quality jobs in Germany and Sweden said Marcinowski
    [U1]ABOUT &^%$# TIME!!! Now we need to get them out of Canada and the USA as well and while we are at it out of the planet
    [U2]This really really really really is a disappointment—in plain English Blows—Why Would Raleigh allow BASF a foothold in the USA to further Poison America and Canada??
    [U3]Not Sure this is Acceptable—Maybe we should boycott this—Send this to everyone in North America –I don’t want them in Canada—and I am sure a lot like myself are not wanting them here either or in the USA for that Matter–
    [U4]I hate to say this the Euorpeans are a lot smarter then we are—they are getting rid of there poison we are going to allow it here —I am so excited—
    [U5]What a crock –what this is really saying is Loss Profits to rape developing countries and poison them with noxious foods
    [U6]Food Security??? With GE or GMO’s!? now they will at the least see the benefit of there health cost go down—this is why the EU is being hit economically
    [U7]123 slaves to develop poisons to kill off people—lets call it what it is—BS
    Liver and thyroid cancer rates rise
    A “relatively large” increase in the prevalence of liver cancer, which is nearly 100 times less common than prostate cancer, has been reported by Statistics Canada.—The agency released its report, Canadian Trends in Cancer Prevalence, on Tuesday, calling it the first such detailed report of the trends in the country.–The five-year prevalence rate for cancer overall rose 2.1 per cent a year between 1997 and 2008, according to Statistics Canada. Wong Maye/Associated Press-Prevalence rates for prostate cancer, the most common cancer in Canada, rose substantially, mainly because of the aging of the population over the study period 1997 to 2008, according to the report.[U8] Increases in the prevalence of breast cancer, the second most common cancer and the most common in women, were “more moderate.” Prevalence is defined as all cancers diagnosed within a given period among people alive on a specified date. In contrast, “incidence” refers to newly occurring cases. The five-year prevalence rate for cancer overall rose 2.1 per cent a year between 1997 and 2008.
    Liver cancer factors
    Larry Ellison and Kathryn Wilkins of the agency’s health statistics division said both the incidence and observed survival rose over the study period, with only about 20 per cent of the increase in prevalence due to aging of the population.–Various explanations for rising liver incidence have been suggested, they said, including:
    Increases in immigrants from countries where hepatitis B and C virus infections and exposure to aflatoxins that can lead to liver cancer are more common.
    Rising incidence of hepatitis C infection linked to intravenous drug use and sharing of needles.
    Growing rates of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.[U9]
    Liver cancer was the least prevalent cancer studied, with a five-year prevalence proportion of 6.2 cases per 100,000 persons on Jan. 1, 2008. For perspective, the corresponding figure for prostate cancer was nearly 100-fold higher at 610 cases per 100,000 men, Statistics Canada noted.–Many countries have also reported increases in thyroid cancer [U10]incidence rates, especially among young and middle-age women. Advances in diagnostic techniques are thought to be a factor, though a recent U.S. study suggested more detection alone can’t explain the increase in that country, the authors said.–Radiological tests such as ultrasound and CT are picking up smaller lumps in the thyroid that aren’t visible in clinical exams and some of turn out to be malignant, said Dr. Ali Imran, director of the thyroid oncology and neuropituitary clinics at Dalhousie University in Halifax.–“Others have suggested a higher radiation exposure but that wouldn’t explain why it is commoner in women,” he added in an email.
    Rates declined for cancers of the larynx and a type of uterine cancer.The biggest disparity between the sexes was for lung cancer. The five-year prevalence proportion fell slightly among men but rose among women — a difference that was attributed to sharper decreases in smoking prevalence among men since the mid-1960s[U11]
    Suggestions—To Maximize Liver and Thyroid health Utilize Lugols Iodine as well as Tyrosine and Selenium—and the Use of Taurine + Milkthistle or Milk thistle and Vitamin C—Mame Teas with Sage and Rosemary as well—and consume sea weeds and watercress-parsley and dandelion as well—this will target anticancer os so many different levels
    And Eliminate all Grains ( GMO) and other foods Like SOY and CANOLA ) Nothing packaged-boxed or bag with few exceptions
    Shocking and Disturbed White Coats over exaggerates and sensationalizes false
    alarm on vitamin industry
    The supplement trade must do more to combat the threat of spiking with unauthorized drugs or its critics
    will seize upon data unveiled on the Dr Oz show this week as further evidence that the industry is under-
    regulated,[U12] experts have warned. Dr Alex Schauss, chief executive of contract research organization
    AIBMR Life Sciences, was speaking following an investigation conducted by the Dr Oz show into spiking.
    Tests conducted by James Neal-Kababick, director of Oregon-based Flora Research Laboratories as part
    of the Dr Oz show investigation, revealed the presence of unauthorized active pharmaceutical ingredients
    (APIs), including some banned and potentially dangerous APIs, in supplements sold via multiple channels
    across the US. One supplement tested contained six times the levels of a drug banned by the FDA
    because of deaths associated with its use, while analysis of others revealed the presence of
    multiple banned APIs. Shocking and disturbing The findings were shocking and very disturbing and if
    continued will undermine consumer confidence unless effectively addressed,[U13] claimed
    Schauss, who has chaired the safety subcommittee of ComPLI (the Compliance and Label Integrity Committee
    of the Natural Products Association) since 1991. The levels of some of the APIs in these products was off the
    chart. But I think it also showed that this problem is not just limited to renegade supplement makers selling
    products on the internet, but to products sold all over the US in every kind of channel. [U14]Unfortunate
    lack of context However, it was unfortunate that a comment made by Neal-Kababick that nine out of 10 of his
    samples tested positive for APIs or their analogs was not clarified by Dr Oz, who left viewers with
    the erroneous impression that nine out of 10 supplements on the market were spiked with drugs,
    said Schauss. It was not made clear that the figures referred specifically to samples sent to Neal-Kababick’s lab
    because there were suspicions about them in the first place. It was also disappointing that comments
    made by another guest on the show – associate professor of medicine at Harvard University, Dr. Pieter Cohen –
    suggesting the solution was more regulation,[U15] were not challenged, said Schauss. He basically
    proposed a system where everything is tested before it is allowed to be put on the market. But
    that is not going to solve this problem. Anyone can send off a clean sample for testing – but is
    it the same product that you actually put on the market?[U16]” Laboratories with the expertise and
    experience to carry out forensic investigations Part of the problem was that rogue elements in the trade were
    getting ever more sophisticated at fooling those conducting analytical tests, said Schauss. There needs to be
    more help for people to know what methodologies they should be using to test for these substances and any
    analogs. He added: The information on what to test for and how is available and should be made available to
    stakeholders. It should be available to all QA/QC managers and directors. Manufacturers and distributors
    should be utilizing contract analytical laboratories that have the expertise and experience to carry out forensic
    investigations such as was performed for Dr Oz, if they don’t have the same quality of forensic capabilities.
    Meanwhile, retailers could also do more to demand from manufacturers and distributors selling them products
    to make sure this appropriate testing is done for any category of supplements where there is an economic
    incentive to mislead the public about a product’s content[U17], he said. Neal-Kababick, who recently alerted
    the trade to the I must say that I am seeing a rise in this problem not an abatement. Is that because more people
    are forwarding samples for us to test or is it because unethical midnight manufacturers are catching on to the
    opportunity? Regardless, we must remain vigilant, applying proper sampling plans and state of the art technology
    combined with strong phytoforensic techniques to assure that spiked raw materials do not make
    it into consume products[U18] Deliberate spiking or inadvertent contamination? Asked whether the APIs
    detected in samples passing through his labs were the result of deliberate spiking or inadvertent contamination
    due to poor supply chain controls, Neal-Kababick said: It’s both. We’re seeing more deliberate spiking with high
    levels of APIs but also more samples with low level Contamination. In the latter case, this might be due to
    manufacturers producing supplements in facilities that are also licensed to produce drugs, or where manufacturers
    are making counterfeit drugs and then producing ingredients or dietary supplements out of the same facility,
    he said. “Some of these companies use compressed air to clean up kit between batches – which can leave residues
    – instead of properly washing down the facility and then validating the cleaning as per pharmaceutical standard
    is sloppy manufacturing. He added: What is also worrying is that while most of the spiking is in weight loss, sports and
    male virility products, we’re also seeing more in anti-diabetic blood sugar support products – where we have
    detected anti-psychotic and blood pressure meds
    Micronutrient combination may boost male fertility
    A combination of eight micronutrients may boost sperm quality and enhance the chance of conception, suggests new
    data from Austria.A study with 132 sub-fertile males showed that three months of supplementation with the nutraceutical
    combination resulted in improvements in measures of sperm quality by up to 215%.–The micronutrient
    combination was also associated with higher rates of conception, with 34 pregnancies reported
    during the six months that followed the study, compared with 11 in the control group, according to
    findings published in the European e-Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism—The Austria-based
    researchers used the branded PROfertil supplement, containing L-carnitine, L-arginine, zinc, vitamin
    E, glutathione, selenium, coenzyme Q10 and folic acid, all of which are said to be required for
    “optimal sperm cell metabolism, DNA synthesis during spermatogenesis, proliferation and anti-oxidative
    protection. –In consideration of their biochemical function, these ingredients are of great significance for male
    reproduction wrote researchers led by Martin Imhof from the Fertility Clinic IMI in Vienna. Nutrients and
    fertility Sub-fertility in men is reported to account for between 25 and 30% of all infertility causes, and is
    listed as one of the many reasons that birth rates are falling in Western countries. [U19]In addition, about
    50% of male fertility is the result of unknown causes (idiopathic), said the Austria-based researchers, and
    nutrition has been touted as a potential way of boosting the quality of sperm. —[U20]The new study
    assessed the potential of a non-prescription nutraceutical containing eight micronutrients on sperm quality
    in 132 sub-fertile males with a mean age of 34, while 73 sub-fertile men with a mean age of 38 participated
    as controls.–The nutraceutical group received supplements providing total daily doses of 440 mg
    L-carnitine, 250 mg L-arginine, 40 mg zinc, 120 mg vitamin E, 80 mg glutathione, 60
    micrograms of selenium, 15 mg coenzyme Q10, and 800 micrograms of folic acid. The
    supplement was provided by Vienna-based Lenus Pharma GmbH. Results showed that men receiving
    the active supplement displayed a 33% improvement in ejaculatory volume, a 215% improvement
    in sperm cell density, and a 23% improvement in total sperm motility.[U21]These increments
    were significantly higher than those observed among controls, added Imhof and his co-workers. Limitations
    and potential We recognize the non randomized placebo controlled design of our study as a limitation said the
    researchers. However, a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study is currently on the way to support
    these preliminary results. Despite mentioned limitations and in light of the fact that therapies for sub-fertile men
    are still missing, the investigated compound is a promising therapeutic approach, improving sperm parameters
    and enabling natural conception for couples with idiopathic male infertility they concluded. Source: the European
    e-Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Published online 3 December 2011, doi:10.1016/j.eclnm.2011.11.002
    Improvement of sperm quality after micronutrient SupplementationAuthors: M. Imhof, J. Lackner, M. Lipovac, P.
    Chedraui, C. Riedl
    Fertility and what to do to increase it—If you want to!!
    Wheatgerm oil—has been utilized since the 1920’s to increase pregnancies in bot women and animals to increase births—it increase both the fertility of men and women –Apply 1-2 tablespoon daily
    Vitamin E from non soy sources—olive –rice-palm-wheat-almond oil—increases fertility in both men and women—400-800mgs a day or 1 tablespoon of the oils mentioned
    Acetly L Carnitine —2 grams a day increases Sperm Count
    Arginine -2-3 grams a day also increase sperm count as well for both genders increases Nitric oxide to the genital area
    Selenium- a must for the males—every load ejaculated releases the selenium to protect the seed as it travels—It protects the sac from cancer 200mcg 2 times a day
    Zinc –to sustain insulin and protect prostate 30 mgs 2 times a day
    Male Combo for the reproductive is Zinc 30 mgs Selenium 200 mcg and Vitamin E-400IU
    Fats are required for both genders to increase hormonal health and a healthy reproductive system
    Another Combination For Men and Women is
    B5-adrenal support-Choline –Connection support-and Arginine Heart Support—when combined they have a synergy to turn the switch on and can help sustain the the activities as well
    Consuming foods such as walnuts- peanuts-almonds-sunflower seeds-pumpkin seed will increase the Male reproductive system—
    Things to Avoid—Soy—Peas—Xenoestrogens-Canola-GMO Corn—Chemicals in general
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    [U1]ABOUT &^%$# TIME!!! Now we need to get them out of Canada and the USA as well and while we are at it out of the planet
    [U2]This really really really really is a disappointment—in plain English Blows—Why Would Raleigh allow BASF a foothold in the USA to further Poison America and Canada??
    [U3]Not Sure this is Acceptable—Maybe we should boycott this—Send this to everyone in North America –I don’t want them in Canada—and I am sure a lot like myself are not wanting them here either or in the USA for that Matter–
    [U4]I hate to say this the Euorpeans are a lot smarter then we are—they are getting rid of there poison we are going to allow it here —I am so excited—
    [U5]What a crock –what this is really saying is Loss Profits to rape developing countries and poison them with noxious foods
    [U6]Food Security??? With GE or GMO’s!? now they will at the least see the benefit of there health cost go down—this is why the EU is being hit economically
    [U7]123 slaves to develop poisons to kill off people—lets call it what it is—BS
    [U8]Makes sense the Soy in the diet over a period of time has increased this type of cancer as well as Canola oil and other processes and not to mention the fact Canada is a leading developer of GMO foods which would contribute to this dilemma we all Face in Canada as well as other parts of the Planet
    [U9]None Of these Statistics would give these kind of number –None of them –this is a misdirecting of facts—on something of this scale it would have to be more to a common thread—foods Poisoning –and environmental exposure to solvent or chemicals or emf which would cause this
    [U10]Again this could be tied to Soy and Pesticide exposure—Not to mention Vaccinations which would in fact destroy both liver and thyroid
    [U11]Smoke and Mirrors–
    [U12]Under Regulated –or Over cautious—theDSHEA allows and provides all the regs that are needed—what is transpiring here is a retalitary effect from the FDA to use White Coats to force Peer pressure to change the 2 officials from gov’t
    [U13]ALLLLL HS!! This is about the FDA getting there fingers rapped—They had over stepped there power—and were told that they did not need more power –they had enough todo what was needed—this is about White Coats denying access to supplements
    [U14]OH OH we are now going to scare you into a lulled sense of security making you think that supplements are dangerious—OOOooOO the boogey man is going to get you Now!!! No ONE has ever Died from a vitamin –No One—Butttt People die from drugs and the number one killer is aspirin—and why are you not hearing this from so called campaigner for health??
    [U15]Regulation = Denied Access—and what they –the white coats working for the FDA want to do is Undermine your right to health by making you more dependent on Pharmaceuticals that shut down your brain—your spirit and your soul
    [U16]The FDA shut down it’s Labs years ago just like HPB in Canada did allowing the industry to test—this used to be a secondary line of defence—the problem was it was to easily corrupted by the very corporations handing in those samples so they bought out the branches of Gov’t and now conduct there own in house test—any one can fabricate anything—and todays vitamins by mainstream drug companies are the worse ones with the most additives and poisons
    [U17]Again this is such Rubbish and BS—the Health fod industry is more regulated then the Pharmaceutical industry HUGELY—and as has been reported No one has ever died from taking supplements—but many have died from pharmaceuticals and in fact a lot of them are poisonous and have all these analysis’s done and still people are getting rooked—-so the answer really is stop buy foreign raw materials and start getting raw materials locally—will never happen due to cost and money lost with hyper inflating things made at home
    [U18]Aren’t Pharmaseuticals Consumer Products??? And yet where is the outcry here!!—this is an elaborate art of persuasion to get people afraid of there supplements
    [U19]Birth rates are falling due to lack of semen from fluoride-soy-pesticides and xenoestrogens in everyday exposure and including biowarfare being done on the human race—with different waves of infection
    [U20]Shutting down the endocrine system and not feeding people what is required to sustain a health reproductive system would be more the case
    [U21]Arginine and acetyl L Carnitine is what they give guys who are porn stars to increase flow—it does work when trying to get pregnant add selenium with this —males lose there selenium when having intercourse due to the ejaculation so it is good to supplemet to protect the sac
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    Show of the Week Jan 30 2012
    The Bitter Truth About Splenda
    High Levels of MRSA Bacteria in U.S. Retail Meat Products, Study Suggests
    Environmental Exposure to Organochlorines May Impact Male Reproduction
    Pesticide Metabolites Associated With Increased Risk Of Testicular Cancers
    Nettle has protective activity of beta-cells of langerhans in hyperglycemic rats
    The Bitter Truth About Splenda
    ‘If you were told to ingest a biologically alien synthetic chemical whose presence on this planet did not predate 1976, and whose structure is only a few atoms away from the deadly pesticide DDT, and you knew that not only were there no long term human safety studies performed on it, but that it had been already proven in tests to have following adverse health effects would you still consume it?’
    · Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40% shrinkage)
    · Enlarged liver and kidneys.
    · Abnormal histopathological changes in spleen and thymus
    · Increased cecal weight
    · Reduced growth rate
    · DNA Damage
    · Adverse changes to gastrointestinal bacteria
    · Abnormal Pelvic Mineralization
    · Decreased red blood cell count
    · Hyperplasia of the pelvis
    · Aborted pregnancy (Maternal & Fetal Toxicity)
    · Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights
    · Bowel inflammation
    · Triggering migraine
    · Increase glycosylation of hemoglobin (HbA1c) for diabetics
    ….would you still consume it? Of course not! And yet, millions of Americans (including our precious children!) are doing exactly that by consuming Splenda. So, what is sucralose, chemically speaking?
    Like “Splenda,” the term “sucralose” is a cute little marketing ploy. The true name of this ugly little chemical is actually too long for the human tongue to comfortably pronounce (which is usually an excellent indication that it is not safe to ingest!) Go ahead and see if you can wrap your vocal chords around this phonetic monstrosity:
    Despite the intended insinuation, sucralose is not a form of sucrose (cane sugar). Sucralose/Splenda is produced through artificially substituting three hydroxyl groups (hydrogen + oxygen) with three chlorine atoms in the sugar (sucrose) molecule. Natural sugar is a hydrocarbon built around 12 carbon atoms.
    When transformed into Splenda it becomes a chlorocarbon, in the same family as deadly pesticides like DDT, insecticides, biocides, disinfectants like Chlorox Bleach, and WWI poison gas like dichlorourea.
    The makers of sucralose/Splenda argue that this “remarkably stable” chemical passes unchanged into the urine and feces, when in fact, up to 11% to 27% is absorbed into the body (FDA, 1999). In fact, the varying degrees to which sucralose is absorbed is used as a marker for gut and intestinal permeability to determine certain disease states. Once absorbed, some portion of this chlorocarbon accumulates in the body (between 1.6% to 12.2%). What effects will these accumulated chemicals have?
    According to James Bowen, M.D:
    “Any chlorocarbons not directly excreted from the body intact can cause immense damage to the processes of human metabolism and, eventually, our internal organs. The liver is a detoxification organ which deals with ingested poisons. Chlorocarbons damage the hepatocytes, the liver’s metabolic cells, and destroy them. In test animals Splenda produced swollen livers, as do all chlorocarbon poisons, and also calcified the kidneys of test animals in toxicity studies.”
    How can this be true for an FDA approved sweetener?
    FDA approval does not in any way guarantee safety…..sadly enough, in many cases, it guarantees the exact opposite. Take aspartame for instance. Aspartame (Equal/NutraSweet) contains 10% methanol, which is broken down in our body into two extremely toxic substances: formaldehyde and formic acid. There are over 30 known adverse health effects associated with its consumption! This sweetener gained FDA approval in 1981, despite appalling evidence linking it to cancer, particularly, brain cancer.
    So, if Splenda is not a viable alternative to sugar, what can we use instead?
    When one uncouples the experience of “sweetness” from caloric content, the body becomes confused because it does not receive nourishment and therefore will not attain satiety – this, in turn, leads to overindulgence. Indeed, new studies have shown exactly this: those who consume synthetic sweeteners are more prone to obesity. What this means is that when we ingest something sweet, it should also have caloric and nutritional content. Anything less than this equation is a recipe for failure and ill health.
    Thankfully Nature provides us with a veritable cornucopia of healthy sweeteners: honey, stevia, xylitol, erythritol , maple syrup or sugar, coconut nectar or sweetner , malitol, and birch tree syrup all of which are available at a local health food store or ethnic market. Next time that sweet tooth calls, remember not to succumb to advertising hype which would convert poisonous chemicals into “magical” no-calorie sweeteners. Use both common sense and a sense of moderation, and your body will thank you.
    High Levels of MRSA Bacteria in U.S. Retail Meat Products, Study Suggests
    ScienceDaily (Jan. 20, 2012) — Retail pork products in the U.S. have a [U1]higher prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (MRSA) than previously identified, according to new research by the University of Iowa College of Public Health and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.–MRSA can occur in the environment and in raw meat products, and is estimated to cause around 185,000 cases of food poisoning each year. The bacteria can also cause serious, life-threatening infections of the bloodstream, skin, lungs and other organs. MRSA is resistant to a number of antibiotics.—The study, published Jan. 19 in the online science journal PLoS ONE, represents the largest sampling of raw meat products for MRSA contamination to date in the U.S. The researchers collected 395 raw pork samples from 36 stores in Iowa, Minnesota and New Jersey. Of these samples, 26 — or about 7 percent — carried MRSA.—“This study shows that the meat we buy in our grocery stores has a higher prevalence of staph than we originally thought,” says lead study author Tara Smith, Ph.D., interim director of the UI Center for Emerging and Infectious Diseases and assistant professor of epidemiology. “With this knowledge, we can start to recommend safer ways to handle raw meat products to make it safer for the consumer.”
    The study also found no significant difference in MRSA contamination between conventional pork products and those raised without antibiotics or antibiotic growth promotants.
    “We were surprised to see no significant difference in antibiotic-free and conventionally produced pork,[U2]” Smith says. “Though it’s possible that this finding has more to do with the handling of the raw meat at the plant than the way the animals were raised, it’s certainly worth exploring further.”–Story Source-The above story is reprinted from materials provided by University of Iowa, via Newswise. –Journal Reference-Ashley M. O’Brien, Blake M. Hanson, Sarah A. Farina, James Y. Wu, Jacob E. Simmering, Shylo E. Wardyn, Brett M. Forshey, Marie E. Kulick, David B. Wallinga, Tara C. Smith. MRSA in Conventional and Alternative Retail Pork Products. PLoS ONE, 2012; 7 (1): e30092 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0030092
    Food Statistics > Pork consumption per capita (most recent) by country
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    Weighted average:
    Environmental Exposure to Organochlorines May Impact Male Reproduction
    ScienceDaily (Jan. 9, 2012) — Melissa Perry, Sc.D., M.H.S., professor and chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the GW School of Public Health and Health Services and adjunct associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, led an observational study indicating that environmental exposure to organochlorine chemicals, including Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and p,p’-DDE (the main metabolite of the insecticide DDT) can affect male reproduction.–The research was published online on Dec. 21, 2011 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. —The researchers studied 192 men who were part of couples that were sub-fertile, to see if the men with higher levels of organochlorines in their blood showed evidence of increased rates of sperm abnormalities. They looked for sperm disomy, which occurs when sperm cells have an abnormal number of chromosomes. While all men have a certain number of sperm with such abnormalities, researchers found that men with higher levels of DDE and PCBs had significantly higher rates of sperm abnormalities.–“This research adds to the already existing body of evidence suggesting that environmental exposure to certain chemicals can affect male fertility and reproduction. We need to further understand the mechanisms through which these chemicals impact sperm,” said Dr. Perry. “While we cannot avoid chemicals that already persist in the environment, it is imperative that decisions about putting biologically active chemicals into the environment need to be made very carefully, because there can be unanticipated consequences down the road.”-The researchers used a new sperm imaging methodology developed by Dr. Perry and colleagues to detect the chromosomal abnormalities, which allowed them to study a larger sampling of individuals than previous studies.–Story Source-The above story is reprinted from materials provided by George Washington University Medical Center.
    Pesticide Metabolites Associated With Increased Risk Of Testicular Cancers
    ScienceDaily (Apr. 29, 2008) — Men exposed to organochlorine pesticide metabolites, such as DDE, had an increased risk of testicular germ cell tumors. Previous research suggested that persistent exposure to organochlorine pesticides may increase the risk for some types of testicular cancer, but that observation had not been replicated in an independent data set.—In the current case-control study, Katherine McGlynn, Ph.D., of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md., and colleagues measured the amount of pesticides or their metabolic breakdown products in blood samples from men who were later diagnosed with testicular germ cell tumors and in blood samples from healthy controls. The men were all part of the U.S. Servicemen’s Testicular Tumor Environmental and Endocrine Determinants study. The 915 control subjects and 739 case subjects had donated blood samples an average of 14.2 years prior to the current analysis.–When the researchers divided the participants into quartiles based on the concentration of a particular pesticide in their blood, the team saw a trend for an increased risk of testicular cancer in men with higher concentrations. The trend reached statistical significance for some of the pesticides and metabolites tested. For example, men in the highest quartile for DDE (p,p’-dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene)–which is a persistent metabolite of DDT (p,p’-dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane)–were 1.7 times more likely to develop testicular germ cell tumors than those with the lowest concentration.—“If the relative risks calculated in this study are accurate, the population-attributable risk of DDE (i.e., the propor¬tion of disease in the study population that is attributable to DDE exposure) would be approximately 15 percent for all [testicular germ cell tumors],” the authors write.–This research was reported April 29 in the Journal of the National Cancer –Story Source-The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Journal of the National Cancer Institute, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.
    Nettle has protective activity of beta-cells of langerhans in hyperglycemic rats.The protective activity of Urtica dioica leaves on blood glucose concentration and beta-cells in streptozotocin-diabetic rats.
    Pak J Biol Sci. 2007 Apr 15;10(8):1200-4
    Authors: Golalipour MJ, Khori V
    This study was done to determine the protective activity of the hydroalcholic extract of Urtica dioica leaves on Hyperglycemia and beta-cells in hyperglycemic rats. Thirty Wistar rats were allocated in groups of normal, Diabetic and treatment. Hyperglycemia in Rats induced by 80 mg kg(-1) streptozotocin. In treatment group, animals received hydroalcholic extract of Urtica dioica 100 mg kg(-1) day(-1) for five days, intraperitoneally and then hyperglycemia induced by streptozotocin. The blood glucose concentration was measured by using a Glucometer in 1st, 3rd and 5th weeks. In the end of 5th weeks the animals in each group were sacrificed by anesthesia and whole pancreas in three groups extracted and fixed in bouin’s fluid and stained by chromealum hematoxiline-phloxine and beta cells were counted in three groups by Olympus microscope. Mean +/- SE of blood glucose concentrations in the end of fifth weeks were 99.4 +/-5.0, 454.7 +/- 34.5 and 303.6 +/- 100.6 in control, diabetic and treatment groups, respectively (p < 0.05). The percentages of beta-cells in control, diabetic and treatment groups were 73.6, 1.9 and 22.9%, respectively. The percentage of beta-cells in treatment group comparing with diabetic group was significant (p < 0.05). This study showed that the protective administration of hydroalcholic extract of Urtica dioica has hypoglycemic effect and protective activity of beta-cells of langerhans in hyperglycemic rats.—PMID: 19069917 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
    Recipe –add Nettle to a blender and distilled water to it and alcohol—measure this so that the water will be 50/50 with the alcohol—and add to blender and then add the nettle 1/3 rd the amount to the water/alcohol mix—blend this at high speed for about 10 minutes and strain —you will have made an extract—use a half a tsp as needed
    Another means to do this is to add nettle with cinnamon bark and juniper berry—place all 3 components in a coffee percolator and then seal the containment area—and add distilled water to the pot—fill it to the mark and then allow it to perk on the stove for about 10 minutes or allow it to get about 1-2 inches from the bottom—pour out to a bottle and when it cools add alcohol to it 2:1 to the extract—use ½ tsp several times a day
    These recipes have other uses as well not just for diabetic conditions but for a host of others as well ranging from anti bacterial-antifungal-antiviral-male issues-anti cancer issues-anti microbial issues-blood-organ –immune –antioxidant-and many more –something that can be gotten from the woods or from any open field –if gotten from out doors make sure you clean these with some kind of cleaning method to remove potential chemtrail and GMO fall out
    TOP I
    [U1]This whole report should have everyone alarmed and cautious about where and what meat they buy—this would include kosher and Hal el as well –if the meat can get contaminated with MRSA which is something coming out of the medical field or clinical or pharmaceutical setting thennnnn we have a problem with somebody doing this purposely—they are trying to get us all to be livestock grazing on veges—the largest consumers of this tpe of foods are –Asians—are we in Biowarfare?
    Something to think about
    [U2]In other words the so called natural meats in a health food store may not have any significance