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Avatar photoEK
    My first step into life force energy ( natural orgonite )

    Horses and Plasterite Energy

    In short
    I woke up
    looked for solutions
    found orgonite plus forum, in those days not much was happening there
    so I thought it was some sort of hoax
    but…the reports of Stephen and Josh particularly and the rest of the crew were promessing and very honest in a sense
    so there was something to it.
    Could not figure it all out
    too much disinfo
    So I thought, let s ask that German guy, if he responds that is , as most folk nowadays dont respond
    but…he did
    had several conversations, started of mild and superficial
    later on it got way more technical , right into the deep, but that was much later
    six months later or so

    still had no tool of light here
    I knew the plasterite worked but I understimated it big time
    thought it was a cheap milder solution
    but it turned out to be the opposite
    big time

    after testing and some heavy experiences I posted on the forum and not a dog responded
    the folk were all gone or something
    after a few days still no response whatsoever and I deleted my posts
    I thought WTF is wrong with these jokers ?
    Only when I retracted my posts suddenly I got messages and this and that and bla bla
    wow, that was…..quick….


    those healers , sometimes you have to be forgiving with them… :lol:
    only orgonite folk responded
    so I went deeper into the technical stuff
    how to make, what to use, what not to use, how this that and the other

    A couple of weeks before that , before I made my first pieces I got myself the German Cone
    oh it worked
    unbelievable stuff
    for such an attractive natural tool of light it really amazes me still
    knew the mob and the rest were right about it, ah jee, I was just an ex sheeple more or less
    wont be a sheeple ever again from that day
    8-) 8-) 8-)

    Intention was the main thing I neglected
    that does impact the energy output considerably
    so please, if you make something , use your intention, your spirit so to say, you must work with it
    keep it simple
    like me
    just ask for blue sky
    that worked for me
    you could ask for anything but we live in an age of geo engineering and that topic rules all silly little topics out
    in my opinion

    Larger structures can be very powerful devices
    maybe things are the way they supposed to be
    as only a few touch the selenite
    maybe that is good , the way it was intended
    They do possess a sort of awareness, consciousness
    really so
    once you understand you think oh my god what am I getting myself into
    the power is amazing
    every time
    it is mainly aimed or used by healers
    it works very well in that field
    it really does

    as the plasterite is the strongest spiritual tool of light by far it is not easy to discuss it in a normal day to day fashion
    as some may know

    anyway, sharing my first letter with the German orgonite pioneer
    those who break through while the rest of the mob will be pouring toxic crap eternally, doing the allowed mantra…jadija di ja dija
    whoopsy, could not control myself , bad boy…. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Cloudbuster + more - english t E.jpg

    Cloudbuster + more - english  - .jpg
    Hello w,

    a beautiful Tuesday morning, I wish you!

    Thank you for your demand.

    quick question why there is no CB (anymore) for sale?
    Makes me wonder though, or is it so that the energy cone has the same effect?

    The Chembuster I built up of 2006.
    I was one of the first who built the Chembuster,
    Now I don’t build or seel metal resin chembusters for 5 years.
    As the cone has the Chembuster replaced completely. The cone has the same effect as a
    very large Chembuster, and operates in a manner even more reliable.
    Since the structure and the mode of action is a new design that is completely based on nature,
    ranging from purely natural substances up to the reproduction of natural neutralisierenter
    and harmonisierenter energies.
    On my homepage under “History” is the
    Development performed by Chembuster the cone.

    I also replaced all the Chembuster with me,since the cone works just as well and with its size
    it can be hidden in nature more easily.

    If that is so then a cone is a cost effective solution for many people?
    Copper and resin are not cheap..?

    Yes, it’s a very good economic and also a very good ecological solution for our environment,
    if only because of the purely natural ingredients used.

    Please tell me whether the developed cone presents a good altenative compared to the CB.
    Am already interested.

    Yes, as described above.

    Of course I have to test the natural device first , etc whether the action pleases me
    or not.

    You can have a cone if you like to test it for 1 year or longer,
    to have an experience of the effect over a longer period of time, you do not need to pay
    and need only to be paid if you’re fully convinced.
    Yes I want only to help people like you also you can see my prices, about money
    earning it comes to me not at all, that you can not even possible at my low rates.

    If you are really after a longer test phase does not find like, you don’t need to send them back,
    we have here with us already enough on the distribution but it comes at.In this case, you can give it to a loved one or a nice place away further.
    Your money in these case will be fully refunded and then you still help us even while you distribute an additional cone into the world.

    Here are a few testimonials from our more than 5000 customers worldwide, whereby the cone and the heart are very well tested, and offer you the diverse mode of action on something.

    Horses and the natural life force energy
    This time as a short report in horses.

    “Hello Mr. Reinwald,

    My personal experience with the energy cones:

    One is in the house. I myself am more balanced, calmer. Do not feel so rushed. In the evening no longer so “exhausted” (I do energetic work with horses).

    The second plasterite cone is in the stable: the horses get along in the group attitude better. It is more quiet. The weaker horses are more “tolerated” than before. At noon many lie in the hay and sleep soundly. So even here less stress.

    My two chronically ill horses are doing currently much better. They start to slowly load more energy than before (before “the battery” emptied more quickly, as if it was broken). Also the alternative bioenergetic therapies (acupuncture and bioresonance) achieve a much better response.

    That is why I have now ordered 2 more cones for 2 girlfriends.

    Many thanks!!! ”

    “Dear Mr. Reinwald,
    Your energy products are truly wonderful and do both at home and on the
    My Computer (some heart at the court – because you really feel that the litigants
    are less aggressive!) their fantastic effect. A very gentle harmonizing … ”

    “Hello dear Timo,

    have received the energy cone on Friday after sending the mail! :)
    It’s really great that power emanates from him.
    It tingles in my fingers at me and with all other family members … even our cat Flocke was thrilled with the cone. Thanks also for the heart, which I always in my pocket was the last day with me and “who knows”, perhaps I had therefore a great power in me! :)

    “Hello Timo Reinwald The cone is super, atmosphere is already completely different Thank you also for the heart – my mom has it now, and takes it into her own hands because of the gout in her fingers!
    Dear Timo, i love the orgonitkegel! Is quite clear to me now.
    My ma loves the heart! Doing her very well on the hands!