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    Dreams and Plasterite
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    Dreams and Plasterite
    by SandAndSun » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:30 pm
    personally, I pay a lot of attentions to my dreams. there were some long periods of time, sometimes months when I didn’t have any recollections of my dreams, nor did I consciously worked through them. as strangely as it might sound, but I really develop an understanding (whatever it might be at that particular moment) of this reality through the dreams. I think I can even call them unconscious experiences, as they supply me with a good deal of understanding of whatever my mind is occupied with. What I noticed in a couple of days, is that the night I made a plasterite while it was curing in the mold, I practically didn’t sleep, or at least that’s how it felt, I was constantly dreaming, and I still remember at least 4 (!!!!) different dreams that I had that night , they were so vivid and colorful. Next night while the plasterite was still during up I had a lot less dreams maybe 1 or 2, and they were semi vivid, I only remember around 30% of what I saw. For the last 2 nights I haven’t had a recollections of any dream, I still continue to feel the strong positive energy coming from the pieces, but the dreams are not there or I just do not remember them. So I had these questions in the back of my mind: how quickly do we get attuned with the higher energy ( I understand that we are all coming from different perspectives in life and it is probably very individual… but I thought I would ask anyway) and could it be possible that the pieces in the liquid/semi-liquid form before they are totally cured generate a different type of energy, or could the energy be much stronger?
    Re: Dreams and Plasterite
    by josh » Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:50 am
    Anna I will give a try at it: last week a dear friend of mine came here to make Plasterite, he left to go home with several large pieces; a few large cakes and a cone 27″ high, that night he did not sleep very well, not much at all actually, the next night was not as bad, and the third much better, those pieces were not in the same room, if you look at some of the reports from Monsoon you see that it is always takes couple of days for biology to acclimate it self, the same with me and my lady, even in the next room; impossible to sleep, I had the same experience after I made a large nano device, after a while the body get use to it then it is OK And yes the dreams are different, more alive. What some of the people here have tested is the the Plasterite get stronger as it drys, very possibly because as the water vacates the drying plaster it leaves behind a gezillion of air spaces acting as resonant cavities and amplifying exponentially all the energies present within the Plasterite
    So there Josh
    Re: Dreams and Plasterite
    by SandAndSun » Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:37 pm
    then few days sounds like a norm. I really enjoyed these vivid dreams and wasn’t sure why they stopped so soon. it was an amazing experience none the less. i did noticed a clear sky above my house few times, i will post pictures next time.
    Re: Dreams and Plasterite
    by Lightning » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:48 pm Hello Anna, May I ask what was in the Plasterite that you made? Was it shells and plaster, crystals shells and plaster, metal and plaster, etc? I thought of a couple of things that you may like to try; Herkimer Diamonds are great
    dreamstones, perhaps you could include them in your Plasterite and intend them to stay
    activated to keep the vivid dreams going.
    Let’s see, what else.. Moonstone or Pearl for female energy (Receptive), Frankincense (3rd
    eye), hmmm…
    Still gathering materials, waiting on the last order YAY!
    Re: Dreams and Plasterite
    by SandAndSun » Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:11 am
    Hello Linda,
    Sorry, didn’t notice the post before I made my first plaster with crushed stones, shells, rocks and sand collected in a near by beach, added some oils, minerals, copper (just realized that i forgot to add copper in the second creation… and didn’t put any copper coils… or well… ). Also, some additional selenite and lemurian crystals, Himalayan salt. I listed all the ingredients somewhere under Plaster forum, I think on page 17 or 18. It took me several months, I think, to get all the ingredients
    and finally do it, but I am so happy i did it. It’s a fun process, as well As i understand, the main ingredients are: the mold, plaster, water, salt and sand, the rest are the enhancements
    right? -experts, please confirm! I think once you have the basic ones, you are all set to go! Please share your creations when you make them, would love to see how they would come out!
    Dreams came back around the 4th, 5th day, not as intense as the first one, but still very vivid… A while ago, someone conditioned me that moonstones and pearls are not too good for me
    (make me more moody ), so i still have mixed feels about them… I’ve read a lot about Herkimer Diamonds, they should be good to use in plasterite, i should really look for them . I am not familiar with Frankincense, will ave to look up. Thank you!!! Recently i acquired a larger shiva lingam stone, and was thinking if i should put it in plaster? Or just maybe put it in water ( i think it was suggested by josh somewhere) and use the stone water in plasterite? Any suggestion on weather to use the Shiva lingam in plasater?
    Re: Dreams and Plasterite
    by josh » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:13 pm
    Anna, in one of the book I read long time ago, the lady mention that for every pound of crystal you broadcast 100 miles what ever intention you may have written, but you will have to surround the crystal with a string of lapis or lapis and clear quartz mix (like a necklace). what she meant is if you have a crystal that weight 10 pound ; your intent , that you would have written on a piece of virgin paper, will be broadcasted 1000 miles, if your crystal weigh 5 pound it will broasdcast 500 miles. So I consider Shiva Lingam a crystal, and I have one here that weigh about 80 pound; I write
    what ever peaceful intents that I like (a few hundred time) on a piece of paper and put that under the crystal, put the Lapis/quartz string around , and here I am broadcasting 8000 miles
    I do not know the percentage of effectiveness, but if I get just one percent: I am that much
    further ahead, especially if you have many big crystals and you do that to all of them
    If you have a one pound or two pound crystal: 100 or two hundred miles is already quite good You can easily get the Lapis with the hole in it, so to make necklace, as well as the clear quartz This is very good medicine I have made an essence of crystal, just take what ever crystal you like, put them in water in the sun for a few day and use that instead of real crystals, (the crystals like that a whole lot better), this gives you a homeopathic strength of the crystals that we may not get with the real one, and I use 1/4 cup in my Plasterite mix Good luck Josh
    Re: Dreams and Plasterite
    by SandAndSun » Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:55 am
    josh, thank you, great!!! that is one mighty crystal that you have there
    Can rose/smokey quartz beads be used, or only clear quartz? I have a few strands of those,
    will need to get lapis ones, then… Lingam that i have is a baby then probably under 10
    question: is the crystal water essence have the same power as the crushed crystal? Wouldn’t
    water be a bit more vulnerable, as it might be easier to reprogram a water, then the crystal
    powder? Otherwise, i really like the idea of using the water essence of the stone, i think they
    would prefer that as well!
    Re: Dreams and Plasterite
    by josh » Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:32 am
    10 pounds: a thousand miles, I think this quite decent, please do it and write all things that
    you would like to see in our world, and let it rip From what I remember in the book I read this lady mention to use only Lapis, but if you did not have enough to make a long strand, you could space it out by putting clear quartz in between the Lapis pieces I love the way you extrapolate, I strongly feel that the crystals elixir is much stronger, simply because it vibrates on a etheric level rather than just 3D, as far as the water being programed, I would not give it another thought because the water from the plaster evaporates and all that
    is left is truly the spirit of the gems; so no water to mess with
    Re: Dreams and Plasterite
    by SandAndSun » Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:55 am
    josh, i will do that, will look for the lapis beads then… i am sure there will be something on ebay… you right about the water evaporation, i didn’t thought about that, so, then no worries, I would then acquire stones instead of the powder and use them: happy crystals -> happy plasterite