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    Plaster Orgonite Questions…
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    Plaster Orgonite Questions…
    by Lightning » Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:21 pm
    Has anyone found a paint or coating which renders Plasterite impervious to outdoor elements? Has anyone coated Plasterite with Orgonite?? Has anyone mixed Plaster into their Orgonite? I need a source for seashells (small for embedment) and seashore sand. Can anyone point me
    toward a good one?
    Thanks . Namaste, Linda
    Re: Plaster Orgonite Questions…
    by josh » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:11 am
    Hello Linda There are on the market some products that will make your Plasterite water resistant, but only for a little while, eventually the moisture is going to get in and screw things up, in order to gift the Plasterite in nature or in water this is what I do: I have a small vacuum machine to preserve food such as beans, flour.etc… so I take a piece of Plasterite and put it in the vacuum, and when I am finished I put in another bag and vacuum that as well, so it is in two vacuumed bags, totally water proof!!
    My lady has been painting various things on the devices and I am quite certain it will keep the pieces nice as long as they are in the house, you can paint them with Shellac that will protect them, but not 100% for outside.
    I do not know of anyone coating the plaster with Orgonite, that would be a good idea if you keep your metal as an oxide size particles, and your crystals crushed very fine, so to be able to paint with it.
    As far as mixing plaster with Orgonite, we are all doing it because plaster is Selenite, and we
    all put Selenite in the Orgonite
    For your sea shells here is the place I am getting them:
    Good luck josh
    When you go to the site, go down the page a little until you see the Nassa Persica, they are
    just right for the devices and your wallet as well ($9 for a gallon)
    Re: Plaster Orgonite Questions…
    by Lightning » Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:26 am
    Thank you very much Josh ,
    I went and looked at the link you posted for shells-They have exactly what I want. Perfect. Now to the drawing board…
    Have a great day everybody .