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    LIFE IN THE TIME OF CHEMTRAILS 1997-2009: YOU ARE NOW BREATHING ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE, VIRALLY MUTATED MOLDS, NANO-PARTICULATES OF ALUMINUM AND BARIUM AND CATIONIC POLYMER FIBERS WITH UNIDENTIFIED BIO-ACTIVE MATERIAL: “We the people have not been warned, advised or consulted but are certainly vulnerable to the outcomes.” “Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria” <=”” a=”” style=”color: rgb(51, 0, 255); text-decoration: none; “>Additionally, award winning investigative reporter, Will Thomas, has reported findings of over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fall out. The Idaho Observer has reported findings of 26 metals including barium, aluminum and uranium, a variety of infectious pathogens and chemicals and drugs including sedatives in chemtrail fallout. Dr. R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers. Dr Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Rahim Karjoom have reported findings of tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type encased in the fibers. Additionally Drs. Staninger and Karjoom and researcher Jan Smith have reported findings of self-replicating nano-machines and rivers of silicon running wild through the bodies of the Morgellons infected. Researcher Clifford Carnicom has reported finding chemtrails fibers & abnormal blood cells that are an exact match with the bizarre fibers & blood cells found in those suffering from Morgellons Disease. Welcome to the brave new world of toxic skies, weather control, mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP. Our health is under attack as evidenced by the skyrocketing rates of chemtrail induced lung cancer, asthma and pulmonary/respiratory problems as well as the emergence of a bizarre and frightening new plague, Morgellons Disease, an infection with a previously unknown agent that appears to be a synthesis of a bio lab created pathogen combined with self-replicating nano-technology. Over 60,000 families in the U.S. are now infected with Morgellons. I am one of the infected. My health and the health of my family has already been drastically affected. There is a main-stream media blackout on this subject so the only way to get the word out is by word of mouth. Realized or not people are already dying from chemtrail related illnesses. People are dying from Morgellons Disease. During this time of chemtrails a shocking drop in general life expectancy in the U.S. has occurred. This situation presents an immediate and serious threat to you, your family and loved ones. We must join together to stop this insane program of chemtrail spraying now. Some of you reading this may be in a position of influence and power to take significant action to bring chemtrails to a halt. Everyone can do something to help. Whatever your position or realm of influence please do whatever you can to bring an end to the aerosol spray program popularly known as Chemtrails. ADDED 7/13/2009 FUND RAISING FOR A CURE At this point just stopping the chemtrails will not be nearly enough. It is becoming increasingly apparent to researchers that virtually the entire population has most likely been infected by chemtrail pathogens that cause Morgellons Disease. The government to date has basically done nothing to fund research to find a cure for the Morgellons problem. Scientist, Clifford Carnicom has proven himself to be a dedicated and formidable researcher into Chemtrails/Morgellons for over a decade. Working on his own without funding he has managed to make many important discoveries about the nature of Morgellons disease and about the effects of chemtrails on the environment and the population. If you wish to donate to fund research for a cure The
    When Warming Up for the Cycling Race, Less Is More
    ScienceDaily (June 16, 2011) — Coaches, physiologists and athletes alike will attest to the importance of warming up before athletic competition. Warming up increases muscle temperature, accelerates oxygen uptake kinetics and increases anaerobic metabolism, all of which enhance performance. However, the question of how long and strenuous a warm-up should be is more contentious, with some in the sports community advocating longer warm-ups and others espousing shorter ones. Now researchers at the University of Calgary Human Performance Laboratory in Calgary, Alberta, Canada have found evidence indicating that less is more.–In a study comparing the effects of a traditional, intense warm-up with those of a shorter, less strenuous warm-up on the performance of 10 highly trained track cyclists, the researchers found that the shorter warm-up produced less muscle fatigue yet more peak power output.[U1] The findings are published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. The study was conducted by Elias K. Tomaras and Brian R. MacIntosh.
    The Long and Short of It
    The intensity of traditional, longer warm-ups has been thought to offer competitive athletes an edge by promoting a process called post-activation potentiation (PAP). In PAP,[U2] brief bouts of strenuous physical activity produce a biochemical change in muscle cells that can enhance muscle contractile response. The phenomenon usually lasts from 5 to 10 minutes. However, as the researchers note, fatigue can decrease muscle contractile response. Therefore, the team focused analysis on muscle contractile response as well as on another key component of a cyclist’s success, peak power output.–In the study, cyclists participated in two warm-ups. A longer, traditional warm-up began with 20 minutes of cycling that gradually increased in intensity until the cyclists reached 95 percent of their maximal heart rates. This general warm-up was followed by four sprints at 8-minute intervals. The entire warm-up lasted approximately 50 minutes total. The shorter, experimental warm-up included a shorter initial ride that increased in intensity until the cyclists reached only 70 percent of their maximal heart rates. This warm-up ended with only one sprint and lasted approximately 15 minutes.–The researchers used specific tests to measure the cyclists’ muscle contractile response and peak power output before, during and after the warm-ups. Although they theorized that both warm-ups would elicit PAP, they also theorized that the traditional warm-up would generate enough fatigue to counteract PAP[U3], whereas the experimental warm-up might not. They found that although muscle contractile response decreased more after the traditional warm-up, indicating greater fatigue, there was a decrease in contractile response after both warm-ups. This, according to Tomaras, a co-author, “indicates that an even shorter warm-up might be better for athletes who want to tap into PAP.”
    The shorter warm-up permitted better performance, as well. Peak power output was 6.2 percent higher and total work was 5 percent higher after the experimental warm-up than after the traditional warm-up, results the researchers say are significant, and could make a substantial difference in competitive events.
    Implications–The fitness community has embraced PAP as a competitive strategy in recent years. As word spreads about PAP’s benefits, trainers and coaches have attempted to time PAP to coincide with competition. But the Calgary team’s findings suggest too much focus on promoting PAP could be self-defeating, as starting the process requires intense, but tiring, bursts of activity. In their conclusion, the researchers write, “A warm-up that is performed at too high of an intensity for longer than necessary can result in fatigue and impair subsequent athletic performance.”—Instead, according to co-researcher MacIntosh, “the findings suggest that competitive athletes may reap greater rewards from PAP by engaging in less strenuous warm-up than conventional wisdom dictates. A better approach would be to aim for just enough activity to promote PAP without creating fatigue.”–This may be especially true for sprint athletes (cyclists, relay runners, track sprinters, swimmers), whose competition involves several events close together. The researchers conclude, “If warm-up results in fatigue of an athlete and impairs performance in a single subsequent bout of exercise, what impact would it have on multiple performances required on the same day?”–Story Source-The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by American Physiological Society.–Journal Reference-E. K. Tomaras, B. R. MacIntosh. Less is More: Standard Warm-up Causes Fatigue and Less Warm-up Permits Greater Cycling Power Output. Journal of Applied Physiology, 2011 DOI: 1152/%u200Bjapplphysiol.%u200B00253.%u200B2011
    This will apply even more so for those senior athletes who are past 50 or people trying to maintain there body composition—the idea is to train for tone or strength and when you over do it –which is easy to do when you are fatigued from a warm up then this will carry over to the actual routine-then the recovery from a training will take longer as well.
    If exercising always as a rule of thumb work with 70-80% capacity—the intensity or duration will determine the result of what one is trying to achieve as well
    These are a few remedies that may offset a toothache
    The key to stopping toothache pain is to stop EATING—
    –This is usually a sign of overload and poison in the system and sometimes our bodies are telling us to quit loading UP so the lower end can empty out.
    Consume –Antibacterials-AntiFungals-Anti Microbial substances to enhance the lower end to sanitize –and to Clean up the environment –In utilizing some of these remedies You will see swelling and pain disappear—and a normalized impact in the jaw —this would indicate as well the need to change diet and to allow for rest internallyu
    Herbs that are Effective
    Bay leaf-Thyme- Sage-Savoury-Oregano Clove-Cinnamon-Nutmeg-Cardamon-Black Seed –Garlic-Onion- Pepper—White Willow-Feverfew-
    These can be used as a Gargle—a Tea—Food—Tincture—Extract
    Can also be used in a mix with either an alcohol or paste to be applied to the area as an immediate Pain killer
    Resins and Saps
    Bee Propolis-Myrrh- Balm Of Gilead- Frankinsense-
    Any Full spectrum Enzyme or even the use of papata enzymes taking 1-3 every 2 hours will as well remove the excesses and reduce swelling and remove the poisons
    Food Remedies
    C1 Onion + 2 Apples Peeled and blended and consumed in 3 oz increments 3 times a day
    C1 Beet and 2 Apples Peeled and blended and consumed 3 oz increments 3 times a day
    CGarlic-Just peel and consume—or liquify in aloe or honey or wine — Take 1 whole Garlic and add to a blender and add 1 ½ cup of wine and Blend for 5 minutes—then strain and use 1 tsp every hour for the first 4 hours and then reduce to 1 every 2 hours
    CClove and Cinnamon- take the essential oils of either clove or cinnamon and add 1-2 drops in a 1 oz container of vodka or any clear base alcohol mix well or blend and then apply a Q-tip and directly swab the area—this will give immediate relief—this can be done with children as well and for those babies teething apply a mix of the essential oil in aloe vera gel By adding 1 drop to 1 oz of the gel and mix thoroughly and apply to the gums to alleviate the pain of a teething child
    CParsley and Dandelion and Other Green Drinks ( home made not store bought ) will as well remedy this by increasing blood purifying properties back into the system and increase the enzymes and detox the poisons out
    CDrinking Broths with garlic or onion or chives this to will remove the poisons and cause the teeth to recover
    CTeas with Galangal will assist and removing poisons from the colon—Any tea that has a good antibacterial content will assist this dramatically using thyme—bay leaf –rosemary as a tea combo will assist—using teas with cinnamon and clove and cardamom will work as well
    CFasting—definitely will see the teeth pain subside when nothing is going in
    other then fluids—this will flush the poisons causing this activity
    FOnce this clears then avoid the sugars and starches and grains and soy and soy derived foods and eliminate canolas out of the diet and no HFCS—No SODA or POP ( especially these since the eat the teeth like battery acid and break down bone density as well allowing toxic fluoride to bind to the skeletal structure and adhese to the system more potentlyE
    CEssential Oils Mix essential oils in either a Aloe Vera Gel—Honey—Maple syrup and use internally to clear up the microbes or bacteria or fungi causing the teeth to be in pain—again the ones to use would be the ones with the properties that are strong and effective in this —Thyme 1 drop Peppermint 1 drop Honey 2 – 3 oz-1 oz of brandy or any clear base alcohol that can be consumed ( do not use any alcohol that is non consumable) mix well and use ¼ tsp increments —you can increase the dose of the essential oils in use as you become more familiar with this method—you can as well use bay leaf 1-2 drops with clove 1 drop-and 2 oz of the aloe gel mix well and make a paste in the are or consume as a beverage by adding ¼ tsp in water
    §Special Note Get the Book By Jean Valnet The Practice of Aromatherapy—this will enhance your knowledge base in the regard to aromatherapy and essential oil USE—a lot of other books out there are Useless and are more for the Esthetics of aromatherapy then the actual use and some will elaborate on the more esoteric elements which can be at best questionable
    Power Drink Recipe—take a green drink you juiced or extracted—add 4-5 oz in a blender—add to it gelaton—1-2 teaspoons or tablespoons ( your discretion)
    Add to it if you wish any other element i.e MSM-Colustrum—Vitamins –herbal tea—blend it for about 3 minutes to make sure there is a complete dissolving of the gelaton and a good mixture—drink the remedy—whatever you put into it will be increased in absorption as a result of the gelaton carrying into the system and will have a synergy in repairing the body depending on what you mix with it. — this particular remedy may assist a lot with bone—intestine-stomach-immune—blood- brain-organ replenishment
    Here is place where you can access data that is to extensive to email—share the link with your network and as well open up an account and do likewise
    This is another format to increase availability to data stream and info
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    [U1]WOW and this tooka University study to figure this out eh!!! Anyone who trains with any kind of intensity knows this—this would as well apply to those who are working physically hard –never over exert the warm up
    [U2] This will be accomplished with even a light warm up especially if you are doing more of an endurance type activities
    [U3]Most Definitely unless you have a system that can clear out lactic acid as quick as you produce it this is a reality
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    Show of the Week June 24 2011
    Effects of a Rhodiola rosea L. extract on acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance and dependence in mice
    Evaluation of Rhodiola rosea L. extract on affective and physical signs of nicotine withdrawal in mice.
    African Alliances Challenge Introduction of GM Technology
    FDA Push to Eliminate Raw Milk Amounts to Illegal “Mandate”
    Stomach Sanitizer
    Effects of a Rhodiola rosea L. extract on acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance and dependence in mice.
    J Psychopharmacol. 2011 Mar;25(3):411-20
    Authors: Mattioli L, Perfumi M
    This study investigated the effect of Rhodiola rosea L. extract on acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance and dependence in mice. Therefore animals were injected with repeated administration of morphine (10 mg/kg, subcutaneous) twice daily for five or six days, in order to make them tolerant or dependent. Rhodiola rosea L. extract (0, 10, 15 and 20 mg/kg) was administered by the intragastric route 60 min prior to each morphine injection (for acquisition) or prior the last injection of morphine or naloxone on test day (for tolerance or dependence expression, respectively). Morphine tolerance was evaluated by testing its analgesic effect in the tail flick test at the 1st and 5th days. Morphine dependence was evaluated by counting the number of withdrawal signs (jumping, rearing, forepaw tremor, teeth chatter) after naloxone injection (5 mg/kg; intraperitoneal) on the test day (day 6). Results showed that Rhodiola rosea L. extract significantly reduced the expression of morphine tolerance, while it was ineffective in modulating its acquisition. Conversely, Rhodiola rosea L. extract significantly and dose-dependently attenuated both development and expression of morphine dependence after chronic or acute administration. These data suggest that Rhodiola rosea L. may have human therapeutic potential for treatment of opioid addiction.–PMID: 20142299 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
    Evaluation of Rhodiola rosea L. extract on affective and physical signs of nicotine withdrawal in mice.
    J Psychopharmacol. 2011 Mar;25(3):402-10
    Authors: Mattioli L, Perfumi M
    The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of a Rhodiola rosea L. extract on the prevention of the development of nicotine dependence and for the reduction of abstinence suffering following nicotine cessation in mice. Dependence was induced in mice by subcutaneous injections of nicotine (2 mg/kg, 4 times/day) for eight days. Spontaneous abstinence syndrome was evaluated 20 h after the last nicotine administration, by analysis of withdrawal signs, as affective (anxiety-like behaviour) and physical (somatic signs and locomotor activity). Rhodiola rosea L. extract was administered orally during nicotine treatment (10, 15 and 20 mg/kg) or during nicotine withdrawal (20 mg/kg). Results show that both affective and somatic signs (head shaking, paw tremors, body tremors, ptosis, jumping, piloerection and chewing) induced by nicotine withdrawal are abolished by administration of Rhodiola rosea L. extract in a dose-dependent fashion, during both nicotine exposure and nicotine cessation. In conclusion, our data encourage additional studies to define the use of R. rosea L. as a therapeutic approach in the treatment of smoking cessation.–PMID: 19939867 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
    African Alliances Challenge Introduction of GM Technology
    Civil society and private sector organisations come together to fight
    introduction of GM technology. Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji
    The recent introduction of GM (genetic modification) technology into Tanzania has prompted local and international campaign groups to join forces in expressing concern for the conservation of agricultural biodiversity, which is crucial for food security and food sovereignty. Groups such as the African Centre for Biodiversity, Action Aid, International Tanzania, Biolands, BioRe, BioSustain, Envirocare, PELUM Tanzania, Swissaid, Eastern & Southern African Small Scale Farmers Forum (ESAFF) and Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement, formed the Tanzania Alliance for Biodiversity in recent weeks to urge the government to resist pressure from GM companies and stakeholders to relax the strict safety legislation to allow the widespread introduction of GM technologies [1]. One liability clause states that ‘a person who imports, arranges transit, makes use of, releases or places on the market a GMO or product of a GMO shall be strictly liable for any harm caused by such a GMO or product of a GMO’ and that ‘the harm shall be compensated’. In a previously GM-free country, the alliance wants to base the assessment of GM crop safety on the precautionary principle, and state that ‘GM crops or animals are not the solution to poverty and hunger’ in the region. –Currently, Tanzania, along with Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Mali, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Ghana are performing field tests on GM crops; maize and cassava are being tested in Tanzania. The Tanzanian Cotton Board has also approved the introduction of Bt cotton. South Africa, Burkina Faso and Egypt have already started cultivating GM crops. South Africa has experienced problems with crop yields; farmers have reported up
    to 80 percent loss in corn production, with GM corn not producing kernels in a proportion of plants. –Monsanto has been expanding into the African continent with support from United States Agency for International Development USAID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), also founded by the Gates and Rockerfeller Foundations (see [2] Beware of the “Doubly Green Revolution”, SiS 37) . Bill Gates is a huge proponent of GM biotechnology and has recently invested in 500 000 shares [U1]of the Monsanto stock worth an approximate US$23.1 million. This investment represents a strong conflict of interest between their purported role of ‘alleviating poverty and hunger among small-scale farmers’ and Monsanto’s track record of disregard for the interests and well-being of small farmers around the world. Small scale farm are the largest source food for much of the region.
    Old-Fashioned Power Grab? FTCLDF Argues in New Court Brief That FDA Push to Eliminate Raw Milk Amounts to Illegal “Mandate” Forcing Pasteurized Milk on Americans
    DateSunday, June 12, 2011 at 05:50PM
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is taking a lot of heat about its undercover investigation and court action against Pennsylvania Amish farmer Daniel Allgyer. The FDA’s number-two , Michael (Son of Monsanto) Taylor, was even asked about the matter at a corporate get-together, where he spouted the expected rhetoric about “doing our public health job” in connection with the legal assault, designed to prevent Allgyer from supplying a food club in Maryland with raw milk.—Michael Taylor of the FDA But Taylor made another interesting remark, noting that the campaign against Allgyer results from a “statutory directive” to the FDA. He presumably was referring to the FDA’s implementation in 1987 of the federal ban on interstate distribution and sale of raw milk (PHS law 1240.61), at the behest of a federal judge the previous year. The judge ruled on a consumer group’s suit, demanding that the FDA put an end to interstate sales of unpasteurized milk. At that time, at least one large producer, Alta Deena, was shipping raw milk from its home base in California to a number of neighboring states.—Now, in a response to the FDA’s brief filed last month arguing that the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s legal challenge to the agency’s ban of interstate distribution and sales of raw milk should be dismissed, the FTCLDF maintains that the judge’s 1986 decision ordering the ban was inappropriate on several counts. It notes that the FDA had, ironically, resisted efforts to push it into the interstate ban, and suggests the agency didn’t have the authority even under a judge’s order.—“Not only did the (1986 court decision) substitute its judgment for that of the FDA, it ordered FDA to institute an interstate ban on the sale of raw dairy products under the PHSA (Public Health Services Act) when there is no authority under the PHSA for FDA to regulate ‘interstate commerce.’ Thus, this reinforces the notion that (the court decision) is wrong and is an extreme case of judicial activism.” The FTCLDF brief makes yet a further legal and Constitutional argument challenging the FDA’s effort to eliminate the availability of raw milk. The FTCLDF filed suit last year on behalf of five plaintiffs who were admittedly purchasing raw milk in states where it’s legal, and bringing it back to their home states, where such sales are illegal. The FDA has argued that such interstate transport of raw milk is illegal, but has said it has no immediate intention to enforce such a ban on individual consumers.–The FTCLDF argues that the FDA’s prohibition on interstate shipments of raw milk amounts to a “mandate that if dairy products are going to be purchased, those products must be pasteurized rather than fresh and unprocessed….”The group argues further that it remains legal to consume raw milk in all fifty states, and that Congress has never via any laws governing the regulation of food and drugs granted the FDA the authority to prohibit the interstate shipment or sales of raw milk.—“FDA cannot prohibit citizens from consuming the foods of their choice when it is legal in all 50 states to consume raw milk…Because Congress cannot tell the citizens what dairy products they must consume, neither can the FDA. Thus, FDA exceeded its authority under the FDCA (Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act) and these rules are invalid…”—The ban on transporting raw milk across state lines is invalid, FTCLDF maintains, because “neither the FDCA nor the PHSA give FDA the authority (1) to completely ban citizens from traveling across state lines with legally purchased raw dairy products in their possession, or to mandate the consumption of pasteurized dairy products at the expense of raw dairy products; (2) to designate such legally purchased raw dairy products that are taken across State lines by Plaintiffs as an ‘illness’ or ‘communicable disease’ per se, or (3) to deem misbranded a product that is what it purports to be.”—Even if FDA did have the authority to interfere with raw milk in interstate commerce, “in this case, the raw milk is not being transported across state lines before it is sold. Only after the milk is sold is it taken across state lines, thus, it constitutes an intrastate sale that is not subject to the jurisdiction of the FDCA or the FDA.”—The FTCLDF brief also argues that, by trying to ban interstate shipments of raw milk under the Public Health Services Act, the agency is essentially treating the product as “a communicable disease.” Not very logical. “… a communicable disease is an illness, not an agricultural product that is sold or consumed. If FDA’s argument is accepted, then raw meat, raw chicken, raw eggs or raw produce could be considered a communicable disease.”—The FTCLDF brief concludes by arguing that banning raw milk from interstate shipment by consumers sets a dangerous precedent. “Our country was founded on the notion that we all have inherent, inalienable rights that the government cannot take away from us except by due process. ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people’ as Abraham Lincoln said. —And FTCLDF asks the court to recognize the rapidly emerging food rights movement. “In this day and age many people, including Plaintiffs, are now eschewing and opting out of the industrial-sized, centralized, subsidized, government-sanctioned food production system. Instead, they are turning toward local farmers who are producing nutrient-dense foods that will restore their health. Although this national ‘food rights’ movement was probably not contemplated by the Founding Fathers, it should now be recognized by this Court as a component of Plaintiffs’ liberty interest in having access to the foods of their choice.”—The FDA has said there isn’t even a “plausible” Constitutional case that can be made for access to particular foods as a right. It’s now in a federal judge’s hands to decide whether the FTCLDF case is dismissed or moves forward.
    Stomach Sanitizer—this will require fresh peppermint and a couple of apples—peel 3 apples and chop to put into a blender—then add 1 ½ cup of peppermint ( any mint will do )—blend to a mush and then consume 3 oz and place the rest in a glass container- Apples inhibit Polio Viruses- Apples help to prevent Cancer (due to Caffeic Acid, Ellagic Acid, Quercetin and Chlorogenic Acid)– Apples mildly inhibit the production of Acetylcholinesterase– Apple Pectin helps to prevent Colon Cancer- Pectins reduce the absorption of Cadmium- Pectins reduce the absorption of Lead.- Peppermint improves the function of the Intestines.- Peppermint facilitates the elimination of Hookworms (a form of Roundworm) from the body– Peppermint clears the Respiratory Passages– Peppermint improves many aspects of the Digestive System
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    [U1]Is this not interesting that the proponent of vaccinations is also a proponent of GMO or GE–thisman must have a true vendetta toward humanity–all he invest in is Death and Disease and Disruption of People cultural way of living—it would be to our best interst to find a ne technolgist in cpu to invest in an bleed this one dry!!!
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    Show of the Week June 27 2011
    Trypsin and Chymotrypsin
    Pterostilbene may protect against asthma
    Sepsis- Leaking Blood Vessels May Be Cause of Infection-Spreading Condition-Research
    Neutralize and Enhance in Cooking
    Sepsis- Leaking Blood Vessels May Be Cause of Infection-Spreading Condition-Research
    ScienceDaily (June 22, 2011) — Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital have put forward a new theory as to what causes sepsis, an often fatal condition that occurs when infection spreads throughout the body. -Leaking blood vessels may actually be a cause of sepsis, rather than a symptom as previously thought[U1], said Dr. Warren Lee.-Dr. Lee’s hypothesis and a review of recent research on sepsis were published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.-Sepsis kills about 1,400 people a day worldwide and is the second-leading cause of death in intensive care units in Canada. Despite intense research, the death rate remains high, between 30 and 50 per cent. Treatments largely consist of surgical removal or drainage of the infected site, antibiotics and supportive care.-“[U2]The lack of therapies is not for want of effort. On the basis of promising in vitro and animal studies, many drugs have entered clinical trials only to fail, resulting in the description of sepsis research as a ‘graveyard’ of discovery,” said Dr. Lee, a critical care physician and researcher in the hospital’s L Ka Shing Knowledge Institute.”The repeated failure of clinical trials suggests that some fundamental knowledge is lacking in our current understanding of the pathogenesis of human sepsis.”-Dr. Lee said one reason previous trials may have failed is that they haven’t taken into account a key feature of sepsis in humans — diffuse microvascular leakage (widespread leakage from small blood vessels) leading to swelling in tissues and organs (edema). This causes organs throughout the body to malfunction. There have been no clinical trials of drugs designed to prevent or treat leaky blood vessels.-“This is a major change in our thinking about sepsis that could lead to novel treatments to save lives,” Dr. Lee said. “Sepsis is a devastating illness. If we could develop drugs to stop blood vessels from leaking, we could save lives.”-Story Source-The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by St. Michael’s Hospital. The original article was written by Leslie Shepherd.-Journal Reference-N. M. Goldenberg, B. E. Steinberg, A. S. Slutsky, W. L. Lee. Broken Barriers: A New Take on Sepsis Pathogenesis. Science Translational Medicine, 2011; 3 (88): 88ps25 DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3002011[U3]
    [U1]Which can be brought on by a host of things –Pollutants—Metals that the body absorbs through outer penetration or through ingestion-foods that do not break down but rater destroy the linings of the intestines which then leak back into the blood stream further causing an overload in the tiny blood capillaries which then burst—breatheing in solvents that can as well cause respiratory overload—liver toxicity –fluoride –mercury-aluminum-barium and the list is endless-
    [U2]An alternative would be enzyme- antioxidant-dmso-edta-a-charcoal –clay- and any solution that will flow through the system and alleviate the load and re generate the arteries and capillaries –such as lysine + vitamin C –Gelaton and Bioflavonoids—enzyme rich foods and bacterial and sulfur based foods as well
    [U3]Special Note—this is how the morgellons will terminate people and this is why chemtrails need to stop—the 23 components of chemtrails all can cause this especially when in sinc with each other
    Neutralize and Enhance in Cooking
    Here are going to be some ideas on how to potentially reduce or stop mutating or poisoning of foods we consume when they get in us—the Key here is to AVOID as possible these foods that are genetically altered. Since there is no real way of telling if there has been any cross genetics as a result of transference of pollens from insects –birds-wild life fecal matter or winds and rains or run off from water—we have to assume that there is nothing that has been exposed-In Mexico they have found that a species of genetically modified corn planted in one part of the country was also found 1000miles away in another part of the country.—Lets start out with some kitchen herbs– the list to get started will be on the linkThe list is extensive so this will be a good place to start-go to the kitchen herbs HERBS—
    USE Only Steam Distilled Essential Oils—Only use these not solvent distilled the steam uses just water vapour and the solvent use strippers that can leave a residue in the essential oil
    When we are utilizing fats in cooking ( any fat ) what we want to do is boost the fat effectiveness and reduce the break down by adding antioxidants to the fats or herbal or plant components that will increase the utilization of the fat and keep it from breaking down into a free radical—fats have to break down as any other foods but with the antioxidants in them they will cause nominal damage and will as well not carry bacteria or parasites that will live in these environments-causing us to collapse from within. This to will reduce any “Lipid Oxidation” or cholesterol damage and allow for the body to remove the broken or used fats out
    Herbs suggested would be –Bay leaf-Rosemary-Sage-Thyme-Oregano-Savoury-Chive-Garlic-Black Pepper-Arjuna-Ajowain-Celery Seed-Ginger-Galanga-Tumeric-Neem—The use of the Essential Oils as well — Bay leaf-Rosemary-Sage-Thyme-Oregano-Savoury-Chive-Parsley-Lemon-Lime-Orange-Tangerine etc
    The way to use them would be to add to the fats either as a fusion or during the actual cooking process—to Fuse add either the herbs to a glass container with the oil of choice or fat of choice—lard-butter-ghee-coconut oil-palm oil –animal fat for the saturated fats or other oils Such as olive-almond-peanut-sunflower-pumpkinseed-macadamia etc—add any of the essential oils or fuse them with the herbs of choice or any combination there of with essential oil and herb—Fusing can be done by 1) using a double broiler method where you add the oil inside a glass container and then set this container in the pot of hot water or even boil water and allow to be in there 30 minutes+ til you see the oil absorb the components once fused the strain and add to glass— 2 )or you can add to a blender and blend at high speed with the essential oils or herbs and then strain afterwards-or you can as well add 1 ounce of an alcohol and 6-10 oz of oil and whatever you want to fuse this with and either blend it or double broil it or add to a frying pan and add a little water to keep the oil from becoming to hot and add either or both the herbs or essential oils to them—3 ) or you can use the sun method by adding the components in an oil and in a non clear class allow to sit in the sun for 2 weeks afterwards strain and use-In all of the discussions the essential oils have to be steam distilled not stripped with a solvent because the solvent residual will be in the foods as well-
    This will be a matter of preference— need ( if there is a health condition warranting a specific element to create a healing or a balance ) and as a preventative—so explore the different herbs/essential oil in you preparations
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    [U1]WE know that soy is a Trypsin inhibitor blocking the uptake of protein and aminos in the lower GI
    [U2]This actually Stimulates tumors of the pancreas and should not be consumed under any circumstance –Soy id just Garbaged Waste sold to a blind public
    [U3]Addictive nature due to lack of brain development or brain damage from the food chemistry—once addicted to the colous of the advertisementsr then what you have is the distraction and no longer are seeing the clear picture-on health
    [U4]Gov’t guidelines are whatever is cheapest to feed you first and then boils down what is the most expensive—and they get that or export it in the mean time we are all starving
    [U5]The Biggest thing today that is engaging our Gentic response is the genetically modified foods and clones tat are coming into the picture—so again the genetic disposition is not accurate at all unless it is tied to what you have eaten and what changed in te foods you have come to eat tradiationally
    [U6]Based more on a supposition—most cultures who are vegan is not by choice or religion but mostly due to poverty or oppressive gov’ts—this takes the zeal and energy out of a fight and makes one more easily to sway and distract
    [U7]Which can be brought on by a host of things –Pollutants—Metals that the body absorbs through outer penetration or through ingestion-foods that do not break down but rater destroy the linings of the intestines which then leak back into the blood stream further causing an overload in the tiny blood capillaries which then burst—breatheing in solvents that can as well cause respiratory overload—liver toxicity –fluoride –mercury-aluminum-barium and the list is endless-
    [U8]An alternative would be enzyme- antioxidant-dmso-edta-a-charcoal –clay- and any solution that will flow through the system and alleviate the load and re generate the arteries and capillaries –such as lysine + vitamin C –Gelaton and Bioflavonoids—enzyme rich foods and bacterial and sulfur based foods as well
    [U9]Special Note—this is how the morgellons will terminate people and this is why chemtrails need to stop—the 23 components of chemtrails all can cause this especially when in sinc with each other