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    Postby monsoon gecko on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:47 am

    Yo,,, here’s ongoing trials on plasterite radionics device. I’ve updated the photobucket albums. … s%20Trial/
    Added two more plates with vertical spiral shells.. interestingly, the shells spin anti-clockwise,
    opening ……as in turning on tap or taking out screw….mmmm ?
    One plate has single shell…need bigger shells ! It didn;t have a very long trial,,,have stuck with the
    hexagon plate,,,you can fit a glass flagon of water to charge in it and WOW, what a hit !
    Sorry Josh, more charged than with a pillow, and you know how I love my pillow ! ! ha ha.
    The water leaves a charged tingle on the palate for a little while……..hold on, I’ll have another swig..
    ….mmm, delish,,
    Change in energy factor ? Well…I think so…hard to tell because it’s constantly turned on ! ha ha
    No escaping this baby…….. my only thinking……..Well, it is a radionics device ! ! !
    monsoon gecko
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