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    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby josh on Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:12 pm

    Linda, if you Pillow your water you are getting it in a very good place and will be good to use with the Plasterite, Stephen has some paramagnetic earth and it does transform the water, making it much smoother, easy to drink, I use something similar in some rocks that I have found and are paramagnetics , paramagnetic means a very small magnetic field (I think)
    I have tried the neo magnets with the blender, I still have the set up somewhere in the work room, it might have made a high concentration of Ormus in the water, but I did not taste that much difference, though I have done this experiment over a year and a half ago, just by them selves the magnets will change the water, but I like the Paramagnetic rocks much better, I am certain it would be easy for Stephen to send you a small plastic bag of it, simply put your water container on the bag and 30 to 60 minutes later you will taste the water as being totally changed in a good way
    Beside I do not trust Ormus
    Your new medicine bag will help you clear your environment, especially confusion (that is a powerful tool in the bag of the nefarious one) so with this in hand look around you for the kind of medicine you can do to alleviate all of this, you may not have to go anywhere, you know enough about the “native” way to be able to relate to your brothers ‘The standing People’ the trees, ‘The Grand Fathers’ the rocks, ‘The cloud Nation’, all of these and much more you can ask and they will give you the needed responses, you can do most wondrous medicine with leaves from trees, know their characters and work with this, all of the elements were hijacked by the nefarious one, now they are mostly free, so they are most willing to help

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby monsoon gecko on Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:23 am

    Linda, I’ll send you a bag to play with on Monday.
    Josh, correct, paramagnetic rock/soil has natural weak magnetic field.
    Up here, it comes from Mount Bundy and is a form of granite. It’s often used as roadbase
    in car parks and small road extensions…often wonder how we can use this to an advantage.
    I bought a truckload ages ago to use with bio-dynamic preparations and crushed charcoal,
    The idea was to build up the soil flora to grow high energy chemical free food, Worked well too.

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby sacred on Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:20 am

    josh wrote:I have tried the neo magnets with the blender … but I like the Paramagnetic rocks much better

    I’m drawn to that more so than charging water in a blender … aim of both procedures is to charge the water, right? blenders are noisy things ..

    josh wrote:Your new medicine bag will help you clear your environment, especially confusion (that is a powerful tool in the bag of the nefarious one) so with this in hand look around you for the kind of medicine you can do to alleviate all of this,

    I have noticed there has been less confusion, but not until you mentioned it … :) thank you, Josh! I have been spending noticeably less time at the computer (I haven’t been able to access this forum since my last post!) … and looking for ways to do even less computer stuff …
    yes, now that I think about it, lots of little changes in choices … subtle, but they’re all making a difference and steering me in ways that are outside the ‘norm’ (for me) …
    hope to be able to get some plaster and sand this weekend .. :D

    monsoon gecko wrote:Linda, I’ll send you a bag to play with on Monday.

    thank you, Stephen .. :)
    is it the same as what I’ve heard called rock dust? I’ve looked online but can’t find an answer …
    I had some for the garden I used to have way back when (10 years ago?) … it had a good energy to it, and the plants loved it!
    I’ll pillow the water and sit it on the paramagnetic earth, too .. :D

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby josh on Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:44 am

    Stephen, you are correct about the granite, the one I have here is also a granite, but the proportion of quart, mica and feldspar are different, the one here is at least 3 time more mica, it comes out in big sheets at a place Catherine and I have found in the wilderness, I have gathered some other stones from that area and I will see if they are acting the same way…..
    Linda my dear, one of the thing that stopped me from the blender is, on one side I am trying to create some really good special water, but then I am subjecting it to the 60 cycles frequency, I know the electricity is not going through the water but the field is, so my mica rock does just fine
    Fall is here, the leaves are falling and it was time to light the wood stove, the dog has taken her favorite place to sleep, on the front of the stove :shock: :shock: , sometime she get so hot I wonder if she is trying to roast herself, a wonderful beast, never bark, anyone stranger or not is always welcome, I will tell the story about how she came to me….may be in the new thought thread since it is a little strange

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby josh on Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:47 pm

    Oh boy, I just looked at the Kirlian pictures posted on David Icke’s forum by Dennie (Sensei), he surely making a strong case on his continuing battle against Plasterite, so now I am wondering; what are all of us feeling with Plasterite? surely no one has put a spell on us to make believe it is real if it is not.
    The answer came later on that forum when a gentleman pointed out that the Kirlian photography was reading metal and moisture, so now we know.
    Not that any one of us care about this since all of us who have done Plasterite know for sure of the affects and the energies coming from it, and by golly I will not be banned for saying that :lol: :lol: :lol: , as Stephen says “it pump”.

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby Lightning on Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:38 pm

    Dear Josh,
    Kirlian imaging only picks up and shows certain frequencies. An example is, it won’t pick up and show audio frequencies, etc.
    Kirlian can detect only a certain (relatively narrow) bandwidth. So don’t worry about it.
    Now, just for my own info I’d like to see pix of water crystals frozen after or during exposure to Plasterite; Images like Dr. Wasaru Emoto does.
    Here’s a link to the basic info:
    I think that would produce some interesting data.
    The difference is:
    :arrow: I don’t NEED to see it any other way. I have learned through long experience to trust my own perceptions, and I see the results of it in action in the things around me. :idea: :mrgreen:
    Time will show us a way to image the effects of Plasterite, if we need it at all.
    Linda :-)

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby SandAndSun on Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:33 pm

    After some research, i also came to the same conclusions, as Linda and I do not think that Kirlian Photos are the best way to “evaluate” the plasterite. Many sources mention, that Kirlian is not the same as the aura photography… Sounds more like a conductivity testing to me… :shock:
    I would say, that one of the best ways to “evaluate” the plasterite – is to make or receive one and see it for yourself :)
    While on the subject, tomorrow sounds like a very excellent day to do another pour :D

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby josh on Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:27 pm

    Our forum is filled with such wonderful people, we are creating much beauty and positive generating pieces and we know they work as intended, we know and feel their reach, we also know how people react when they receive the Plasterite, especially the kids
    We are doing good, we are not against Orgonite because we still do some sometime, but for me my main focus is the PLasterite, I really enjoy making it, simplifying the process, pouring large devices…… more…..hummmm, I know I wont sleep the next couple of nights :D :D
    Last week a gentleman and his lady came to the house, the first thing the lady say: wow! wow! it is buzzing here wow! how do you sleep here?, she was just going around the place feeling everything, she is energy sensitive and had never experience anything like this :o :shock:
    All is well, we used twelve bag of plaster in the last 3 weeks, I just ordered 12 more bags, I found a place that sells it to me for $13 per 25 lb bag, that’s the best I have found so far
    Midnight and a half, going to bed, good night :)

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby sacred on Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:00 am

    how wondermous! :D
    Stephen, thank you for the paramagnetic earth … it’s got a great energy, even before I opened the post bag! I love it! it’s similar, yet different, to the pillow … 8-)
    I’d like to add some of the rock pieces to the resin orgonite I make … I’m pouring tomorrow, too! :D

    Re: Plaster orgonite

    Postby monsoon gecko on Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:26 am

    My pleasure…when washed the stone is pink and black…even looks good ..ha ha
    Have a fun day pouring. Made a few myself today, but called up for work tomorrow.
    Bit if a bummer, had plans but its my fav school. ,,can’t let em down
    Plans to save the world will have to wait… ha ha
    Will go with a smile and call up the sylphs.. ha
    you can actually do this 9 times out of 10.