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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    It does not require many words to speak the truth.

    Chief Joseph
    What is plasterite ?
    Plasterite is a healing technique made from cheap and natural ingredients in order to create an abundance of Life Force Energy ( Chi, Prana, Orgone, Vril,Aether.. etc.)
    It is versatile indeed and can be used for many positive purposes. Mainly, nowadays, it is an efficient method to employ against the effects of Geo-Engineering.
    Plasterite devices help make the skies blue again, clean, and gives back beautiful natural clouds, harmonic effect,etc. to your neighbourhood.
    Plasterite uses only natural, safe and non-toxic ingredients and is therefore more in tune with nature.
    The results are greater when using this method particular compared to the artificial resin/metal orgonite protocol.
    what is in Plasterite ?
    • Water
    • Himalayan Rock Salt & or Sea Salt (The salt kick-starts    the whole energy exchange process, interacting with      the plaster of Paris / Selenite)
    • Plaster of Paris ( = gypsum = selenite)
    • (beach) Sand with minerals, or fine sand bought in a      shop is also good
    • (optional) Crystals … Basically anything you want to        have broadcasted that is beneficial. Be creative and        leave the cat alone.
    How do I make my own Plasterite?
    Mix the ingredients in a container or bucket for larger amounts, first water, than salt, than plaster, than lastly sand. Use a whisk ideally to make sure the ingredients are nicely ‘whipped up.’
    The consistency should be somewhat like cream once ready to use, not too thick and not too runny. You now simply pour the mix it into a mold and perhaps put a crystal in the centre, ideally with an intention in mid of what you wish to accomplish through the power of positive intention. That´s it. Incredibly simple and rewarding on a scale it is hard to relay!
    Ask nature improve the good energy level in your surroundings. If you use a mold you can put some oil in it first so it gets out more easily later on. This is usually necessary with silicon molds.
    Instead of a real crystal you can use cheap crystal powders, which works great, or you can put crystals in the water first and then just use the ‘charged’ water, similar to homeopathic medicine in some ways. Essentially the water will have a similar effect as if the crystals themselves were added into the mix. The benefit being, you can keep the crystals and reuse them indefinitely. This seems to work just as well. Some other ingredients are beneficial but not essential like seashells, pine cones, seaweed, zeolite, etc. etc.
    What does it cost ?
    Almost nothing. Even very large devices are not expensive to make.
    What rewards can I expect from making my own Plasterite ?
    Removing chemtrails, helping nice natural weather return, etc. but it also positively affects people, animals, plants, indeed any lifeforms in a positive manner. Things will change.
    You have to try it for yourself to understand. You can’t learn it all out of a book, you must experience it. It is like dowsing it works but cannot be explained in an easy way.
    How to protect Plasterite?
    You can paint them, use shellac, etc, be creative. You can also pour the mix into other containers such as empty bottles, jars, anything you can close to keep the elements out. (the energy still goes far and wide)
    Why have most people never heard of it ?
    There is no money involved with the production of Plasterite which is the main reason it is still not widely known about.
    Nonetheless word is now spreading and people are having huge successes by getting involved.
    How long has plasterite been around ?
    A long time, however the knowledge was rediscovered several years ago by open minded individuals who wanted to test it out, to see how it works. This process  has been saved.
    Is Plasterite just as strong as a an Orgonite Chembuster ?
    In fact they appear to be even stronger since they give off a higher vibrational healing frequency, typically promoting the healing of the three higher chakras.
    Also the selenite cannot be effected by “them” unlike the metal resin constructs made in the past.
    What is a Blue Sky Broadcaster (BSB) ?
    A method consisting of wrapping a long electric extension cord around a tool of light, ideally a fairly large piece of plasterite and put an electric device, for example a lamp on one end of the extension cord which wraps around and around the healing device and connect the other side to the grid via the plug.
    Wrapping the whole thing with tape keeps it together nicely.
    This is a very powerful method since it appears to send the healing energy to the whole electricity grid locally.
    Yes you will have your private helicopter very soon…
    I have been told this is all a hoax/scam ?
    In fact it seems you cannot think for yourself. That is truly sad to say. We feel sorry for those sad souls.
    People are naturally skeptical, but with Plasterite the proof is in the pudding. You will almost certainly feel a HUGE effect of uplifting energy from making plasterite, especially if you are sensitive to energies.
    It can even be a little overwhelming at times since it is so powerful.
    Some people who make money from making conventional orgonite believe this is false information setting out to detract from orgonite, i.e. counter-intelligence, but this is 100% untrue. All truth is hate speech now.
    Can I use other natural ingredients like healing essential oils ?
    Yes, of course you can. This is a great addition which adds to the effect and smells great!
    Throw in anything that you feel is good to be radiated, mothers in Law, ex partners, tax collectors.. not excluded.
    Herbs, oils, and last but not least , good intentions, your goals on what you are trying to accomplish with it ( give it direction )
    …..The future of plasterite ?
    In the hands of the individual, i.e. you!
    The more people who join in and start making their own Plasterite the better it is for us all collectively ( not in a communistic fashion though …)
    Recipes, Ideal Ingredient Ratios & Formulas
      The most basic recipe Ingredients;
    • WATER
    • SALT 2 large table spoons
    • SAND about 25 % of total mix
    Water and plaster in equal amounts, add a bit of extra water for convenience.
    More advanced recipes may include the following added to the mix;
    • Crystals, Crystal Gravel etc.
    • Semi Precious Gems
    • Sea Shells, Pine Cones
    • Sea Weed
    • Zeolite
    and othernatural ingredient that enhance especially those from the Sea/Ocean. If you do not have crystals use just mixed sand or quartz stones…etc…
    Anything natural with the Phi ratio will help enhance results.
    The power of using Plasterite is incredible, and results are profound.
    Blessings should you decide to get involved!
    Happy stirring / pouring! 😛
    What is Gifting ?
    Making these tools of light and putting them all over the place, especially close to nefarious places of any sort.
    It is also great to give them to people you know, friends, family or even strangers.
    Many will feel the energy when the devices are held and can use them when they feel an uplift in their spirits is needed.