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OK beautiful people, just read that the oil spill has entered the gulf stream, this means BAD NEWS for the whole world, I would advise anyone to fabricate this water clearing device and put them in as many waters as possible, from what I see here, the chem crud have just about gone, so those parasites will try something else to eliminate mankind.
I have done some gifting in the gulf stream some 6 years ago, it look like It must be done in a greater scale at this point.
Also as the degree of toxins augment in our air, anyone with a Pillow medicine bag, please ware the thing, it will cancel out any toxin.
Here we are THE PEOPLE; lining up against us are the majority of the corporations, all government agencies, all medical and pharmaceutical mafia, all police, all military, insurance mafia, banking cartel etc etc etc…. and all we have is Good will and Orgonite……………………..shoot: they dont have a chance, they may as well give up