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Yes well good luck to the locals with their Slivovitsch, as you know I’m not madly addicted to ‘drink’ but still, on holidays, one expects a little bit at least. Don’t think the relatives see this page, hope not, or I won’t be invited away again [t2712].   No I don’t think there’s any ulterior motive, just bad planning and timing, not stocking up when we have the opportunity and arriving in places far too late to find any restaurants.   I’ve started throwing out hints though ‘David I’m sure you could do with a beer after that long drive’ not exactly subtle.

Yesterday was very pleasant apart from the long drive as mentioned (Zadar to Dubrovnik via the Coast Road), madness really even though the view was beautiful until it became dark.  We visited another national park, KRKA, it was more accessible to Yukie with her painful legs, we didn’t do much of the area but still enjoyable. Pics are from my gifting there.  Some obvious, some less so/invisible.  Then to Trogir (pretty) where I left a few more pieces.

We arrived in Dubrovnik rather late and tired so guess what our ‘dinner’ was?   A lovely sandwich I made with the same ‘ham’ and ‘cheese’ lovely fresh tomato,cucumber and lettuce.  This time I requested the hidden stock of chocolate and shortbread for the final touch.   Lucky we’d had a snack at lunchtime, in my case a truly horrible ‘kebab’ in a huge roll.   If you’re wondering about the ”s, it’s because neither cheese, ham, dinner or kebab bear much likeness to the real stuff.




20171009_125249.jpg                                                      20171009_122757.jpg

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Will I keep going with reporting/photos? May as well.- later.