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Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:25 pm

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker on Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:48 am

Great post Steve! I had forgotten some of those properties for selenite! How cool!?!
Like anything else, the only way to know is through experiment and trying new things.
I must admit my last batch sucks! LOL

I had read what Josh posted about how to mix things and their order/proportions, and trying to switch up in mid stream, so to speak,
I got my mix out of whack and some not so good results. But the GREAT thing is, as Josh mentioned,

I can now just reuse the oops in some larger new pieces. I've got to buy more plaster, finally killed
off the first bag from just making smaller pieces, but will buy several bags so I can get several larger ones made next.

My daughter has painted everything I've made to this point, LOL, which is all good.
She loves painting them, it makes her SO HAPPY, like a little child with finger paints.
She even told me she doesn't understand why, but she wants more of them around her, all the time! I
promised to put up some shelves in her room so she can start displaying everything she has
painted on them... well that, and to make a million more pieces for her to paint.... LOL

My son has decided to go the commando route, and leave his "butt naked" for now... but also
has four pieces in his room. He swears his creativity is going bonkers, he is into doing virtual
mixing of music and is having a blast these last several weeks since I first made some pieces.

I share this to add to our body of knowledge. I have meditated with one smaller piece on my
3rd eye several times, it sends me to the outer realms of time and space, the energy is so
HIGH, and pure. I'm seriously thinking of making some small muffin size pieces this next
go round as well, so I can do some fun things with grids (like under my bed) and throughout
my living space. It seems already that the invisible realm that my two cats see, has gotten
really busy as of late, they are constantly leaping about, as if to swat invisible butterflies.....
Spirit Walker

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker on Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:00 pm

Tonight my daughter came into the kitchen to see my latest bowl plasterite creation, and was
wowed by how smooth the sheen on it was. In the very next breath, she said, "you know, this
will sound crazy, but Daddy, my room feels different with all of those painted pieces in there
now... it feels "lighter" and brighter, kind of, like there is more energy in there"
I told her what others are saying here about their experiences and she just lit up! "For real???"
YEP! I told her she should feel something different, and that it feels even better when
painted... she interrupts me then and says "that's because I put so much of me into it, my
energy and emotion!?" LOL!!!!! YEP!!!!!!

Gotta love it. Out of the mouth of babes (well not technically, she is 23 years old). She
has asked/demanded that I get to work and crank out many, many more, and so I will do as
she has requested, and get ready to buy more PAINT!!! LOL Just bought 40.00 worth of tubes
of acrylic paints and glitter packs for her, they are going quick!!!
One last very true story. Yesterday, she had a huge emotional meltdown after a very traumatic
weekend with family issues at home with her Mom and sister. I had to pick her up from over
there after a very hectic call for help from her. I got her home, she walked into her room, and
2 minutes later, you would never have known she had been having a bad, bad, bad, day. I
swear.... she literally was "uplifted" IMMEDIATELY from the close proximity to our lovely
babies here. She has been great since, as if it happened, but now it had dwindled to a proper
memory, not a living nightmare. Simply amazing. There just aren't words that can possibly
capture my awe and gratitude at this point. I so love "this". I talk to it now, constantly... LOL
Yep, gone fishing and forgot the hooks! LOL They all are alive, magically, somehow. They
each have distinct "personalities" as well as can be defined. No other way to put it. The
painted pieces my daughter has made SING, they really just scream this JOY. It blows me
away to behold such incredible wonder. She is so proud of them, owns them in a surreal
sense, and they love her, I think... crazier than anything else I've said, I suppose, but just as
real to me. They really love her. And me too, I can feel it.
Tomorrow, my biggest piece comes to work with me at my office in DC. I'm going to wrap an
extension cord around it, and plug in something like an air freshener.... I expect the world as
we know it to be changed by noon..... LMAO!
Spirit Walker

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Steve
Thanks for sharing about your daughter's experience with the Plasterite Tony. You don't hear
about instantaneous healings like that very often with orgonite or even among professional
healers. Cool stuff!
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Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:15 pm

An outstanding post!!
It is all as true as can be
and more...much more
as the selenite or plasterite is

a gateway
a door
a " tool of light"

that s what it IS
The healing mob "got it" right away ...I did not
I just tested it all , became aware of it and after half a year started to grow in it, this awareness thingy...big time
so...takes time with some , so if you are slow like me :D dont worry, you will get there


Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:42 am

Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko on Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:19 am
Good one guys..!
You wouldn't believe it..first day of term and I get a call out...Kids had a great day..we made plasterite, drew up hexagons and pentagons with protractors , a bit of grammar and played sport...Top day... the plasterite was first up, teacher demo. then make in groups....several reported them tingling when held and also the coldness was observed. Although I mentioned
it would take a couple of days to dry, most of them couldn't wait so out with the felt tip pens...they were into it !
So that;s another 20 odd families it only a Tb....a good start.
Installed Large Cone as Broadcaster bother shellacing, just get it up and running...strongest orgone field yet..
Has about 40 wraps with 25m or 35 ? extension cord...Guess it will take a while to get used to this one , too . !
Really blasts away at my forehead......have to go for a walk for a break every now and's strong !
Have wrapped 3 more with 10m cord to replace ones in town for run this week hopefully ...
Just love being in on the ground floor .....very exciting, constantly .
Keep the info coming......Yo
monsoon gecko

Re: Plaster orgonite
by nepipemi on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:21 pm
Well, here are my first two humble creations. The second two were even more humbling and are plaster soup right now. They never cured so I mushed them up and got the crystals out. I'll recast sometime.
Not pretty, not great, but hey, I did it. I did it a while ago, just didn't feel like showing the world my bad plaster pouring skills just yet. These were cast in probably polycarbonate clear plastic ice cream dishes. The little short thing was the first layer of one of the failed pours. The subsequent layers never hardened and I just peeled them off of this one. Right now I have an orgonite HHG set on it. This is the first night that I have moved them upstairs near the bedroom. We'll see how that goes. Oh, yeah, the cat decided she must have some part of her in this photo op but didn't get close enough to use it to determine scale. The foot is much closer to the camera.


Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:33 pm
Nepi, we are going somewhere!!!!, I really like the design that you made on the top of that cone.

The correct mixture for plaster:

Two plaster to one and one half water:
2 gallons plaster + 1 1/2 gallon water,
mix quickly and pour quickly as well,
it will start to harden within a few minutes.
Your next assignment : an extra large traffic cone
One 25lb bag of plaster, that should be about 4 gallons (plus or minus a little)
3 Gallons of water
Heavy on the sand (about 6 or seven cups), less if you like
A bunch of any stones that you like (3 or more hand full), less if you like
Some larger crystals, 5 like in a HHG
Pour the thing in 2 batches, 3 if it is toooo hard to stir, just pout the next batch on the top of the last
Dont forget to tape shut the end of the traffic cone
OK have 10 minutes to completion................we are waiting for the picture.........................

Re: Plaster orgonite
by orgone donor on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:29 am
Hey everyone

I'm going to make first plaster pieces soon and was reading about the sand in the mix. I live near the beach and am going to try it out. Then i was also surfing the Warrior Matrix forum and found this thread on 'bionised sand' that you make by boiling and freezing beach sand.

What does everyone think about adding this to plasterite?

I am yet to make plasterite, just waiting on an order of crystals (any day now...)

Have made one litre's worth of resin orgonite and gifted most of it to people, all of whom love it.
I can even feel protected by orgonite when I don't have it on me, I just connect with it in my mind and feel better.
orgone donor

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:01 am
Hello Orgone Donor, I did get some bio sand from Leo, and it is somewhat energetic, but it feel more like tortured sand, and we feel that the energy of it would be here without boiling the poor thing, It is just as easy to admit that sand, clouds etc.., ALL is alive, and speak to the substance (make sure no one is looking) , and ask it to help, you will be surprised at he amount of consciousness in all the elements surrounding us, their honesty makes mankind look very pale .

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:07 pm
Aho Brother Josh!!

That is a great reminder, to ask each of the separate ingredients/components of the creation to work together harmoniously to broadcast life force energy continuously, and to never allow any form of corruption of that function or energy, ever. I think that about covers it... LOL

I had a thought earlier today while looking at three of these balls I bought from Doesn't those ball have some insane bovis reading to them? Here is a copy of what they are made of...

Cosmic Energy Stones are based on Laminar crystal technology. A very high concentration of the crystals are blended with a high-end ceramic clay. When this blend is fired at a certain, very high temperature, an alchemical transformation occurs, and the resulting Cosmic Energy Stones have properties that are greater than the sum of the ingredients that go into their creation.

The Stones are about 3/4 inch in diameter and seem somewhat fragile. In truth, they are almost indestructible and even thrown against a concrete surface, probably would not break. When the Stones are placed in the presence of water, under specified conditions, a transformation of the water occurs, and Cosmic Water is created. This water has properties most like the ancient, legendary waters of antiquity that supported and sustained life spans far beyond what is the present day norm.

Cosmic Energy Stones are used in a good-quality water to transform you water, raising the hydration level, raising the Bovis reading (energetic frequency), and dropping out certain impurities. Use for your personal water intake, for your pets, and plants.

When making Cosmic water, the Cosmic Energy Stones tend to be most effective when working in groups of three.

I wonder what either one of those, or some of the prill beads might do to help our lovely babies???

Spirit Walker

Re: Plaster orgonite
by Spirit Walker on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:18 pm ... d-411.html

Maybe this???

Spirit Walker

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:16 pm
Tony those balls Have been in my 4 gl container that we use for the drinking, and they must be three by three, so I put 18 in the container , just to make sure, HOWEVER there are a few things to make clear about water, no pun intended, I have not been able to make water taste as well as when I sit it on a piece of stone/mica that I found near here, after being on that stone for 30 or so minutes the taste is extremely smooth, almost oily, (Tony you have such a stone), I have tried to charge water with Orgonite, nano, those prill beads, shungite, also those balls, but nothing will give as smooth a water as that stone.
I have discussed that with a PHD friend of mine and he said that the stone may have some para magnetism in it, if this is correct, it show that a very small and weak thing can create large changes, those stones do not make the needle of the compass move at all, so the magnetism must be very weak, and yet it will change water very quickly
This is the water I use to make all my PLasterite
I have been drinking that water for a few years wonder I' m so good looking

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:58 pm
This is just fresh from the painting, Catherine calls it " consciousness rising
This one is 26 inches tall ( 66 cm)


Re: Plaster orgonite
by sacred on Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:08 pm

I love it!

great work Catherine!

oh, you too, Josh ..

Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko on Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:34 pm
Beautiful again , Catherine.. Love the overlapping "fish scale" Pattern , especially the warm colour scheme and mix
of shiney colours....they really does the energy....personally not too keen on yellow filtering down into sky...forgive critique.......beautiful regardless..! ! !

Just finished pouring another giant cone this morning . No "ite" stones this time but lemurians, lots crystal mix,
sand , copper powder, pillowed water and a heap of conical shells...thanks Josh, used them all. Have realized there
are plenty of small Telescopian shells here,long thin white spiral points. Used to do lots of beachcombing when kids were
young..looking forward to do some more !

Paramagnetic properties. About 15 years ago when teaching full time, started school garden, using spiritual and organic
techniques. This included Bio-dynamics. Sonic Bloom, Paramagnetic rock dust additions, etc, in a layered no dig garden
structure....Very popular..newspaper crews and Tv coverage , etc.. Bummer, when I left full time, garden fell into disuse.
Bought a Phill Callahan soil meter for measuring paramagnetivity...Found a very hard rock called Syonite.. I think?...very high paramgnetic reading .That is used for roadbase up here. Bought a couple of meters of crushed and powder for gardening.
At school did expt. using increasing amounts in pots , the highest amount about 2/3 of pot. Grew raddish seeds. Result...
the high amount pots had huge root systems compared to lowest and none. ...Oh ! Should have thrown handfull in cone..,
next time......Have used in orgonite a few times but could not pick any difference.
Ancients knew about these energy qualities and used paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials in their temples etc.
monsoon gecko

Re: Plaster orgonite
by monsoon gecko on Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:45 pm
The combination of para and diamagnetic creates energy field....Irish Round Towers, Egyptian pyramid, combo of limestone..dia.. and granite? para. Japan's "zen" gardens with carefully positioned stones and raked gravel...... most of the ancient temples and standing stones...all used this principle.

Water.. ha ha , you can't go past PILLOWED WATER. It's the best I've come across...sweet, crips and leaves that
delightful lingering "charge" in your mouth....yum. !

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monsoon gecko

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:01 am
You are right Stephen, the pillowed water is still the best, I had completely forgotten about it, brains....but still good looking

Re: Plaster orgonite
by josh on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:29 pm
Hello Maria T
Here come the rescue ., we have been experimenting with different ingredients for the Plasterite in going further into simplifying the mixture, so here we are with a new formula that according to some very sensitive people is outstanding: mix your plaster with some beach sand, the proportions are in volume 4 liters of plaster for 350ml of sand. If your sand comes from a beautiful Cape Town beach nothing else to do If you have to buy your sand which would probably be washed then you will have to add some unrefined sea salt to dissolve in the water you will use for the plaster. You might want to have 4lb of salt for 25 lb of plaster . You may add any crystals you want according to what you want to achieve with your piece for this particular event. Any shape will do (does not have to be a pyramid, actually better if not - old energy -). We are using all sorts of conical molds/glasses, vases, cooking molds, cake molds. We have posted all sorts of different shape and form for you to look at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=30

And this is what we have found to work the best for releasing the devices from the molds: wax your molds with just any car wax, then spray with silicon or any professional release agent (made with parafin), we have used a product call Pam (canola oil...not good) and does not result in the smooth surface, do not be fooled by this so ordinary plaster stuff it really works regardless what any pajama people are saying