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For a year and a half we have seen the same uniformity brought by anchors who have no idea what they are talking about and who simply read the autocue and above all, above all, do not ask annoying questions and on the other side of the table always the same experts and politicians who are neck, which is perfectly possible because... there is no contradiction. They can have their say without being interrupted. No one in the studio to get in their way or contradict them.

And so it happened again today that one Alexander De Croo unabashedly managed to get anything out of his coffers during today's VTM news at 1 pm.

Let us take a closer look at his words and compare them with earlier positions.

During the first lockdown it was about "flatten the curve". The population had to relieve the IC because there were only 1992 IC beds.

A week after the Vivaldi government took office (08.10.2020 to be precise), Alexander De Croo visited the UCL hospital in Brussels in the presence of the press. He was met by a long line of servants as befits His Highness.

He asked the staff how things were going in the hospital and whether it was not too heavy. The doctors and nurses complained that they could no longer cope with the work because they had been given a lot of administrative tasks (including writing all kinds of certificates), that there had been a staff shortage for some time, they were tired of working extra shifts and they wished that more staff would be recruited and that they would be relieved of a number of administrative tasks. De Croo immediately turned to the camera with a quip and coolly stated that WE, the people, should relieve the hospitals. In other words it was OUR fault that the hospitals were overloaded and the staff were overtired (see previous post on FB with video footage of this happening).

The first two lockdowns did NOT come because there were dramatically many sick people in Belgium, which has a total of 11,661,000 inhabitants, but because the hospitals had (and have) too few IC beds and too few staff. Not a hair on Alexander's balding head that even thought for a second to invest in healthcare.

Now we are - dixit Alexander - with another unique situation.

Yes. It is now no longer so much about the number of hospital admissions (because there are almost none) but ... about the fear of the major loss of hospital staff and also staff of other public institutions, companies, police, etc...

We should have expected that anchor Danny Verstraeten would ask Alexander WHY a major loss of personnel is expected but no, that question was not asked so we have to ask the question ourselves and answer it ourselves.

It is now common knowledge that the Omikron variant causes much more infections, but much fewer sick and hospital admissions. So that's definitely not the problem. The disease symptoms are similar to those of a cold and are located in the throat (but not in the lungs).

So... the vaccinated staff of hospitals could work perfectly, just like they did during the first wave when there were reportedly very many hospitalizations. During that period, reports and testimonials have appeared several times about and from staff members of hospitals and WZC who stated that they had to go to work even if they were infected. The big difference between the past and now is that today all healthcare employees constantly wear a mouth mask (and not then because there were none (yet).

So what's different today?

Anyone who tests positive has to quarantine for 7 to 10 days!

While 99% do not have any symptoms of illness and do not get sick. Those who do get sick generally have no more than a snot. They heal within a few days. Only people with pre-existing conditions are still at risk, albeit only to a limited extent, but they do not work in healthcare.

And then of course there is also the fact that 30% of healthcare staff refuse to be vaccinated. Alexander seems to have already forgotten that a certain Frank VDB stated in a not so distant past that anyone who does not get vaccinated in healthcare will be fired by 01.04.2022. That threat has not been of the nature to convince the 30% refusers. They keep the leg stiff. If that 30% in health care is lost, then "they" will have a real problem.

So... all measures will continue to apply this time because there is a fear of a major loss of staff caused solely by mandatory quarantines that have been rife since August 2020 AND the threat of dismissal of unvaccinated healthcare staff. That way we can of course stay busy until the pier time, can't we?

Then let's talk about today's demonstration 09.01.2022 in Brussels where the participants manifested against the CST and for freedom.

What did our Alexander have to say about that?

Well... that everyone has the right to argue ( that's noted Alexander ! ) and everyone also has the right to a different opinion ( ditto ! ), but only a few thousand people have a different opinion while a few million people have the DO follow the rules. They form a silent very large majority by Alexander.

Dear Alexander, you are very naive if you think that millions of people still believe in your government's policies and the lying absurd narrative that takes on grotesque proportions.

More and more people realize that they are cheated, lied to and cheated by you and your vassals on a daily basis.

It's not just a few thousand people who have a different opinion. On 21.11 there were about 100,000 protesters (and not 35,000) and today 09.01.2022 there were also much more than 5,000. On 23.01.2022 a multitude will take to the streets and manifest for the respect for their Constitutional rights and freedoms. THE CONSTITUTION Alexander. Have you ever read it ?

That you ignore all those who take to the streets up to that point. But the silent very large majority you are referring to are NOT the people who obediently follow the rules but vote the silent protest. They do not yet dare to manifest because they are afraid that they will be beaten with mattresses and bombarded with tear gas and water cannons.

You wisely conceal the fact that today in Belgium only 76% of the population has been vaccinated twice. The other 24% don't want the syringe and absolutely disagree with your policies and the stupid rules you're enacting. If you can count correctly, you know that those 24% represent 2,800,000 people. You will not be able to convince them. No, not even if you make the "vaccine-that-not-a-vaccine" mandatory (if it could be done at all).

Furthermore, today barely 37% of the vaccinated population has had a booster shot. The remaining 39% hesitate or no longer participate. That is another 4,500,000 Belgians who no longer believe in your policy and the narrative, bringing the total to 7.3 million Belgians, or the great majority.

From mid-January 2022, cf the press releases, the 4th syringe will start. Then more people will drop out.

Even Jan Modaal has now understood that it is pointless to have 4 syringes placed with an experimental product that is still in a test phase for a virus that currently carries a very low risk of disease and a disease similar to that of a cold. and this certainly now that the EU has approved 5 efficient corona medicines on 29.06.2021. sick ? Take some pills for a few days and it's over. As in "the old days".

And ... the vaccination certificate ( CST ) " absolutely legal " and " repeatedly confirmed by the courts ?

The Court of First Instance of Namur has declared the CST unconstitutional. There is no other judgment that has ruled otherwise. The CST is contrary to the Constitution and also very discriminatory.

Pack your bags and leave for an uninhabited island while you still can. Not that you will find peace there, because in due time you will be neatly handcuffed and held accountable for the many vaccine deaths and the vaccination damage that today - according to the databases of Vigi Acess and Eudravigilance - already several hundreds of thousands of victims. registered ( and that is just the tip of the iceberg ).

In the meantime, you can already take some reading to your uninhabited island: the figures from Statbel regarding the large excess mortality in 2021 that is NOT due to corona (only 5 to 10% of the deaths depending on the month) but mainly to heart failure and other cardiovascular disorders such as myocarditis, pericarditis, aneurysms, thromboses, blood clots, etc.

This post is a response to De Croo's position in today's VTM news, 09.01.2022 at 1 pm. Critical voices have no choice but to comment on the oration of experts and politicians via social media at the risk of being blocked yet again for THEIR opinion.

"They" can do everything and we are silenced to cover the lie. Mewe is just about the only medium where freedom of expression is still respected.

Carine Knapen