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Finding psychological well-being in this society

Finding psychological well-being in this society

Society is going crazy and psychological well-being is not going well. Yet it is possible to do something about it, for ourselves and especially together.

Our society has suffered greatly from the corona crisis and the end is not yet in sight. Moreover, there are other events in the world that also have a significant impact on our well-being. The frequency of positive emotions (being enthusiastic, cheerful, inspired, energetic, …) is declining and many people are also afraid of what the future will bring.

Many would lose heart, but the consequence of this is that people shroud themselves even more in the negative and thus do not get a meter ahead. Then you get into a negative spiral.

That is also bad for your health: the American author John Steinbeck, wrote in one of his books: “A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ” – a sad soul can kill you faster than a bacteria or virus. And that is also scientifically substantiated. Negative emotions release bad substances and reduce immunity and health.

In addition, many of us currently live like what I compare to a ball in a pinball machine. People are shot and bumped from here to there, without really being aware of life. One is lived. One no longer relaxes.

I also see with some that their smartphone sticks to their hands. Recently I witnessed a head-on collision between two pedestrians in Brussels. Both were walking so busy with their smartphones that they had not seen each other and crashed right into each other. The tough thing is that they each just murmur something and then just continue their way while using their smartphone.

But I have good news. It is possible – despite all circumstances – to boost our psychological well-being. From the inside.


And the Roman "Emperor of Philosophy" Marcus Aurelius wrote: HE/SHE WHO LIVES IN HARMONY WITH HIM/HERSELF, LIVES IN HARMONY WITH THE UNIVERSE.

So, in the first instance, improvement comes from within. To understand that, it may be useful to give a brief explanation of how our brain works. And in doing so, we look at three parts of that brain. This short explanation was inspired by the French biologist Christian Boiron.

Firstly, there is our reptilian brain: it is known for an instinctive reaction when danger presents itself: flee, fight or hide. So when our ancestors were suddenly confronted with a mammoth, they didn't have to think. Instinct indicates what should be done (hiding in this case, because there is no point in fighting or fleeing; the mammoth is too strong and too fast).

Secondly, there is our limbic system where emotions are discussed but also conditioning takes place. Now comes the problem: many of us have been and are also being falsely conditioned, negatively conditioned, so we often have negative thoughts within ourselves or make negative statements aloud. An anthology: “the people are bad”; “the world is dead”; “I hate waiting in line”; “it's never right when I do something”; “you never do the dishes”; "it's always something with you"; … Note that often the words 'always', 'never', and 'hate' appear in the list.

And now it comes: Because of those negative thoughts and statements, the reptilian brain experiences danger, not from the outside but from within. And this has the possible 'instinctual' reactions:

  • flight behaviour: excessive eating and drinking, binge-watching, looking for kicks, driving too fast,…
  • fighting behaviour: getting angry or irritated for the least, yelling, traffic aggression…
  • to hide: to shield oneself from the world, to crawl into his or her shell,…

All of this is detrimental to our mental well-being.

So it's high time to give more power to the third part of the brain in this story: the prefrontal cortex. This stands for reflection, emotional regulation, empathy, serenity, mercy… Only when it works well can we counteract the negative spiral. So if you're going to have a discussion with someone soon and that person starts to get irritated rather quickly, feel free to ask the question: "what's with your prefrontal cortex? Certainly not in shape?” Success guaranteed and immediately broken the ice! (with some bad luck you can also end up with a broken nose; that depends a bit on how bad the prefrontal cortex of that person is).

And then of course comes the crucial question: how do you train the prefrontal cortex? How do you make it stronger?

There are various possibilities:

  • Meditation (mantra, breathing, …) – see the works of Steven Laureys on this;
  • Mindfulness, yoga – The Leuven Mindfulness Center is researching this;
  • Listening to calm music, or making music yourself – Professor Emeritus Mark Reybrouck did a lot of research on this;
  • Working in the garden with only attention to what you are doing – eg weeding in a conscious way, with full attention;
  • Taking walks in nature with attention to that nature; think of 'forest baths';
  • ...

You have to find your thing in it just as you also have to find your thing to train your body. One prefers to walk, the other to cycle, or to jog or swim, ... The same goes for training our brain. It's a matter of figuring out which method works best for you.

Also very important: systematically put the smartphone aside. Also turn off your push messages, make sure you don't get breaking news. It is important to regain control of that device. You decide when you look at what, not something or someone else has to decide that. An interesting application is the famous 'stolp', a box that works like a Faraday cage, in which you put your smartphone so that you exclude any range. Do you want to reach again? Just take your device out of the dome again. Much more convenient than struggling with the airplane mode (which, by the way, only partially shields).

So advice number 1 to improve your well-being: training the prefrontal cortex. And this is really possible. Desmond Tutu once said, “every human being is a masterpiece in progress”. He was right. It's just a matter of working on that performance.

I have a second piece of advice: the famous golden rule. Treat others as you would like them to treat you. Or you can also formulate it differently in the opposite sense: don't do to others what you don't want to be done to yourself.

That rule is interpreted by many from self-interest, but a step further is to interpret the rule from a principle of human equality. After all, we are not equal, we are all different, with different characteristics and capacities, but we are equal.

Actually, working on our psychological well-being is above all a matter of us. And this is where basic psychological needs come in. First, granting each other the necessary autonomy, eg in a relationship or at work. Giving each other the necessary space, giving each other a say in decisions, etc… Secondly, fulfilling the need for involvement and connection by treating each other with warmth and friendliness. That costs nothing! And thirdly, helping each other meet the need for competence, the need to feel competent. This can be done by encouraging and supporting each other. My favorite saying from the Bond Zonder Naam is "Give people a compliment and they get wings".

The science is also very clear about this. As early as 2005, Stephen Post published an article entitled IT's GOOD TO BE GOOD in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. People who are good to others also feel better about themselves as a result. As long as one does not submit to the whims of another, of course. You can be good, but not stupid.

On top of that, if one spends an important part of one's time on meaningful activities – not only doing things for others, but also learning things, creating things,… – this gives an extra boost to psychological well-being.

American psychologist Annie McKee puts it this way: “Experience friendships and doing meaningful things are as important as the air we breathe”.

Conclusion of this story: how to enhance psychological well-being in a – let's call a cat a cat – crazy running society? By keeping the head cool and the heart warm.

And that can also give the strength to – for those who wish – to take the necessary action against injustices, crooked situations, manipulation, abuse of power, etc. and in this way help to contribute to a better society.


Lieven Annemans

The magnet of power always leads to madness.

Weekly Update.

  •  ( CST means vax passport digital )

February 27, 2022

I've been writing a "weekly corona update" every Sunday for a year and a half. In the last few weeks I was already forced to mention more and more other themes in my epistles, which are also important when it comes to our freedom. For this reason, I will no longer bring my weekly (according to some much too long) contributions as a weekly corona update, but as a weekly column about how I experienced the past week. Sometimes it will be longer texts, like today. Sometimes, fortunately, they will also be quite a bit shorter. I also secretly hope that there will be weeks where it will not be necessary to write anything.

This week, of course, I have to start with the extremely painful and distressing situation in Ukraine. Before I go, just to be clear: I have no sympathy whatsoever for Putin, no sympathy whatsoever for the EU potentates, no sympathy whatsoever for Biden, and no sympathy whatsoever for the heads of government of thoroughly corrupt Ukraine. All these previous ones have a part in what is going on today. Some more than others, but it's important to realize that they all, without exception, have butter on their heads. I do have a lot of sympathy for the poor Ukrainian citizens who are unfortunately very affected. As a soldier I have spent enough time in countries where there was an armed conflict and only when you have experienced that can you understand how hard it must be for the civilians in Ukraine. Over the past year and a half, I have often been told that as a shoemaker I had to stick to my last when I wrote about the corona crisis. This comment has turned out to be quite retarded since my predictions were always a lot more accurate than those of our gut virologist Marc Van Ranst. However, when we talk about the armed conflict in Ukraine, we are indeed entering the field where I can speak with the necessary expertise. As a former military intelligence officer, I can say without exaggeration that there are few Belgians more skilled in the Russian military apparatus than myself. As a weapons inspector, at the end of my military career, I visited numerous former Soviet countries in the context of arms control for various treaties concluded after the Cold War. In addition to the military aspect, I learned there that we are all people who prefer never to go to war again. During the inspections that I carried out, the aspect of fraternization was therefore extremely important and often too much vodka was drunk. I learned that “in vodka veritas” turned out to be even more relevant than “in vino veritas”. In the past week I have been thinking a lot about the wonderful Ukrainian soldiers I got to know a few years ago. As a weapons inspector I have completed several missions in that wonderful country. I still have a good relationship with a large number of those Ukrainian soldiers and we are still in regular contact. After all, they have already renounced the military conflict in their country that has been raging since 2014. In that year it was precisely our cowardly compatriot Guy Verhofstadt who gave the immediate cause for this war. With a very derogatory and downright stupid speech, he spat in the face of the Russians. There was a European- and US-backed coup that propped up an anti-Russian and pro-Western government with the idea of ​​making Ukraine a NATO member at a later stage and constricting Russia further. Much of what is happening today is also due to this folly. Our media has hardly paid any attention to it in recent years, but the current conflict has unfortunately been going on for almost 8 years. This week I tried to contact several of my Ukrainian colleagues from back in the day to make sure they were ok. Unfortunately without success. Many people today have an opinion about the conflict. Everyone is of course allowed to have an opinion. At the moment, however, I am mainly thinking of the soldiers, both Ukrainian and Russian, who today have to fight for their lives because some fringe morons have too big an ego. This week I have been very annoyed by people who claim that this conflict is a distraction and is even fake news. I am the first to say that our media has failed miserably over the past 2 years and I will continue to say that as long as the same mistakes continue to be made. However, it is hallucinatory to note that very many people now apparently no longer believe anything that appears in the press. This is a very worrying evolution. I therefore think it is important to go into this a little more deeply today. First of all, of course, I hope that peace will return soon and that the bloodshed will soon stop. I would then like to point out that I believe Putin made an unforgivable mistake here. Until a few weeks ago, I could usually understand why he made certain decisions. When I say I could understand him, it doesn't mean I agreed with what he did. Because make no mistake, this man is indeed a dangerous madman and a dictator. Any dictator who lasts for a while will literally go mad with paranoia over time and I think that has now happened. The magnet of power always leads to madness. If you listen to his speeches over the last few weeks, it is clear that he has lost all sense of reality. My estimation is therefore that he has now gone too far and will soon be set aside by people from his environment. Let's really hope this doesn't last too long. Afterwards, it is hoped that a process of reconciliation can be started between Russia and Ukraine, as well as between Russia and Europe. I deliberately do not mention the Americans because I think they have screwed things up enough in recent decades. I will definitely come back to this in the coming weeks and months.

The first problem we notice at the moment is that Europe is actually very weak. There have been sanctions against Russia since 2014. They do not appear to be particularly effective because the situation is still escalating. Europe and the European countries show great impotence. This is partly because the Americans have always played us perfectly apart. On the other hand, we have also mainly benefited from US defense spending and have never invested enough in our own security. Certainly Belgium has been the worst student in the NATO class for years. No Belgian political party has paid the necessary attention to this in recent decades. Defense is the life insurance of a country. If you don't pay that premium and things go wrong, you have a big problem. After this crisis, our politics must work on this. After all, if the Russian bear is tamed, there are even more dangerous animals lurking around the corner. We are of course mainly thinking of China here, but in my opinion there are still some other potential dangers. In my opinion, we should also only work on a defensive capacity, as Switzerland has been doing superbly for decades. You only need an offensive capacity if you want to impose your will on others. That was and unfortunately still is the hobby of the Americans and we now see what it has yielded. We must therefore stop trying to play policeman everywhere. The task of Defense must be back to defend its own territory. Nothing more, nothing less. That's my view anyway. In addition, we must finally produce basic raw materials in Europe itself and bring mass production back to the EU. If Putin turns off the gas and oil taps and makes other resources scarcer, we will know who will see black snow. So sourcing strategically important raw materials from a country against which sanctions have been imposed does not go hand in hand. Europe will have to give strong priority to the production of its own raw materials and the development of technology, also in the field of energy. The same applies to mass production, where we depend too much on foreign countries with which it does not always work well and/or will not work well. So sourcing strategically important raw materials from a country against which sanctions have been imposed does not go hand in hand. Europe will have to give strong priority to the production of its own raw materials and the development of technology, also in the field of energy. The same applies to mass production, where we depend too much on foreign countries with which it does not always work well and/or will not work well. So sourcing strategically important raw materials from a country against which sanctions have been imposed does not go hand in hand. Europe will have to give strong priority to the production of its own raw materials and the development of technology, also in the field of energy. The same applies to mass production, where we depend too much on foreign countries with which it does not always work well and/or will not work well.

Another problem is that we, the West, have not respected the agreements made with the Russians for about 30 years. Numerous Western leaders promised former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not expand further east. Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Gorbachev agreed that all of Germany, including the former GDR, would join NATO. But all the countries involved in the unification – Germany, Britain, the US and France – pledged to the highest level that the military alliance would not expand. US Secretary of State James Baker said three times that NATO "wouldn't move an inch". Former French President François Mitterrand even said he "personally hoped that the military blocs would be slowly dismantled". For Gorbachev, the latter has always been the approach. He hoped that NATO would transform into a political alliance that Russia could eventually join. In my opinion, this is still the only solution to this problem. Gorbachev is also still disappointed that this plan never materialized. Putin still had this hope until 2008, but then the Americans and some European lap dogs unfortunately put the lid on the nose. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, NATO and the EU expanded greatly towards Russia, limiting the Russian sphere of influence. Understandably, the Russians feel trapped, especially if the agreements made are not adhered to. It is therefore necessary, once Putin is ousted from power, to start a new dialogue between the EU and Russia in order to achieve a new understanding, from a position of understanding, in a spirit of cooperation rather than conflict. If NATO had simply said: no, Ukraine will never be allowed to join, we would not have had a bloody conflict now. In addition to condemning dictator Putin very rightly, we must not lose sight of this. Ukraine will never be allowed to join if we hadn't had a bloody conflict now. In addition to condemning dictator Putin very rightly, we must not lose sight of this. Ukraine will never be allowed to join if we hadn't had a bloody conflict now. In addition to condemning dictator Putin very rightly, we must not lose sight of this.

But Ukraine itself will also have to work on really thorough reforms after this conflict in order to be there as soon as possible for the people and not just for a limited elite of corrupt profiteers. Ukraine can also be expected to build up and keep intact its crucial government functions so that it is not obvious for other countries to invade the country. Because in this, Putin has done his homework well. After all, the Russians' national debt is only 18% of GDP and they have almost quadrupled their gold reserves since 2008 to a whopping 2300 tons. This is also the reason why there are still a lot of Ukrainians who do want to belong to Russia, because they think they will be better off. The others want to belong to Europe again for exactly the same reason. In any case, we are now morally obliged to help the Ukrainians after this conflict not only financially, but also structurally so that they can also work, in freedom, for a prosperous and fair country. Let's hope that soon and I hope to be able to visit this very beautiful country again very soon to drink vodka again with my former Ukrainian colleagues.

Then back to Belgium, because our ministers have indeed abused the media attention around Ukraine to push through another scandalous and unscientific decision. Very subtly, when everyone looked at Putin, the Council of Ministers gave the final green light for the mandatory corona vaccination for healthcare staff on Friday. While all measures are finally being removed in almost all countries in the world, our far-left Vivaldists find it necessary to bully and blackmail some doctors and nurses. Through this road I have a message for these brave heroes of care. Don't be put off by this blackmail. You are enough. Contact the trade union and work out actions together with the French-speaking colleagues. Master Frank must feel that he must stop his retarded and unscientific madness. On July 1, we will laugh together with Frank's Sméagol head, because even then he will have to determine again that his foolish puncture obligation has not come through. I also ask you to explain even more and determined to your environment why you are very right not to choose these corona pricks. Make it clear to everyone that you would rather look for other work than take these unhealthy shots. After all, this message is very important in the run-up to shot 4, which will soon be rolled out for everyone. After all, in the coming months it really comes down to convincing as many people as possible not to take these. If we succeed in doing this, the corona bubble will soon be punctured once and for all and our politicians can look for another way to curtail our freedoms by making us afraid of another so-called pressing problem. Last week I already let you know that there is a very good chance that the climate hoax will be abused for this.

Then we have to talk about the CST again this week. Credit where credit is due, this week there was a wonderful bill from Vlaams Belang to definitively abolish the CST. A proposal that anyone with a bit of common sense should support you would think? Certainly the N-VA that has been calling for weeks that it is against the CST? Unfortunately, all parties, except for the abstaining PvdA communists, voted down the proposal. I therefore found it very hypocritical that Bart De Wever had the following recorded a day later: “I do not understand why the Prime Minister does not want to convene the Consultation Committee until 4 March to go to code yellow. The trend of the figures is obvious, both at home and abroad. Why not give our families a crocus week without covid measures?" Until a year or two ago I really thought the mayor of Antwerp was a political talent and I often agreed with him. Now his mentality, and by extension that of almost the entire N-VA, is almost as raunchy as the behavior of Marc Van Ranst. If the N-VA and the other CST parties have their way, we will soon be here with the EU ID, and they can block any bank account with the push of a button. The ultimate dictatorship. We still have a lot of work ahead of us and we can now really note that we cannot count on the N-VA. By the way, there was some funny CST news this week. On January 21, the government announced new rules for the CST from March 1: Those who have not been boosted or who received a second dose more than five months ago would no longer have CST. That would have been the case for hundreds of thousands of Belgians. However, this week it was decided not to implement this measure. Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke told Le Soir that the legislation will not be in order by March 1, so that it is not possible to change the measure. This is, of course, pure nonsense.


The real reason is that the booster was much less successful than hoped and they didn't want the group of “anti-vaxxers” to get too big yet. In this way they can keep their CST a little longer and continue to discriminate against the first group a little further.


The biggest victim of this, however, is the hospitality industry. They are meanwhile complaining that no cat comes to drink a pint or eat anything. Fortunately, because of this, there are fewer and fewer catering businesses that still check the silly QR code. I've been drinking coffee almost every day for the past few weeks and nowhere, really nowhere, was I scanned. Everyone is really tired of this far-left Vivaldi madness. Only those few covids for whom corona has become a religion insist on being scanned and they cum when they see their silly green check mark appear. When the corona balloon will finally be pierced in our country soon, they will still wear their unhealthy mouth mask if they are alone in the car or make love with their partner. Very sad actually that these people are so scared that they keep doing this.

I also go abroad every week. After all, our media pay far too little attention to this. It struck me that the situation is currently nowhere worse than in Israel. This is about the only country where Omikron turns out to be a killer. I am therefore more and more convinced that it will soon become apparent that this is a consequence of the fourth injection, which is extremely harmful to the immune system. In Israel today, more people die from Omikron, which is a simple cold, than last year from the more sickening delta variant. You will of course not hear this from our gutter virologists. If you look at the stock prices of Pfizer and Moderna, you will notice that large investors have already understood this. If our politicians here in Belgium soon dare to call for all of us to have a shot of 4, then I call them murderers. I will not tolerate hiding behind the gutter virologists paid by the Big Pharma to manipulate us. After all, we've warned them enough for over a year.

There was also interesting news from Canada. Trudeau has repealed the Emergencies Act. This is not because the protest in Ottawa is over, but because the Canadians have massively emptied their accounts, transferred them to the US or invested in gold and Bitcoin. Gold and silver are no longer available in Canada. This is really very encouraging news. This shows that when a government takes foolish measures, people look for alternatives. So don't be too afraid of the measures that our European leaders will try to impose on us this summer. We will find solutions. In the meantime, I will continue to advise you to delve into Bitcoin and get started with it. If you don't feel comfortable with this or if you find this too difficult, which I understand, I really think you should look at gold and to a lesser extent silver. I maintain that our European leaders will attack our savings in the coming months. That attack is already underway due to the sky-high inflation after the gigantic printing of money. Unfortunately, there appears to be no Belgian Member of Parliament who understands the impact of this. They are therefore not chosen for their intelligence, but for their docility.

Last week I also read a very interesting study that was conducted on more than 60,000 preschoolers. This study showed, painfully, that corona closures of pre-primary education led to problems with cognitive, motor and socio-emotional development, which threaten school maturity. Again, it turned out that the negative effects are greatest in underprivileged children. I am therefore still very angry with our policy makers because we were so many to warn them every time. It really is so wrong that we sacrificed children to ward off frightened old men. shameless. Incidentally, these problems do not exist in Sweden where childcare and schools have never been closed. Anyway,

To (almost) end today, we have to take a look at what happened behind the scenes with our politicians last week. After all, something very strange is going on. Open VLD and N-VA suddenly seem to have become best friends. In recent years they could drink each other's blood and it was actually pathetic that they were still in the Flemish government together. My contacts at VLD confirm that a plan is actually being worked on to get the Greens out of Vivaldi and into the N-VA within a few weeks. In this way they hope to avoid elections. After all, N-VA does not dare to go to voters because they have deceived them en masse. All parties realize that Vlaams Belang would achieve a monster score today, so they want to buy time. They also realize that, for what they want to push for the next few months, they cannot count on the Greens because they are often still idealistic and sometimes still have principles. This would also be the reason that N-VA voted down the resolution to abolish the CST this week. After all, Theo Franken has smelled power again and wants a ministerial post again. If he has to take a CST for that, he does so with great pleasure. The magnet of power always leads to madness. I once thought this man had a backbone, but apparently not. However, I am fascinated by the fact that more and more people are seeing through these lying politicians and that they will be confronted with reality even harder in the next election. People are not as stupid as they think. No matter how fast the lie is, the truth will catch up with them.

Also today I like to end with four quotes from four critical and brilliant professors:

Professor Rik Torfs:

There are surprisingly many people who are more sympathetic to Putin than to the European Union. That is, from the point of view of democracy and human rights, a grave mistake. But the EU does need more self-criticism about its own democratic deficit.

Professor Hendrik Vuye:

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a liberal to enter the Kingdom of Liberty” (Matthew 19:24).

Professor Tijl De Bie:

There is a real chance that we will one day complain that we have contained Omicron. (Although they won't admit it.) Just as we paid a price for sticking to measures in the summer of 2021. (Although they don't give it please.)

Epidemiologist Luc Bonneux:

Russia should have learned better from its own history.

The Nazi armies were superior, but the Russian people, wounded in their pride, fought back with total surrender. Then every battle won is provisional, awaiting the next one against a never-ending foe.

He who sows fear will reap storm.

Weekly update Corona .

February 20, 2022

Unfortunately, this week we were able to conclude again that our mainstream media is really addicted to selling fear. Almost every day we were told that naughty Putin would invade Ukraine. On the VTM Nieuws we could follow daily how journalist Robin Ramaekers went looking for a scared Ukrainian, but still has not succeeded. Unfortunately, explaining what is really going on in Ukraine turns out to be too difficult for our journalists. The sad truth is that the West itself is mainly responsible for the current tensions. In 2008, Putin himself proposed to join NATO. He was unfortunately laughed at by us and the American arms industry in particular benefited from the fact that the Russians continued to be labeled "naughty". Very sad actually how we have been manipulated there for years. Am I saying that Putin should be heralded as a hero? Certainly not, because I personally would not like to live in a country where he is the president. After all, we know that he doesn't always stick to certain liberal and democratic principles. Unfortunately, this has also been the case for certain European government leaders for almost 2 years, including our own Prime Minister De Croo. Fear was also sold quite literally this week for last Friday's storm. Coincidentally, the day we were allowed to go to code orange in the corona barometer and so were allowed back a little more from our room, the day the KMI announced that it also became code orange for them, which called on to stay in our room after all. The journalists in particular seemed really happy that something exciting was about to happen again. It all seemed "together against the storm". There was just no advice that everyone should wear helmets. We would of course also have to wear these if we were to stay indoors, because we wear a helmet for someone else. To prevent a shortage of rescuers, people could then be called upon to opt for a cap or a hat, because only together can we get the storm under control. If there were more storms, could there be a vaccine against storm damage? You don't want your flower pot to blow away, do you? You are doing this for the protection of someone else. Only together can we get wind force 19 under control. Anyway, all kidding aside, it's sad that the journalistic level of our mainstream media (in general) is so appallingly weak. Many sleep through a storm, but are awake by a mosquito. People don't need this fear porn to know that it's best to stay indoors during a storm. They do this voluntarily because they understand the danger. For totalitarian and pseudoscientific measures (CST, curfew, mouth masks, etc.) you need coercion, pressure and enforcers. That makes you think, right?

The problem, I'm afraid, is that we're going to get a lot more of these reports about storms, bad weather and global warming in the coming weeks and months. After all, the corona balloon has finally been pierced worldwide, and then a new wave of fear is needed to limit citizens in their actions. New balloons will be released by certain politicians in the coming months. For example, there will be more and more calls for the introduction of climate lockdowns. These politicians will get a lot of support from the well-known media giants and of course also from the social media giants. People and also scientists who are critical of the climate hoax will also be censored. It will therefore not be long before someone will suggest in the next few days that Friday's storm came because we drive diesel cars or eat meat or worse, drive a diesel car to the butcher to buy meat there. There will be voices that the European pass they want to ram down our throats this summer must be linked to a CO2 budget. The European Union will introduce the digital ID this year and gradually extend it to more and more aspects of everyday life. We will then have to choose between either traveling by plane or eating meat. Anuna De Wever can't help but think. Standing up for a better climate doesn't count for the hypocritical rich people who can fly everywhere with private planes, but it is meant to grab money from the wallet of ordinary citizens. Within a few months, I believe, “green bonds” will be issued. This is purely because European countries' government bonds have become virtually worthless and they want to cover it up under the guise that we all have to save the climate together. We must really be aware of this and we must also try to puncture this balloon in time. I am of course not saying that we should not take care of our climate, because we should. It is indeed not a bad idea to eat a little less meat and we should support initiatives that are good for our climate. For example, stop wearing mouth masks. Letting ourselves be limited and controlled is something we can never accept again and we have to realize that's what it's all about. For nothing else. The highest remains free will,

This week I was very pleasantly surprised by the Pano report on VRT that went deeper into the mental impact of the corona crisis on young people. With each new wave over the past two years, the pandemic has wreaked havoc on our mental health, especially among young people. The waiting lists for (crisis) admission to youth care are up to four times longer, often even a registration stop applies. Even two years after the start of the pandemic, we do not know exactly how many young people are waiting for mental health care and what help they need exactly. In the meantime, the figures on mental health that are available are still in the red. For example, the number of crisis questions for 12 to 18-year-olds doubled in early 2021 compared to the previous year. Exactly a year ago, almost day to day, I already wrote this but then I was fact checked by Knack. We already know that a fact check just means that you have brought the truth and that it must be debunked. By the way, you really should take the trouble to read back the fact checks by Knack and VRT from eighteen months ago. There is almost no better humor. Anyway, we were talking about the excellent Pano report. If you haven't watched it yet, you really should because the testimonials of the young people really make you realize what our politicians have done to these young people. I also really maintain that certain ministers and experts should be prosecuted for the damage done once this crisis is completely over. If you watch this episode, you want Wouter Beke to resign as minister immediately. However, he responded with the message that by next year there will be a plan to tackle the problem. By the way, did you know that with the cost of one day of PCR testing in our country, we could pay for as many as 46,875 reimbursed sessions with a psychologist? You read that right, one day. Isn't this sheer madness? Why then do we have to wait another year for a plan? The list of the blunder minister is getting longer and longer; let the elderly die in retirement homes, continue to push vaccines for children against the advice of our own Supreme Health Council and now the psychological abuse of our young people. How much blood do you have to have on your hands to have to leave our country, I wonder more and more. Unfortunately, it got a little more painful on Friday. The six-month-old girl who suffered life-threatening injuries in the daycare center 't Sloeberhuisje in the Ghent sub-municipality of Mariakerke, has died. This was confirmed by the East Flemish public prosecutor. “After this drama, Flemish minister Wouter Beke (CD&V) and Kind en Gezin can no longer hide,” says investigative journalist Jeroen Bossaert. “What have they done to prevent this tragedy? And was that enough?” In the VTM News, the minister was interviewed about the abuses in childcare. He stated that "we all need to work together to create a safe environment" and he said this without any shame. He had been aware of abuses in this crèche for a year and a half, but still, just like in the WZCs, he let him be. In my opinion, this is entirely his fault.

By the way, I want to come back to the PCR tests I just mentioned. After all, since this week we know that 1.5 billion has already been spent in our country on PCR tests since the start of this "pandemic". Apart from the fact that our gut virologist Marc Van Ranst earns an outrageous amount of money from this, we could really have spent this money much better. For example, 8,000 social homes could be built with this money. Isn't that hallucinatory if you stop to think about it? Just 4 months of PCR testing also costs the same as the entire annual budget of the Fund for Scientific Research, for all scientific domains together (including medicine). That our politicians continue to defend this is simply criminal. I really have no other words for it.

What's even more criminal is what's happening in Canada right now. Unfortunately, we've barely seen this in our mainstream media this week. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is harking back to a special, never-before-used emergency law to do more against the persistent trucker protests. Meanwhile, Canada's finance minister said banks can now freeze protesters' bank accounts. People who protest will therefore no longer be able to use their own money. Even with child killers like Marc Dutroux this was not done. Do our journalists really not realize how crazy this is? Imagine Orban doing the same as Trudeau did in Canada today? Our Belgian politicians and journalists would then scream bloody murder! In addition, the Canadian Prime Minister ordered that the demonstration be broken up by force. The images of this are hallucinatory and a pure shame for a so-called Western democracy. The VRT reported yesterday that there were no injuries in this performance. No injuries? The Canadian media was banned from filming the arrests. However, foreign media and amateur images show how aggressive the police are and how, unfortunately, excessive police brutality has resulted in injuries. But the VRT only reports what they are told, of course. Trudeau apparently still doesn't realize how hard all this will soon explode in his face. He who sows fear will reap storm. Trudeau is the type of leader we thought existed only in Eastern Europe (up to 1989) and still exist in the Far East. When will France fall, the US and the UK enter Canada together to overthrow despot Trudeau? Gaddafi was a lot more combative when he crushed protests at the time and violated the rights of his citizens. It is now deafening silence among all those moral knights. It was funny that after the announcement that accounts could be blocked, a bank run quickly followed. The Canadians (quite rightly) no longer trust their government and withdrew their money en masse. This is the Achilles heel of the banks and we should certainly remember this for any future actions in our own country. After all, if you see how well our Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Canada agree, I would not be surprised that Alexander will also come up with similar proposals. I was therefore very pleased this week to see on Twitter that Tesla CEO Elon Musk, about the richest man on the planet, compared Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to Hitler. Musk responded to a news report that the Canadian government wants to cut the money flows to demonstrating truckers by asking financial institutions not to execute orders that mention certain crypto addresses. That digital currency would give the truckers money. The Tesla CEO placed a picture of Hitler with the text "Don't compare me with Justin Trudeau". Earlier, Musk expressed his support for the truckers who are protesting in Canada against a vaccination obligation. Musk indicated that he himself is in favor of vaccination against the coronavirus, but he is against the obligation. At an earlier point in the pandemic, he also called lockdowns fascist. Just like Musk, I am an increasing fan of digital coins and I can strongly recommend that you also delve into this. Especially in Bitcoin, the digital gold. Governments would lose a huge amount of power if we all massively used digital currencies that are not under the control of Central Banks. In any case, I have taken all my precautions.

In addition to Elon Musk, my new hero Novak Djokovic made himself heard again this week. In an interview with the British channel BBC, the tennis player spoke for the first time since his refusal to participate in the Australian Open. The number one in the world stands firm: he should not know about the vaccine. "It's an individual choice," he explained. If that means skipping Roland Garros and Wimbledon, "that's the price I'm willing to pay," said the Serb. For example, he threatens to get stuck on twenty grand slams, one less than competitor Rafael Nadal. Djokovic, 34, insists he is not an antivaxer. “As a child, I received several vaccinations,” he notes. Still, he prefers to ignore the corona vaccine for the time being. It was the first time that Djokovic explicitly stated that he has not been vaccinated. I am completely on the same page as Novak, as a former professional officer I had to take an enormous amount of vaccines and I have never, ever doubted that. It therefore always concerned vaccines that had been used for years and had proven their usefulness. The corona shots use a technology that we have never used before so we don't know what this will give in the long term. That's why I'm very glad I didn't take these shots and for a virus I already have antibodies for, it's pretty stupid to take a risk. Fortunately, more and more people are realizing this and a lot of people are going to drop out for shot 4. I would like to repeat that 8 shots are planned, they have already been ordered and the contracts with Pfizer and Moderna were signed last April. As with the PCR tests, there are people who make a ridiculous amount of money doing this. Isn't it Pierre Van Damme?

Fortunately, there was also good news to pick up this week. Especially in other countries like ours. Let's start with our sympathetic northern neighbors. A few weeks ago they were still in a ridiculously strict lockdown and this to the delight of the shopkeepers and catering in Antwerp and surroundings where an Orange invasion took place. The lockdown was obviously very wrong and again based on the wrong models that have been used for almost 2 years. The result, however, is that the Dutch are really done with it and have made this very clear to the policy. Elections are soon also planned and politicians realize that the average Dutch person really can't take it anymore. This week it was decided that almost all rules will disappear before the end of the month. Even the corona pass will be put on hold before the end of the month. The pass isn't completely off the table yet, but they've won a huge battle. This is what you can achieve by protesting against injustice. This is due to pressure from society. Speaking up works! That's why I'll keep doing it for as long as it takes. You too?

Similar news came from Austria this week. Remember that this country had about the strictest policy in all of Europe and that you really couldn't do anything without a corona pass. There was even a mandatory vaccination for the entire population. The protests were huge, however, and millions of Austrians remained brave and refused to prick themselves. They also seem to have won now because already on March 5 they are allowed to go back to cafe and restaurant. The mandatory jab is also almost gone. This is due to pressure from society, just like in the Netherlands. Speaking up works! That's why I'll keep doing it for as long as it takes. You too?

News came from Germany that was also labeled as fake news last year. At the beginning of last year, the German Ministry of the Interior worked together with various scientists on a strategy to increase fear of corona, in order to create understanding for drastic corona measures. The newspaper “Die Welt” reported this on the basis of a leaked email exchange. If you then have to conclude that the fear porn we received about us in Flanders was even worse than with our German neighbors, you can almost take it for granted that our gut virologist did the same in our country. The future will show in any case and I don't think we will have to wait very long. Politics will need a scapegoat very soon and Marc will have to take the bullet. He still doesn't realize it today. Once that happens, however, we must not accept that the politicians responsible for the criminal policy will get away unscathed. They too must be held accountable for their actions. Not only Marc was wrong.

That brings us seamlessly to Master Frank. I made the joke about burning the money before so I don't have to repeat that this week. Instead of burning money, he'd better burn his mouth mask. What I do have to repeat is that unfortunately he still continues to spread fake news about the mouth masks in children. He continues to claim that there is scientific evidence he relies on to continue abusing the children. Even in the Flemish media we read this week that that "scientific evidence" appears to be paper thin or even downright non-existent, scientists confirm. Just before many states in America removed the mouth mask requirement, CNN already recognized and explained that they contribute nothing and only have disadvantages. Last week it was also in the Washington Post, a newspaper that has mainly defended the narrative for the past two years. In addition, it is becoming increasingly clear what gigantic impact all these masks have on our environment. After all, the mountain of waste is huge.

Incidentally, it is of course not only Master Frank who is magnificently piped. The entire Vivaldi team has a huge fail. Failed covid policy. Failed energy policy. Failed employment policy. Failed mobility policy. Failed fiscal policy. I honestly don't know where they didn't make a mess of it. If I were prime minister of this weak team, I would communicate less cocky and be very humble. Unfortunately, our prime minister has not yet understood that. Fortunately, however, there seems to be more and more light at the end of the Vivaldi tunnel, because in the meantime almost all parties have understood that we will also have to keep nuclear power stations open after 2025. The Greens have said that if this were to happen they would immediately pull the plug on the government. If this happens, new elections will be held very soon and citizens will be able to judge the policy of the past two years. Certain parties are really going to flirt with the electoral threshold, I really don't doubt that for a second. I was at the restaurant on Thursday evening, of course without a mouth mask and without CST because I don't participate in that, and I spoke with quite a few people over a good glass of wine. Maybe it was two glasses. It struck me that now the majority of people who still convinced take the booster shot understand that they were being cheated. When people drink, they usually become more honest. In vino veritas, you know. The statements I heard from people who went to get their booster barely 6 weeks ago were a lot tougher than the statements I was denounced and ridiculed for a few months ago. It can go wrong. Those who still defend Big Pharma and the government measures, yes even doctors and nurses who helped roll out this massive experiment, will be down a notch in the not so distant future. All the info comes out, and it's a tsunami. Soon it will be abundantly clear that Corona was one big hoax, where the flu and a cold were turned into a super dangerous "virus". But don't worry, not everything was fantasized. The vaccines and their harmful effects are, I fear more and more, indeed real. The future will tell and that future is now very close. No matter how fast the lie is, the truth will catch up with them.

Also today I like to end with four quotes from four critical and brilliant professors:

Professor Rik Torfs

The question in our democracy is not whether 'the Nazis' will come back, but who are most like them today, in rhetoric, mentality or attitude. This requires more attention and a sharper analysis than is often suspected.

Professor Hendrik Vuye

And yet they did their best at VRT and VTM… every evening they broadcast “FC De Virlogen”…🤢 Always warned against that one-sided approach, but there was no stopping them… human rights were suddenly completely unimportant…😡

Professor Zeger Debyser

VDB itself is responsible for that failed CST!

Epidemiologist Luc Bonneux

Psychiatry introduced the concept of wasted years of life. There were many of these in 2021, among youth and young people. Due to inappropriate measures through tunnel vision for viruses, not viruses

Steven Arrazola de Onate.