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Are you a virus denier then?

Any critic who makes an effort to start the conversation will sooner or later be asked the rhetorical question, "Are you a virus denier then?"

People talk about 'science', about 'ethics', about 'knowledge', but when I - as a starting research scientist - ask about the sources and references, I get a general reference to vague titles of HLN.

Not only am I not a virus denier, I am not a bacteria or parasite denier either. Even the fungi and saprobionts have their place as full members within an inclusive microbiological society.

Perhaps we should - from our superior Western Ethics - hold a symbolic minute of silence for the escherichia coli, which never makes the headlines. Its large presence in the sewage water is not taken into account in the public opinion. As I said before, I support a more inclusive society in which every micro-organism is given a fully-fledged place within a biotope where shared responsibility applies.

The escherichia coli, present in your stool, is equivalent to the virus, present in your snot. Is the solidarity citizen going to discriminate?

Therefore, I would like to draw the attention of the 'solidarity' citizen to the fact that he is well aware of the potential parts of his hepatitis, conjunctivitis, seasonal flu, RSV virus, mumps, hantavirose, HPV, listeriosis, invasive pneumococci, varicella, herpes, AIDS, rubella, staphylococcus Aureus, TBE, Tinea capitis, trichinellosis, tularemia, ...

We never minimize existence. We do minimize the importance. Except when it comes to a new form of snot bubbles. Weird.

Because the citizen who calls himself 'solidarity' and 'superior' forgets that he remains a potential danger to someone else at all times. Putting a bullet through the head becomes an ultimate gesture of solidarity with this one; you save on the hospitals and you protect your fellow citizens from any potential danger your life could pose. I call this 'the caricature of the good'.

Et pour la petite histoire, as a colleague so beautifully put it: 'I am not a virus denier, but I am not a democracy denier either'.

Shocking? I am also shocked. For two years actually.

Ora Chardon

Citizens on remote control.

Wouter Beke (CD&V): Disabling the green check mark on the CST will soon be possible automatically if you have unconsciously been too close to someone who tests positive.

Vandenbroucke (Vooruit): 'No booster shot? Then no more covid safe ticket.'

Check, check.

Check, check...

For you, for your parents, for your grandparents and soon for your children from the age of six.

With a bit of luck they 'press off' every six months (as in Israel). With less luck you discover it by accident when you scan in somewhere ('courageous') (as in China).

Check, check...

Is this what you want to be? A remote control citizen?

Is this what you wish for your children? According to a number of critical (and concerned) scientists, this will take another 5 to 8 years. Look to the left, look to the right. If your child is now 10 years old, then he will be 18 years old. When he is 6 years old, then he will be 14 years old.

Why? Because you 'didn't want to argue'.

A pandemic so bad that people are prepared to hold 50 press conferences, spend 30,000,000,000 euros on lockdowns, on the test company and on the QR codes. People applaud, but care is not scaled up in two years' time.

Healthcare is suffocating, has been suffocating for twenty years and is understaffed.

Vandenbroucke at the beginning of November 2021: +150 IC beds closed again, because there are no staff.

Reporting November 2021: 'preparatory memorandum consultation committee is out on the street: nightlife closed, catering closing time and shopping only'.

They do this to protect the same care, but at the same time they are prepared to discharge even more people from care...


The government has a challenging task: to convince unvaccinated people that the vaccine works. Vaccinated people need to be convinced that the vaccine is not working so that they can get the booster.

Do you remember that 70% on your invitation letter? And of 'the fact' that you couldn't get sick anymore?

Then came the CST. Only temporarily.

Then came the CST-plus. Only temporarily.

And check it off.

This is not about denying a virus. Nor to deny the (positive) effects of vaccination in many people, provided it is discussed with the only person with whom this should be discussed; the doctor. Your doctor will look at the pros and cons with you on the basis of your profile. That's how it always went.

From the moment that the personal relationship between GP and patient moves into the public domain and that your health is hijacked by a 'government' as something that can make freedoms conditional, we are no longer in the field of care or the patient, but in the field of the mass hysteria that the totalization process entails in thought.

Fear makes us blind. The word 'solidarity' offers intoxication.

And with that one word they appropriated something that should be universal...

In the context of the current 'crisis' we can hardly speak of solidarity, rather polarization falls to us and that seems to me a good recipe for collective social capsize.

With our 'tick, check', we gradually deliver our privacy on the altar of fear, in an atmosphere of intoxication.

Historian Yuval Noah Harari already sketched in his books a future scenario - say a horror scenario - with 'less' violence and more 'security' in a diabolical exchange for our freedom.

I'm nostalgic for the days when flu was treated with vitamin C and chicken soup instead of communism.

And you, for God's sake, get into that fucking argument and say, for once in your life, 'stop'.

Ora Chardon

after 677 days of obedience training

The barometer of popular anger does not turn red but dark red.

Weekly update Corona .

January 23, 2022

It has happened. We are officially in a card company( he means covid pass card etc) . Last Friday, the triumvirate Frank-Alexander-Annelies staged a coup and Bart De Wever, the Flemish Cicero, stood by and watched. The Judas are already known for color. The virus has announced that it will only strike after midnight for those who visit the catering industry. For those who go to a sports or cultural event, it will first count how many people are present. If there are more than allowed, it will strike mercilessly. The state of emergency was extended for 3 months without any debate or communication about it. It was very proudly announced that there will be a corona barometer with 3 colors: yellow, orange and red. The psychology behind yellow instead of green is also striking. It is never 'over', but temporarily 'under control'. we start, what did you think, in code red. Code red corresponds to the numbers that gave access to complete freedom last summer, when half the population was not yet pinned. In the meantime, most of them have already had 3 injections in their arm. Not the virus, but especially the deputy prime minister of Vooruit is limiting our freedom. From March 1, 2022, it will get even worse. Exactly as I predicted, there is only green light after the booster shot. From then on, the checkmark will only remain green for 150 days. I'm beginning to suspect Master Frank of secretly reading my weekly updates as well. When I predicted this last summer, I was laughed at and called a conspiracy theorist. In the meantime, I regard this term as a nickname. In the UK and also in Ireland, almost all measures will be thrown overboard from Monday, including the corona pass. 112km away, in Belgium, after 677 days of obedience training, it is considered necessary to quietly prolong the emergency and introduce a new permanent repression tool. I often hear that we should follow the experts. However, experts in different countries apparently come to different conclusions. Different measures with the same result. Bizarre. Or would it be purely political? While other countries are phasing out and understanding that Sweden was right from the start, we are left with a corona barometer with questionable parameters and measures. The corona pass will be anchored in the barometer and will be expanded, extended and tightened again. Our MPs are silent in all languages ​​and afterwards they will say “wir haben es nicht gewusst”. However, we will not forget them. We will not forgive them. After all, what they are doing to us and our children in this crisis is unforgivable. The barometer of popular anger does not turn red but dark red.

Like every week, I would like to give you the most important figures of the week. As predicted, there was another very nice drop in intensive care, there are now 367 people. This is again a decrease of approximately 15%. There is currently an IC occupancy of 18%. We will also see a similar decline next week. This therefore concerns 367 ICU patients with or due to C-19, spread over 103 hospitals. This is 3.56 ICU patients per hospital or about 7 per 2 hospitals if you prefer to count or think in whole people. In Flanders, 66 people between the ages of 18 and 64 are currently in IC with Covid. Of these, 43 were fully pricked, and 21 not or not fully pricked. Certain politicians therefore want to oblige 7 million people to be vaccinated for only 21 beds in IC. We also know nothing about the underlying conditions or the BMI of these 21 individuals. Should there still be sand? Why do we still accept that our politicians enter a corona barometer with these figures and that we also start in code red? This is no longer mal governo (they can't even be that stupid with Vivaldi), but a pure expression of lust for power. In this way, the corona pass becomes an identity card that you do not have to show in code yellow, but you must constantly update it. So this means that the "yellow state", with implicit continuous vaccination obligation, will become the basis for the New Order. The New Flemish anti-pandemic lawyers have also accepted this, without the "parliamentary debate" they always demanded. As I just wrote, the Judases have already announced their colours. The corona barometer is, like all the crap of the past 20 months, a tool developed by behavioral psychologists to nudge the people (for them: the cattle) towards acceptance of a totalitarian regime. Now with colours. After all, a weak, fearful population is easier to govern. Strange that there is nothing in the barometer about the hoods. Unfortunately I can't joke about it anymore.

Fortunately, there was also some good news to pick up this week. In the United States, the CDC came out with a report that naturally built up immunity provides much better protection than the jabs. I had already written this last summer, but journalist Karin Eeckhout van Knack, who is secretly in love with me, thought it necessary to fact-check me. I suspect she won't write an article about it again. Could she have realized that it's not smart to fact-check me every time since it keeps exploding in her face? I'll just catalog it under "teasing boys is asking for love". By the way, she recently tried to do the same with virologist and vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche. This last brilliant man responded brilliantly to his website and really razed Karin to the ground. He quite rightly called her "scientifically uneducated as the rear of a horse". If you want to have a good laugh with Karin, you should definitely look this up.

Someone who is also scientifically uneducated like the bum of a horse is Conner Rousseau, the chairman of the Communists of Vooruit. This week he went one step further. He noted that only the pricked should be allowed access to public places. Solidarity is thus rewarded with freedom, according to this narcissist. Of course, there followed a huge number of reports of discrimination and incitement to hatred at Unia, an independent public institution that claims to fight discrimination, promote equality and protect human rights. Unia's outrageous response was that retarded Conner's statements are just opinions and they don't say it incites hatred. If I replace the word 'pricked' with 'immigrants', would Unia say the same thing? “Don't let immigrants in anywhere anymore, This week he introduced his new dog Blacky. Nothing was published about De Croo's Italian cat. The media is unfortunately still a joke in this country. This week he introduced his new dog Blacky. Nothing was published about De Croo's Italian cat. The media is unfortunately still a joke in this country.

Of course we have to talk about the jabs again this week. Yesterday I had the honor to be mentioned on the website of the VRT. They rightly wrote that I am not against injections, but do ask me questions about the campaign that is currently being conducted. The Flemish Regime Television, sometimes also known as the Flemish Gossip Tent, was right here. I am therefore morally obliged to speak out again on this theme, about which there was a lot of positive news this week. The share price of Moderna just dropped by 32.4% in the past month. Pfizer lost more than 11.3% last month. And this in full "earning campaign". What do analysts and institutional investors know more than you and me? In any case, very interesting to continue this course. Maybe they took into account the latest study from Scotland? After all, this now shows that the positivity ratio is the lowest among the unskilled. This study also shows that it is mainly the triple-injected elderly who end up in hospital as a result of declining immunity.

I continue to find it so comical that people blame non-pricked people when they get Corona. The inability of these people to think and draw conclusions for themselves is laughable, disturbing and terrifying at the same time. Call me a "wappie", but if I had 3 polio shots in 1 year and I still got polio then I would feel seriously cheated. Anyway, luckily more and more Flemish people see it that way, hardly any people will respond to shot 4 and the corona barometer will have to disappear if we don't want to kill our economy. The injection of children is also much more difficult than expected. Fortunately, there are plenty of parents who are well informed and do not take the risk of exposing their children to the very dangerous side effects.

Incidentally, there was another interesting speech this week by a Croatian MEP. Mislav Kolakusic lashed out hard at French President Macron. He asked him to do the exact opposite of what he did in France during the French presidency, referring to the drastic curtailment of rights and freedoms. “Today you said you are proud that Europe has no death penalty,” said Kolakusic. “Tens of thousands of civilians have died from injection side effects. Mandatory shots mean the death penalty and will lead to the execution of many civilians.” The MEP emphasized that injections should remain a voluntary choice for every citizen. “Murder is murder,” emphasized Kolakusic, who advised the audience to take a look at the official data from the European Medicines Agency.

I also found the media in Flanders to be surprisingly interesting this week. I especially noticed an article in Het Nieuwsblad. “No 'omikrontsunami' after all: gloomy predictions of the Consultative Committee do not come true at all”. This is quite a turning point, I must admit. They just didn't write that Geert Molenberghs was wrong for the thousandth time. I hope that this positive trend will continue in the coming days and that it will soon be recognized that we must quickly replace our so-called experts. This trend is even clearer in the UK. There it was finally correctly explained this week that half of hospital admissions are "with" Covid instead of "by" Covid. The “pandemic” is really over and the media is gradually starting to realize it. In our country, the politicians and experts are still unable to unleash their power. However, it won't be long before it really explodes in their face.

Now that the corona crisis is coming to an end, one thing is really clear: Sweden was right across the board. Not unimportant here is the fact that after the deadly first wave, Sweden has had a debate about the approach, with humble experts. We have only very arrogant experts who don't want to see that mistakes happened during the first wave. These mistakes are unfortunately still made and they still have the same, very wrong, tunnel vision. All charts of the last 2 years turned out to be especially suitable for keeping the fear porn high. Unfortunately, no attention was paid to real solutions. Fortunately, more and more people are now realizing this and more and more scientists are coming out who dare to speak out.

According to many, the world seems changed and rotten. However, I do not agree with this. We are the ones who have changed. The world had long gone rotten, we have now come to see, feel and experience it. Soon we will see together that this “pandemic” was necessary to open our eyes en masse. It will therefore give us the space and insight to create a beautiful and connected world. We will be working on this together in the near future. So don't despair too much, certainly don't stay in your room and above all enjoy life. “Live as if it were your last day. Live as if there is no tomorrow. Live like it's never really finished. And live, take everything you can!”

Also today I like to end with four quotes from four critical and brilliant professors:

Professor Rik Torfs

Cincinnatus was twice appointed 'dictator' in the Roman Republic. He resigned after 15 and 21 days respectively, and retired to his farm. He is regarded as an example of the art of letting go of the power acquired in a crisis situation in time.

Professor Hendrik Vuye

The barometer is already on thunder… ⛈

Professor Zeger Debyser

For the last believers: Dutch research pricks holes in the usefulness of corona passes

Epidemiologist Luc Bonneux

Today, the fight against a moderately dangerous virus that is increasingly under control is degenerating into a fight against a stubborn minority, who are being stripped of their rights to self-determination and physical integrity. This is not a sliding path, this is a moral abyss.


Steven Arrazola de Onate.