Energy Cone ( Energiekegel)

The Energy Cone


It is a very powerful orgone generator!

The original is back, in the now
4th generation of the Energy Cone.
The energy cone is now made from 100% natural materials
built up. This new generation of the Energy Cone is
absolutely non-toxic and odorless!
Unlike orgone devices
toxic polyester and epoxy resin, they contain
no aggressive components or solvents!
And are therefore completely harmless to nature, animals and humans.



Due to its structure and mode of action, it is one of the strongest orgone generators there is!

The energy cone consists of a matrix of many Gemstones/ minerals and natural gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate)!

In addition, a crystal is cast in, which is what it is used for to give the orgone a certain direction.


Click for larger view, opens new window!

What is gypsum?

Gypsum is the product of the reaction of calcium (lime) with sulfate ions (water). This process can also be in the
Nature (natural deposits of gypsum, e.g. on the edge of the Mittelgebirge Harz) take place. In both cases it is
Result Calcium sulphate dihydrate, i.e. set gypsum. The chemical formula for this is: CaSO4 x 2H2O.

Gypsum in its natural form, as it is here in the Harz Mountains occurs is already a crystal. Good in the photo too

natural plaster

The effectiveness of the orgone matrix essentially depends from the crystal structure.

On the next picture (microscope image) you can see, like plaster of paris forms millions of crystals when it hardens.

The recording refers to 3 µm, 3 microns.

A micrometer (or micrometer after the
Greek letter µ ( My), unit symbol: µm)
corresponds to one millionth of a meter:
1 µm = 10-6 m = 0.000 001 m.
Or 1 µm = 10-3 mm, i.e. one thousandth of a millimeter.


Gypsum crystals under the microscope


No odors, no styrene, no solvents, it is one of the most environmentally friendly Orgone generators that exist!

This in harmony with nature, what a very harmonic vibration generated, and works even more effectively!

The Energy Cone is beautiful and classy!

Doesn’t stand out and could be great as an art object, e.g. go through in the office or in the apartment!

Why white?

( apart from the advantages of the plaster re of environmental friendliness and itself very well forming crystal structure)


Many believe that white is the absence of color. The opposite is the case:  White includes all colors. It’s the connection of all existing colors.




The special ability of the human visual system Light of different wavelengths or frequencies than
different colors is called color vision. There are basically two processes involved in color perception
involved, namely a physiological in the eye and a psychic in the brain. Color vision is enhanced by
Young-Helmholtz three-color theory with the basic and Primary colors red, green and blue explained. From these
Primary colors are created by additive color mixtures the colors yellow (from red and green), blue-green and cyan, respectively
(from green and blue), purple or magenta (from blue and red) and when all three colors come together, white.

As a result, the energy cone has a very broad spectrum of action!
Because it combines all colors and thus all frequencies
covering colors!


The EnergieKegel has been tested for effectiveness and functionality!

This energy cone is capable of a blue hole,of min. 5km diameter, to be generated in the cloud cover!


Above the energy cone, chemtrails don’t stand a chance once the aircraft has reached the effective radius of the energy cone,
the chemtrail dissolves from the middle!

These are completely “new”, enormously strong, consistently positive,
energies filled with love that are available here!




– The energy cone cleans your environment, provides a fresh atmosphere, for a pleasant climate at the places where it is placed!

– The room will give you strength and much better concentration give fortune!

– All negative, dead energy (which causes diseases) is eliminated into positive, living energy (which gives you health bring) converted!

– It eliminates sleep disturbances when placed in the bedroom, neutralizes water veins and other unbalanced ones Energy points in your apartment or house!

– All antennas (such as cell phone masts, radio antennas), all radiation (such as microwaves, any electrosmog) is neutralized, i.e. rendered harmless!

– By eliminating these negative aspects, you get  more zest for life, greater fitness, are more balanced, more harmonious and become or stay healthy!

– Made from 100% natural materials, making it particularly suitable for allergy sufferersor people with lung diseases!

– Can also be camouflaged as a noble art object!

Many of the following gemstones/minerals are infused:

Agate – amethyst – aragonite – rock crystal – China jade – fluorite
Green Quartz – Onyx Marble – Rose Quartz – Selenite – Sodalite
Turquoise – lapis lazuli – malachite – obsidan – ruby – quartz – tourmaline
Carnelian – Pyrite – Sugilite – Hematite – Chrysocolla – Tiger Eye – etc.

The stones used represent the following properties:

Agate: security, simplicity, bliss
Amethyst: awareness, meditation, sincerity
Aragonite: security, tranquility, creativity
Rock crystal: Clarity, self-knowledge, assertiveness
China Jade: Protection, Peace, Stability
Fluorite: intuition, concentration, freedom
Green Quartz: Strength, relaxation, serenity
Onyx marble: calm, tolerance, flexibility
Rose Quartz: Empathy, ability to love, strength of heart
Selenite: Serenity, confidence, serenity
Sodalite: Truth, Faith, Hope

How does the Energy Cone work?



The weather forecast in the newspaper probably doesn’t apply 🙂 !





We perceive matter as something compact, solid, You only need to tap your index finger once
Typing on the tabletop: But that’s a misconception. Tables, people, walls: everything is too round
99.9 percent vacuum. So it’s absolutely empty!

They determine what the matter appears to us as subatomic particles of vibrating energy,
carrying information and codes with them. And this is where the Energy Cone works: Through its structure
of gypsum (millions of crystals) and the many gemstones/minerals, a matrix is formed!
Gypsum crystals-precious stones-gypsum crystals-precious stones-gypsum crystals-…etc.!
This network (or matrix) draws the energy or the subatomic particles and brings them into one
harmonic vibration. Similar to putting gems in water to energize it. If the energy
emerges again, from the energy cone or the matrix, falls into a neutral state! She comes clean
fresh, lively and unused. With the advantage all the negative vibrations or frozen energies
have been neutralized! So are all the information and encodings deleted and thus the chemtrails or their ingredients and all negative energies rendered harmless!
The energy is pure and flowing again!




On this photo you can see a light phenomenon(!) above the energy cone!

Plants also benefit from the effect!

How does the Energy Cone concentrate the energy?

The energy cone is made of many different gemstones/minerals, as they occur in our earth. Plus the many millions
Gypsum crystals that serve as perfect conductors between minerals. In this battle of precious stones/ minerals and gypsum crystals
becomes energy through the crystals and gemstones/minerals more focused and concentrated, which is the effect and
enormous energy declared.


The effective radius of the energy cone is at least 5 km.

The energy cone should be placed inside (apartment, house, office)be, orgone penetrates all materials, which is why the EnergieKegel can also develop its full performance in buildings.

If you hold your fingers over the top of the energy cone, you can feel a flow of energy. Some people get really frightened because they don’t care can imagine where this comes from.

The Energy Cone brings a lot of harmony into an apartment or a house, the people who live there become more relaxed and be kinder to each other.



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