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Dowsing – New Light on an Ancient Art – Hamish Miller

Can a dowser, using nothing more elaborate than a forked twig or pair of bent wire coat-hangers, really locate minerals, water or archaeological remains beneath the ground? Generations of scientists have remained sceptical, stigmatizing dowsers as charlatans or, at best, naive victims of self-deception.

Recent scientific research has undermined this long-held assessment. Moreover, as geologist Tom Williamson shows, the results of dowsing research intermesh with other findings to reveal a whole world of latent human potential.


Good dowsers – whose remarkable achievements over the centuries the author describes – seem to be adept at exploiting these resources. But we can all learn how to detect what lies hidden beneath the earth, or if need be, protect ourselves from what dowsers have traditionally described as ‘harmful Earth rays’.

In the final part of the book, the author casts his net wider, assessing the claims of ‘Earth energy’ and crop circle dowsers in the light of ancient beliefs and modern scientific investigations. The conclusions are unexpected and provocative.

Dowsing: New Light on an Ancient Art presents a rational solution to the 500-year-old riddle of dowsing, that challenges the assumptions of dowsers and scientists alike.


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