5 G Wireless

5G The Beast System   It’s called the 5G Beast System for a reason.  5G stands for 5th Generation wireless.  3G was three gigahertz, 4G was four gigahertz and 5G is 24 to 100 gigahertz untested, small millimeter waves. The 5G transfers very high amounts of data very quickly. 10,000 times more call and data traffic … Read more5 G Wireless


As all this comes from the internet archive wayback machine, most links are defunct, but at least you know the title, so you can try to find it for yourself, most of it will be in the memory hole now. But you may get lucky….   H.R. 353 ‘‘Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of … Read moreDocuments

nanotechnology/aerosols suzanne maher and tony pantalleresco

     Source: Ramola D Reports Need to Know Report No. 8: Detox & Stop Depop Nanotechnology/Aerosols with Suzanne Maher and Tony Pantalleresco – February 21st, 2018 https://odysee.com/@RamolaDReports:8/need-to-know-report-no-8-detox-stop:6?src=embed https://everydayconcerned.net/2016/04/03/how-to-detoxget-rid-of-the-nanotechnology-from-chem-trails-in-your-body/ Educative and enlightening conversation with researchers and activists Suzanne Maher of byebyebluesky.com and Tony Pantalleresco of AugmentInforce.com on the subject of what exactly is raining down on us via … Read morenanotechnology/aerosols suzanne maher and tony pantalleresco

Patents on Geo-Engineering

Patents PATENTS LIST OF GEOENGINEERING AND WEATHER MODIFICATION PATENTS  By Jim Lee http://climateviewer.org/ https://weathermodificationhistory.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxi8wqtADZckzLvWqkW5Kvg This listing of geoengineering and weather modification patents will be updated occasionally. Weather Modification Patents  1891 – 0462795 – method of producing rain-fall 1914 – 1103490 – rain maker (balloon images) 1917 – 1225521 – protection from poisonous gas in warfare 1920 – 1338343 … Read morePatents on Geo-Engineering


  HAARP – HIGH ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM HAARP- Is the excitation of electron cyclotron resonance, the interaction of external forces with charged particles experiencing a magnetic field. Inventor:  Eastlund; Bernard J. (Spring, TX) Assignee:  APTI, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA Appl. NO: 06/690,333 Filed:  January 10, 1985 http://www.google.ca/patents/US4686605 HAARP is 180 high frequency antennas, 72 feet … Read moreHAARP


BBC Interview with Suzanne Maher of Bye Bye Blue Sky – Audio to be released shortly of the ‘real’ interview and the topics that never received mention in the discussion January 31, 2018 ‘Chemtrail’ conspiracy theorists:  The people who think governments control the weather Those white lines in the sky trailing behind jet planes are … Read moreArticles

Events and Booths

  BYE BYE BLUE SKY EVENTS AND BOOTHS Bye Bye Blue Sky is committed to spreading the word about chemtrails/weather modification in every venue and arena we can think of.  Here are some of our past events. September 11, 2016 HUNTSVILLE PLACE MALL EVENT REGISTRATION DAY I want to thank my dear friend Lorraine George … Read moreEvents and Booths

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Bye Bye Blue Sky Home Media Trails, Trees and Bees Agenda 21 5 G Wireless Media articles Media Articles 2018 Media articles 2017 Media articles 2016 Media articles 2015 Media articles 2010-2014 Documents Patents HAARP Videos Outreach Billboards Bye Bye Blue Sky Billboards Advertising Campaigns Go Fund Me Campaign How to Create Awareness Interviews Press … Read moreIntro Main Page

Trails, Trees and Bees

  Photos Courtesy of Suzanne Maher Chemtrails vs. Contrails Chemtrails/geoengineering are not contrails you see emitted from a jet engine. Contrails are water vapor or ice crystals which will last under optimum conditions for about 60 seconds and then vaporize, and need very specific climatic conditions to occur; that is very high elevation (29,000 -43,000 … Read moreTrails, Trees and Bees

Agenda 21

ROSE KOIRE – AUTHOR OF BEHIND THE GREEN MASK, OPEN MIND CONFERENCE United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development The interlocking agendas of chemtrails, HAARP, genentically modified foods, fluoridated water and Agenda 21 are all incentives to control and subjugate the populous to the whims of the Global Totalitarian State under the innocuous guise of “sustainability” … Read moreAgenda 21

Plasterite – A Natural Life Force Energy From Plaster, Creating an Orgone Canopy – By Jenny Mortell

 Suzanne  April 12, 2017 Uncategorized April 12, 2017 PLASTERITE – NATURAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY FROM PLASTER, CREATING AN ORGONE CANOPY By Jenny Mortell Thank you to Suzanne for allowing me to write about something that has fascinated me for almost two years now and has become a passion with me. About three years ago I woke up … Read morePlasterite – A Natural Life Force Energy From Plaster, Creating an Orgone Canopy – By Jenny Mortell